The real hindrance to democratic change is the hardwired voter who follow blindly!

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The single biggest stumbling block to ending the Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship, other than the tyrant himself and his cabal, has been the incompetent MDC leaders and the millions of unthinking party members who have blindly followed them. MDC leaders and members have had a year and a half now to reflect on why the party lost the 2013 national elections although it had the popular mass support of the voters.


It is not enough for MDC to acknowledge the 2013 elections were a fraud, which they were, the party must understand why Mugabe was able to blatantly rig the vote. If MDC do not understand what went wrong in the 2013 elections – now with the benefit of hindsight and one and half years after the vote for the penny to drop – then how can us, the rest of the nation, be sure they will not make the same mistake again and again. How can we be sure that they will not help this Zanu PF dictatorship stay in power again because of their blundering incompetence?


By failing to get even one reform implemented throughout the five years of the GNU MDC allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the elections and thus stay in power. We are all, MDC members and none members alike, paying dearly for this blunder. It is therefore imperative that MDC does not make yet another costly blunder and proof the party leaders and members have used the last one and half years wisely in quiet reflection and that they now understand what went wrong will assure the public that they will not be dragging the nation into yet another costly blunder.


MDC leaders and members have the democratic vote but they must now understand that that right comes with the duty to use the vote wisely and that demands that the voter think through carefully, takes time to understand the issues before them, ask questions, holds party and national leaders to account, etc. and not just follow leaders blindly. Mankind is a thinking animal and not a wildebeest hardwired from birth to follow blindly, first its mother and then the herd!


MDC leaders and members alike must show us the Zimbabwe public that they have learnt the lesson of their wildebeest mentality of the past of following blindly and granting meaningless slogan. Failure to do so means we the people of Zimbabwe must do everything in our democratic powers to ensure MDC is never ever allowed to hold any political power!


So has the one and half year political sabbatical been any help for MDC? Sadly, the answer has to be a no!


There is nothing from the MDC leaders or members to show that any of them have understood what the democratic reforms were about and that it was the failure to implement them that has allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the elections. If the any of the leaders have understood this then they would have acknowledged it and publicly apologised.


Instead of acknowledging MDC’s serious failure Morgan Tsvangirai continues to drum his chest like a silverback gorilla boosting of the party’s achievements in the GNU govern as “a moment of magic”. “We know we ought to have done more as a government,” said Tsvangirai in his end of year statement, “but Zimbabweans know how Zanu-PF stood in the way of everything progressive, particularly in the area of reforms.” That is a lie.


MDC had the majority in parliament and it was for the party to draw up reform proposals and to get the approved in parliament. In the five years of the GNU not even one reform proposal was ever tabled in parliament so it is nonsense say Zanu PF blocked the reforms.


SADC Heads reminded the MDC leaders about implementing the reforms but the later paid no heed. In one of his statement Morgan Tsvangirai had the chutzpah to blame SADC for Zimbabwe’s stolen 2013 elections when they are the ones who literally begged him not to take part in the elections without implementing the reforms first. Tsvangirai had once again paid no heed to their begging.


What had really stood in the way of implementing the reforms was that Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC friends had “been busy enjoying themselves in government and forgot why they were there,” as SADC leaders commented in sheer frustration with the MDC leaders. Ever since Tsvangirai got his $4 million Highlands mansion his lips were super-glued shut as far as reforms were concerned.


MDC has now vowed that the party will not take part in any future national elections “in the absence of comprehensive reforms that enhance both the framework and environment for free and fair elections.” If the party even appreciated how much easier it had been to implement the reforms during the GNU than now, then they would have implemented the reforms during the GNU.


When one has committed the cardinal sins of being corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent publicly acknowledging it is the last thing some politicians would want to do. Of course if you are going to rig the vote, like Zanu PF, or have supporters who will vote for you regardless how corrupt and incompetent when one does not need to apologise. MDC leaders are banking on the later for their political survival.


There is nothing in the MDC members that would lead one to believe they have understood what the democratic reforms were about much less the seriousness of their party leaders’ failure to get them implemented. They have chanted “Chinja! Chinja!” (Change! Change!) Without having a clue what these changes they called for were.


MDC members have had the benefit of hindsight and one and half years since the rigged elections to reflect on why the GNU had failed to deliver the single most important promise the GPA made – free, fair and credible elections! Sadly there is no sign to suggest most of the members have carried out any serious review because they would not be following the MDC leaders with the same blind loyalty of yesteryears, now that they have shown that they are corrupt and incompetent.


The reality this nation must face and deal with that we are in this political mess because we have an electorate that has blindly followed the corrupt tyrant Mugabe for the first two decades after independence only to switch and blindly follow the blundering and incompetent Tsvangirai for the last decade.


