A NO vote in the referendum will be the coup de grace knocking the stuffing out of the tyrant Mugabe!

November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Copac draft will not deliver free and fair elections or end Zimbabwe’s culture of violence; PM Tsvangirai, MP Mwonzora and all the MDC leaders have admitted this is so. That was why they said they will continue to call for the implementation of the agreed reforms in security sector, media, etc.

Mugabe has put his foot down and said there will be no more reforms.

The Copac draft without the reforms is totally acceptable.

This latest impasse in this “Alice in Wonderland Caucus rat race” constitution writing process is just another one of Mugabe’s dirty tricks to distract the people’s attention from the fact that this Copac draft is rubbish!

The GPA, the GNU and SADC’s involvement in Zimbabwe’s whole sodded business was supposed to steer Zimbabwe towards one goal: towards holding fresh free and fair elections, free of the orgy of violence that had characterised the 2008 elections. To achieve this the country’s three political parties agree to:

1)    Implement a raft of democratic reforms including security sector and media reforms.

2)    Draft a new democratic constitution, get it approved a referendum and then hold fresh elections.

18 months was allowed for the second task and all the reforms expected to be in place by then.

The orgy of violence in the 2008 elections had happened because Mugabe knew he would not win free and fair elections. It was therefore naïve to think the tyrant would not try every trick in the book to ensure none of the two tasks are carried out. It was PM Tsvangirai and his MDC party’s responsibilities to ensure the tasks were carried out. Sadly to date it was Mugabe’s will has prevailed; none of the reforms saw the light of day and the Copac draft is so weak and feeble, it will never deliver free and fair elections!

It is not true that Mugabe ever liked the Lancaster House Constitution (LHC). In 1990 he tried to have the LHC changed to create a constitutional one-party state but failed.

The GPA allowed the LHC to be amended to create the Office of the Prime Minister, etc., etc. and, more significantly, to allow for the writing of a new constitution, a referendum and then the scrapping of the LHC and replace it with the new constitution.

It is true that the GPA had not envisaged the new constitution being rejected in a referendum but then it never envisaged drafting the document would take four years either. No one has ever suggested that the nation revert to the LHC because it took forever to draft the new constitution. By the token Zimbabwe will not revert to the LHC if the people rejected the Copac draft in the referendum. We do not have to the LHC and the 2008 vomit it entails!

If the people reject the Copac rubbish, then a new body (the three political parties in the GPA having failed) will have to be constituted and tasked to implement the reforms and to draft the new constitution.

Mugabe will have none of the tyrannical power in the new body, if he is given any role in it at all, as he has in this GNU and that is why will do everything in his tyrannical power to ensure the Copac draft is accepted in the referendum. Many people are being fooled into believing Mugabe and Zanu PF will be voting NO to the Copac draft come the referendum – nothing could be further from the truth!

If the Copac draft is rejected then that would indeed be, not the beginning of the end of Mugabe and his dictatorship, but the end. The writing of a democratic constitution, the holding of truly free and fair elections, etc.; these will be mere formalities, the count out. A NO vote in the referendum would be the coup de grace that knocked the stuffing out of Mugabe end his reign of terror and the Zanu PF dictatorship! Zimbabweans will never again have to live in fear of political thugs and a corrupt Police Force!

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  1. @ David

    You are right there David, “the media and security reforms agreed to in the GPA have not been implemented – and there is absolutely no sign that they will be”. And who is to blame for this? Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his MDC friends, of course!

    For the last four years he has done nothing to get these reforms implemented. In July this year when the Copac draft was released the PM and other MDC leaders like Ncube, Biti and Mwonzora have all said repeatedly that they would get SADC and the international community to put pressure on Mugabe to implement the reforms and yet, once again, they never followed this up with any action.

    So now MDC have taken the Copac constitutional deadlock to SADC but said nothing about the reforms. The latter will address the superficial issues that have given rise to this deadlock but not the big issues the reforms were meant to address and do nothing about the reforms themselves. In other words MDC have asked SADC to mediate over trivial matters and left out the real important ones.

    The people of Zimbabwe must therefore reject this Copac draft even if SADC pressure Mugabe to accept the 17 July 2012 draft unchanged because the very serious weaknesses in that draft have not been addressed!