The Copac constitution is not fit for purpose: it is the Mona Lisa to Mwonzora!

November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Wilbert, the Copac draft constitution will not stop Zimbabwe’s culture of violence or deliver free and fair elections,” conceded Mariko. “Prime Minister Tsvangirai knows that and that is why he has said he will ask SADC to force Mugabe to implement the agreed reforms including the security sector reforms.”

“Mariko, these reforms should have been implemented by now,” I replied.

“We all know that. And you are right too; whatever those reforms were they should also have been incorporated in the Copac draft constitution. The truth is, it is hard to see how these reforms can be enforced in any meaningful way when they are not founded in law, in the constitution.

”It is hard to see what SADC can do,” continued Mariko. “As usual, the PM himself does not know what exactly he expects SADC to do!”

“Well the more reason we should reject this Copac draft,” I replied.

“The thing is SADC would back the writing of a new democratic constitution if this Copac draft was rejected in the upcoming referendum.  What people like you, Wilbert, do not understand is that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his follow MDC leaders cannot reject this Copac draft. No now!” Mariko leaned over and thumbed every word after but. “Copac draft is rubbish but that is the only thing they have to show for their four years in this GNU. Mwonzora carries that draft as Leonardo Da Vinci carried his master piece, the Mona Lisa!”

The penny dropped!

We are destined to live in this ramshackle of a constitution Tsvangirai and Mwonzora built although it is self-evident it will be cold in winter and hot in summer and come the first rains, it will collapse; in short it is not fit for purpose. Still we have to leave in it because this is the best Tsvangirai could build and it is the only thing he can boast about as having accomplished!

We are stuck with a constitution that will not even deliver the most basic rights and freedoms and, worse still, we are now expected to vote yes as if it was truly constitutional master piece!

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  1. “My voice is IN!
    My vote is YES!”

    So runs MDC’s slogan for the upcoming referendum on the Copac draft constitution.

    The party would like the people to believe their voices and concerns have been taken care of in the draft and hence they should endorse it. And yet if one was to ask any Zimbabwean, other than Mugabe and his thugs of course, what is the country’s biggest problem; to the man and woman the answer would be political violence and lawlessness. The very issues the Copac draft has deliberately failed to address.

    Prime Minister Tsvangirai himself has acknowledged that this Copac draft will do nothing to end the culture of violence. The people themselves know that four years since the orgy of violence in the 2008 elections, the GNU has failed to end all violence. Violence has continued to smoulder like ambers after a great
    forest fire. And the fires have flared up already as the country moves toward fresh elections.

    Even a child would not be fooled into believing there will be no violence in the coming elections!

    So why would Zimbabweans still vote into law a constitution they know would do nothing to safe guard the basic rights, freedoms and concerns, one might ask?

    Answer:It is not so much that these people believe the blatant lies of the politicians or that violence is no longer important to them; it is still very important. They are knowingly vote yes to this Copac rubbish because, deep down, they never expected the draft constitution to address any of their concerns. They never believed that Tsvangirai and company would deliver any of the emocratic changes they promised.

    So they are quite happy to accept whatever crumbs this Copac draft has to offer.

    “No constitution is perfect!” has become the rallying call of the people! In other words, they did not REALLY expect the new constitution to address their needs!

    It is not so much that the white supremacists were right or wrong to say blacks are incapable of self-government: what really mattered here is that, deep down the blacks themselves believed this to be so. And for black Africa, it has become the self-fulfilling prophecy! Failure; it seems, is now deeply engrained into every man, woman and child’s psycho; it is in every black’s DNA!

  2. @Super Mondo

    Super Mondo it is now four years since there reforms were agreed in the GPA and yet not even one of the reforms has seen the light of day. Do you really believe these reforms will now be implemented in the next few days because they are very late, if not too late, already.

    Some of the reforms were meant to end Zanu PF’s strangle hold of the media; that has not happened. The PM a month ago admitted to Violet Gonda on VOA that he is yet to appear on ZBC TV. The Voters Roll is still in shambles. So what kind of free elections will you have when there is no freedom of expression and many of the living will be denied the vote and many of the dead “vote”!

    There will be no more reforms, Mugabe has already said!

    If you are going to vote yes to this Copac rubbish on the basis that there will be reforms then you are very naive. What you should be asking yourself is what else can you do to stop this Mugabe juggernaut? You will find the only answer is to vote NO and throw out this Copac rubbish.

    A democratic constitution will END the culture of violence and deliver free and fair elections, that is a fact. You just do not want to believe it because you, like the rest of the MDC leaders, need an excuse for accepting this Copac rubbish!

  3. @ Yepec
    You are possessed by Pangu Pangu spirit of hopelessness and despair!

    When a whole nation have lost hope, have no future, no vision and lost all faith in the human ability to shape their destiny; they hear and dance to the drum of despair.

    “Pangu! Pangu! Pangu!” goes the drum of despair! The dancers take to the floor.

    “Pangu” in Shona means me. In the language of the drum of despair it means me-here-now because nothing else beyond that matters.

    “Pangu! Pangu! Pangu!” goes the drum of despair, faster and louder!