Zimbabwe has had three clear chances to create a democratic, just and progressive system of government; in 1980 which Mugabe and Zanu PF wasted, in 2008 which Tsvangirai and MDC wasted and in 2013 which MDC and the electorate wasted. We must make sure that the next chance to create a democratic government is not wasted because the people elected yet another blundering and incompetent leader.


The real hindrance to implementing the democratic reforms necessary to end this corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship is and has always been the Zimbabwean people. Mugabe and Zanu PF are no more a hindrance to change than a mirage is a lake one should fear to drown in because it is the incompetence of the electorate that place the tyrant on the throne. It is the incompetence us the electorate, in electing an blundering and incompetent opposition like MDC, that keeps the tyrant on the throne even longer than even he ever thought possible.


A significant segment of the Zimbabwe electorate still has the propensity to blindly follow without stopping to ask where they are going and why. This is a worrying reality because whilst there are such voters the possibility of electing a tyrant or a blunder idiot remains intolerably high and as long as the nation’s party in government or opposition is led by a tyrant or an idiot this country will remain stuck in this political and economic hell we find ourselves in.


Mankind is a creature of reason and not hardwired to follow blindly like a wildebeest, first its mother and then the herd, without ever asking any questions. MDC supporters who have failed to see MDC leaders like Tsvangirai, Biti and Ncube’s blundering incompetence in failing to get even one democratic reform implemented are displaying the hardwired follow the leader mentality that threatens the very existence of a democratic Zimbabwe they too profess they want.


There is no way the country can hope to have a healthy and functioning democracy with an electorate that follow blindly and never stop to think for themselves.

Mujuru supporters pledge loyalty to Mugabe regardless the kicking in the teeth from the tyrany!

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Ousted Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial chairman Ambassador John Shumba Mvundura said he will remain a loyal member of the ruling party and accepts the decision taken against him.


People like Mvundura  have remained loyal to Mugabe and Zanu PF even when corruption destroyed the nation’s economy forcing millions into a life of abject poverty and despair, you have remained loyal even when the regime rigged elections and murdered thousands for selfish political gain. You sold your heart and soul to the devil then, now that the devil is kicking you in the teeth the people are in fact pleased that you are having a bucketful of the same injustice you so readily dish out to us. We are not going to lose sleep over something as trivial and irrelevant as whether or not a sacked Zanu PF official remains loyal to the tyrant or not.


You are only saying so to save yourself further kicking. You are naïve if you think that Mugabe will fish you out of the economic hardship you now face because the economic meltdown means he has no cushy jobs to give away – not any more. The only way out for the nation is for Zanu PF to step down and allow all the democratic reforms to be implemented.


Instead of, for the first time in your life siding with the common people you are once again seeking to sell them out for selfish reason. Even after the tyrant has just kicked you in the teeth you still side with him.


Well, go ahead; just remember that you are now living is S***t Alley with us the ordinary people and not in Easy Street with the tyrant and his cronies. You are no longer one of the ruling elite and we really do not like sell-out much less those who will betray us once again just to earn favours with the tyrant.


The people of Zimbabwe are getting sick and tired to their back teeth of these Zanu PF sell-outs who get up each morning and lick their fingers to check the direction the political wind is blowing; since the political initiative is still with Mugabe, they bend over backwards to please the tyrant. The day the tyrant and the regime is in trouble they will stand on the rooftop to remind the whole world they were purged because they had dared to stand-up to the tyrant and defend their values and the common people!

The nation is dying to end corruption and tyranny and Mnangagwa say that is the ‘correct line’ – we are fcuked!

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“I feel humbled that I have been accorded this honour to serve our beloved country Zimbabwe in the capacity of Vice President,” said Mnangagwa. “I have assured the President and I would want to assure the party and its leadership that I will remain loyal and committed to uphold the correct line of the revolution which we have been in for the past 52 years.”


This does not come as a surprise to anyone. Here is the man who was at the very heart of the most of the tragic events of this corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship. Mnangagwa has been a senior member of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), the Junta comprising senior members of the security sector a select few politicians headed by Mugabe and Mnangagwa themselves, that has been ruling the nation for decades now. The Junta is elected by no one and so is accountable to no one.


Tendai Biti, when he has Minister of Finance in the GNU, discovered to his horror that the Junta had its own source of funds, the looted diamond revenue he expected to receive but never did.


