MDC-T fighting over who will be Tsvangirai’s running mate: regardless of how many die in the elections!

November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

MDC leaders are reportedly divided over who should be Tsvangirai’s running mate.

“We dismiss such rumours that are divisive in nature because we are pre-occupied with more pressing issues such as the constitution rather than expending our energies on rumour-mongering,” Deputy Minister Obert Gutu dismissed the reports.

That is rich coming from the party that has wasted the last four years and over US$100 million writing this Copac constitution which has turned out to be not even worth the paper it is written on.

The next elections are NOT, repeat NOT, going to be free and fair; they will be marred by the usual Mugabe and Zanu PF dirty tricks including the smokes and mirrors stage managed chaos and violence and lawlessness! The failure to deliver meaningful media reforms already means Zanu PF still has its monopoly over the public media, PM Tsvangirai is yet to appear on ZBC TV, and Mugabe still has the AIPPA and POSA swords hanging over the private media. The Copac draft has completely failed to address Zimbabwe’s culture of political violence and lawlessness; it is not a matter of whether or not there will be violence but how bad will it be compared to 2008 elections? How many people will be beaten, raped, murdered, etc.? The MDC leaders are not concerned about all that, all they are think is who will occupy what position.

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