    The young, the old and the sick all join in the dance; the dance of despair! The heat, the dust, the ganja smoke, the loud monotone of the drum of despair, throbbing mass of humanity; everything is overwhelming. When the Pangu Pangu spirit possesses you; old people who can hardly walk have been known to dance like demons!

    The Pangu Pangu spirit is totally focused on me-here-now; the initiated are known to boast “I will sell my own mother, brother, my very soul for a song! And proud;” drumming their chest like a silverback “I had a mother to sell!” For what use is a mother or a soul in the dark world of hopelessness and despair!

    Mugabe is possessed by the Pangu Pangu spirit of despair. He has been selling the nation’s mineral wealth worth billions for a few million dollars, ready cash. He has already murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans and driven millions into a life of abject poverty to gratify his and his cronies’ greed for power and luxuries. He boasts of his “degrees in violence” with no sense of shame or remorse.

    Tsvangirai forgot about his promises of bringing democratic change the minute he saw the gravy train. He sold the nation’s many chances to end this Zanu PF dictators and to give the nation a truly democratic constitution. Mugabe has rewarded Tsvangirai’s cooperation in ensuring the dictatorship remained strong at the end of the GNU by allowing him to go globe-trotting and to gratify his ravenous desire for women of ill repute!

    Tsvangirai does not even know this Copac draft is rubbish because throughout the three and half years it took to draft it he has never read it – he was too busy, too tired and completely worn out!

    And people like you Yepec, possessed by the Pangu Pangu spirit of despair are selling their birth rights and those of posterity – the right to free election and the right to life itself – for an MDC T-shirt!

    Yepec you have accepted this Copac rubbish as the right constitution and no amount of reason or reality will make you change your mind. As the Shona would say, “Chaunzi rasha ndechawakabata, chawadya unofa nacho!” You and many others like you are no longer holding this Copac poison so I cannot ask you to throw it away; you have swallowed it and it will kill you! My only hope is that you do not take the whole nation down with you into this Pangu Pangu world of hopelessness and despair!

  4. In GPA the GNU was instructed to carry out a raft of reforms and then write a new constitution the end product of which was to deliver “free and fair elections whose outcome will not be disputed!” How many times do I have to repeat this before it finally sink in your thick head. The referendum is to give the people of Zimbabwe a chance to approve or disapprove the new constitution, the Copac draft.
    If the people reject the Copac draft how can we go on and hold fresh elections particularly when the people reject it precisely because it will NOT deliver free and fair elections!
    If the Copac draft constitution is rejected then the people of Zimbabwe, not just the three political parties in the GNU this time, will have to constitute a body whose task will be to write a new constitution. A prospect that scars the living day out of Mugabe because he knows he will have no veto as was the case with the Copac draft.
    I do not know where you ever got the idea that Mugabe and Zanu PF want the Copac draft rejected in the referendum. Even the Zanu PF hardliners know the consequence of a no vote is not going to be their 266 amendments included in future constitution but a rejection of all many pro-Zanu PF Mugabe had included in the Copac draft.
    Zimbabweans are sick to the teeth of this dysfunctional GNU and would have wanted fresh elections 18 months after GPA as agreed. But they do not want elections at any cost; they want free and fair elections. MDC should have pushed through the necessary reforms and drafted a democratic constitution long ago but have not, useless idiots! I hope you are not suggesting we give MDC a medal for failing in their duty and causing all these delays in holding elections.
    The trouble with people like you Yepec is that having accepted Tsvangirai as your leader, you now put him on a pedestal where everything he says and does must be right and wise. You are strangling to justify vote yes to this Copac rubbish when it is now abundantly clear it is not fit for purpose. You will find no good reasons for a yes vote because there are none.
    Listen Yepec, 50 000 students were barred from continuing with their education in September because the government failed to pay their fees. And yet the same government has spent a staggering US$ 100 million writing this Copac draft only to find it is not worth the paper it is written on. People like “motor-mouth” Mwonzora should barred from ever holding public office! It is bad enough that so much money and time has been wasted it is simply intolerable that this charade should be allowed to continue for even a single day more!

  5. @Polymath
    The former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador James McGhie described the GPA as “having more holes than Swiss cheese, holes so big one could drive a lorry through them”. No doubt the Ambassador had tried whispering this to Tsvangirai but ended speaking out publicly out of sheer frustration. For the first two years of the GNU, at least, Tsvangirai has gone on his globe-trotting trips stubbornly lecturing world leaders that the GNU was “working” in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary!

    This GNU has not worked; it has been a totally dysfunctional government with a tyrant calling all the shots and a totally incompetent leader trotting behind him. One of the dire consequences of this tyrannical regime under the disguise of a unity government is producing this Copac rubbish when it was meant to produce a democratic constitution.

    Ambassador McGhie’s warning should have put every Zimbabwean on their guard but like Tsvangirai it went in one ear out the other; how else can one explain why Zimbabweans have accepted this Copac rubbish without even reading it. Zimbabweans love boasting of having one of highest literacy rates in Africa, so they read the Copac draft but clearly did not comprehent a thing!