In 2004 Mnangagwa was set to win the party membership’s nomination to be VP but was cheated by Mugabe changing the party rules calling for female candidate (a rule the tyrant has conveniently disregard this time). Mnangagwa was popular with the party members then but they have since seen what a devilishly devious man he is, especially from growing notoriety in the blood chilling cloak-and-dagger JOC activities. By the 2014 Zanu PF elective congress the party members’ loyalty had decisively shifted away from Mnangagwa to Mujuru for VP.


Just as JOC masterminded and ruthlessly executed the vote rigging of the national election in July 2013 to get Mugabe and Zanu PF back into power then Junta has done the same to muscle Mujuru out of VP position.


Of course the Zanu PF membership was right to gravitate away from Mnangagwa because a party and leader who are so dismissive of their right to a meaningful say to who should lead them is a nightmare. Yes Zanu PF has become a party of thugs but even a thug like Jabulani Sibanda proud of his reputation as a thug resents being bully!


After 34 years of corrupt and murderous and tyrannical oppression in which ordinary Zimbabweans, the masses, povo, have systematically denied the basic human freedoms, rights including the right to a meaning say in the governance of the country and the right to life itself. The country’s economy is in ruins and 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans already live in abject poverty and hopeless despair.


Povo, from Kariba to Beit Bridge, from Mutare in the East to Plumtree in the West are desperate for real change and an end to the corruption and brutal political repression. Povo will therefore receive Mnangagwa’s comments with anger and tearful despair; if the corruption and murderous tyranny is indeed the “correct line” and the man to take-over from Mugabe has vowed to “remain loyal and committed” to this line and he has learnt all there is to know in the art of brutal repression and vote rigging then, comrades go ahead and cry.


Tomorrow, as Mnangagwa is sworn in, Zimbabweans everywhere must declare it a day on mourning because, like it or not, we are in deep, deep trouble with Ngwena on the throne. This is the nightmare scenario, we are truly – pardon my French for I am truly lost for words – fcuked!

Mujuru’s sanctimonious statement did not say what the nation want to hear!

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“I am grateful to the Lord that I am able to address you once again, despite the ever present but still unlawful threats against my person,” started VP Mujuru in her press statement. The whole statement continued and finished along the same vein of a sanctimonious half-truths and damned lies! She would have never sign the statement as a sworn statement to be produced in a court of law; yet she willingly evoked the name of the Lord to bear witness to the half-truths and damn lies!

Madam, Zanu PF has systematically denied the people of Zimbabwe their basic and fundamental freedoms and human rights including the right to a meaningful vote and even the right to life itself but please, please do not make the mistake of thinking that we are all stupid and blind.

We know it is Mugabe’s modus operandi to accuse all those he consider a threat to his struggle hold on political power of all manner of criminal activities ranging from petty crime to treason, for example. Rarely if ever are the accused ever brought before a court of law and evidence produced but rarer still is anyone ever convicted after transparent due process. However having made the accusation, Mugabe uses this as cover for harassing, intimidating, threating and deprive his opponent and his/her supporters their basic human rights. He will do whatever it takes, including rigging the vote and/or murder, to ensure he “win” the election and stay in power.

So Madam when you say “A vociferous attempt has been made to portray me as “a traitor”, “murderer ” and “sell out”, yet not a single iota of evidence has been produced to give credence to the allegations.” You are not telling us anything new that we have not seen happen before.

You, as a very senior member of this Zanu PF regime, must have been aware of the party’s dirty political trickery. For the record, the regime has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans for selfish political gain in its 34 years in power. Throughout all these years and the shedding of blood of all these thousands, you have never lifted a finger to stop this madness.

Are you doing it now because you are now the victim of the Zanu PF political machination? Or is it because you are human and those who lost their lives in the past are not quite human beings!

Now that Mugabe has thrown you out of Zanu PF, rightly or wrongly, justly or otherwise; you will have to make-up your ‘simple mind’, as Mugabe called it. Is your loyalty still with Mugabe, with the Zanu PF members who dared to support you and who too have been purged or it is with the ordinary Zimbabweans whom Zanu PF betrayed in 1980 by denying them their  the basic human rights and dignity?

If you loyalty is still to Mugabe then all that “His Excellency President R. G Mugabe” is fine for one given to decades of grovelling. To us Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant who has systematically denied us, the masses, povo, our basic rights and dignity. To us, all this “His Excellency” crap makes us want to puke.

The fact that you still refuse to see Mugabe for the corrupt and tyrant he is even with the benefit of what you have witnessed him doing to you and those who has supported and followed (foolishly as it has turned out) you as their leaders show that Mugabe was right in dismissing you as a simpleton, not fit to hold high office.

Why Mugabe promoted you to be VP has to do with his own satanic desire to surround himself with simpletons who pose no threat to his hold on power which is at odds with the national interest of appointed the most competent person for every positions.

Madam if you should ever want to win the sympathy of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe, then you must stop treating them as if they are all stupid. You insult our intelligence when you deny that you are corrupt.

However the greatest public good you could do this nation at this critical time in our national history is to tell the truth about last year’s rigged elections.

Zimbabwe is stuck in this political limbo because everyone is refusing to deal with an illegitimate Zanu PF regime. Even if Zanu PF finally scrapped the ill-advised indigenisation law, for example, no one in the world will trust the regime not reactivate the law or simply disregard the law because the regime has done just that so many times in the past already.

Zimbabwe is going through a total economic meltdown right now, 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans already live in abject poverty, unemployment is 90% plus, etc. and yet as long as Zanu PF remains in power the economic meltdown is set to get worse.

We need Zanu PF to accept they rigged elections because only then will the regime accept the implementation of ALL the democratic reforms (MDC should have implemented) followed by fresh free, fair and credible elections. We need to remove the stigma of illegitimacy that this Zanu PF regime is carrying which is making donors and would-be investor shy away from Zimbabwe as if we are a nation of lepers of Biblical days!

The key to ending all this tragic economic suffering and political limbo is by forcing Zanu PF to admit they rigged last year’s elections. People like Mai Mujuru know how the elections were rigged; she must stop pussyfooting issuing half-truths statements defending a reputation everyone knows is badly tarnished by corruption and instead tell us how Mugabe rigged the elections.

Mugabe’s delay in naming politburo and VPs is a calculated one before his daredevil checkmate move!

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“Africa’s oldest head of state and the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence from Britain in 1980 was elected unopposed at the five-yearly Zanu PF meeting, putting him on track to contest the 2018 presidential elections, when he will be 94,” reported New Zimbabwe.

The last three months have been an endless drama which started with a bang when Grace Mugabe took centre stage as the newly elected Zanu PF Women’s League chairperson – against party rules which demanded that one must have held a provincial post for a minimum of 15 years at least to be eligible for the position. The minute she accepted the nomination she launched into a relentless and even hysterical attacked of VP Joice Mujuru accusing her of corruption, incompetence and, most serious of all, of plotting to force her husband, Mugabe, out of office.

Grace wanted VP Mujuru dumped, period.

Everyone expected VP Mujuru to be dumped at the end of the Zanu PF congress. Mugabe has changed the party’s constitution so that he alone and not the congress gets to appoint all politburo members – the party’s decision-making body -, the two second secretaries (who also become the two VPs) and party chairperson. Now everyone has to wait to know whom Mugabe has picked.

“I don’t want to rush it, so be patient. By mid next week, by Wednesday or Thursday, we will make an announcement,” Mugabe explained. The only position that was confirmed during the congress is that of his wife as Women’s League chairperson.

Is this delay deliberate or a calculated move? He promotes his wife from nowhere to be head of women’s league, gives her a few days to bed-in; then a few days later he promotes her to VP position (not exactly from nowhere but from position women’s league, forget that she was there long enough only to take off her coat), gives her a few months of hands on experience and, without saying so, let her effectively take the top job – the presidency! Knowing Mugabe as I do, this is a very possible scenario.


Mugabe has managed to outwit his fellow Zanu PF leaders for 34 years to keep his top job regardless of his pathetic, absolutely pathetic, performance has leader of the party and government. Here is a corrupt tyrant who has completely destroyed the nation’s economy forcing millions into abject poverty and despair and terrorised the nation murdering over 30 000 to stay in power.


He has made Zanu PF unelectable; the party is still in power only because of the breath-taking incompetence of the opposition MDC who failed to get even one democratic reform implemented and thus allowing Mugabe and Zanu PF to rig the elections.


So how is it possible then that such a corrupt and tyrannical thug like Mugabe with a miserable track record has managed to keep his job as the leader of Zanu PF for more than the normal two terms? But the reality is that he has done just that and for 34 years already and has just been elected for a further five years.


The way Mugabe has managed to once again outwit and outclass VP Mujuru and her supporters when she had the majority of the party supporters clamouring for change showed that Zanu PF is a party of deadwood. So why should he not hand over Zanu PF to his wife; she has no experience and her performance on the political stage so far shows that she has very little working grey stuff between her ears but, what the hell, so does everyone else in the party. Zanu PF is a party of deadwood; what difference would it make whether the wood comes from a pine tree or mango tree, deadwood is deadwood!


Mugabe has roughed up many, many senior members of his party in the last three months by riding roughshod over their rights to have at least some say on how the party is run. At least they thought they had some say until now only to learn that they did not. He is giving them a few days to digest that political reality of the last three month and to be sure they all accept it before hitting them with his final, shrewd and daredevil checkmate move – a new politburo of the worst deadwood but whose loyalty to him and his wish to remain life-president is total headed by none other than Grace, his wife, the making of his own Mugabe dynasty!

Mugabe accuse West for Zanu PF purge – hoping ‘simplistic’ war vet continue to believe it!

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Mugabe addressed the war vets and the top brass in the Police, Army and CIO to assure them that the dog-eat-dog purge in the party was necessarily to destroy those who threatened to destroy the party.

“Unprecedented jostling has been going on,” the 90-year-old leader told war veterans, warning, “that’s what destroys organisations,” as the party met to elect its leaders.

It is great to be a dictator! He is the one whose jostling for power knows no bounds. He does not play by any rules as he keeps changing the rules to suit himself. He has repeatedly used brute force to stay in power.

VP Mujuru has done nothing wrong; she has played by the rules and amassed popular support for her bid to remain VP. When Mugabe realised that he could not get the same support for his preferred candidate he changed the rules accusing her of leading a faction.

Throughout all these years, Mugabe has been lucky to have naïve and gullible party members who believed everything he said. To make VP Mujuru guilty of amassing popular party support is nonsensical, only naïve and gullible people would not see it as an insult to their intelligence.

When the dust of the on-going dog-eat-dog purge finally settle down; many Zanu PF members will find that they have been just down-graded economically if not politically too. Indeed Zanu PF membership card will count for nothing in the face of the worsening economic meltdown gripping the nation. 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans are now living in abject poverty and, unless something is done quickly to stop the meltdown, the number is going up at an alarming rate and amongst them will be the Zanu PF card holding members.

These Zanu PF members have yet to learn that independence was about good governance freedom, liberty and managing the nation’s resources for the good of us all. What has gone wrong here is that all these noble and national objectives have been discarded in favour of one single objective – to keeping Zanu PF in power at all costs. Until now it was about keep Zanu PF, the party and the select few ruling elite, in power at all cost. But since this dog-eat-dog purge, this has been revised to keeping Mugabe in power at all costs.

It is the jostling to keep Zanu PF and now Mugabe in power that has and is destroying the nation.

This nation has a simple choice to wake up to the grim reality that it is Zanu PF and Mugabe’s insatiable hunger for power that is destroying the national economy and with it the nation itself.

Mugabe has systematically denied millions of Zimbabweans their basic human rights including the right to a fair share of the nation’s economic wealth and riches, the right to a meaningful vote and the right to life itself just for his selfish political gain. He does not care about the suffering masses, povo; he never did.

When the going got tough and his hold on power was threatened, Mugabe readily sacrificed even his fellow comrades-in-arms. Yes VP Mujuru and others are corrupt but who in all honest can say Mugabe and all the others in the Mnangagwa faction are not corrupt. Mugabe has shown that he will sacrifice his fellow comrades-in-arms if it suits his ambition to consolidate his hold on power. He does not care about Mujuru , Gumbo or any of the others; he never did.

If Mugabe does not care about senior party grandees like Mujuru, Gumbo and the rest it is naïve for the lesser mortals in the party to think he cares about them.

“We know the infiltrations that has been going on. They were saying, ‘We will work with the (opposition) MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), Britain and America.’ That simplistic thinking. You can’t trust the white man,” Mugabe told his audiences. He has blamed the West for all the nation’s problems so blaming them for the purge in his own party is nothing new.

Mugabe and the party have maintained that it is “the illegal sanctions imposed by the evil British and imperialists West”, that have caused the economic problems. The reality on the ground shows that those targeted by the sanctions, Mugabe and his cronies, have in fact grown filthy rich whilst those not on the sanctions list; us, the masses; have grown desperately poor.

No, the “simplistic thinking” here is to believe that the British and the West are the ones causing all our problems when the reality on the ground tells you that it is our own leaders’ insatiable hunger for absolute political power and wealth that is the root of all our political and economic problems. Until ordinary Zimbabweans wakeup to the reality that Mugabe has been taking this nation for a ride and demand free, fair and credible elections there will be no end to our economic and political nightmare!

Mujuru banking on public sympathy when all they want is the complete demise of zanu PF!

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ZANU PF MPs aligned to Vice President Joice Mujuru are mulling plans to resign from Parliament in a move that could paralyse the legislature and force another general election.


The plan has as much chance of succeeding as the failed plan to ensure VP Mujuru held on to her position as VP after the elective congress. There are many reasons why the plan is doomed amongst them are the following:


  • To force another general elections, two thirds of both houses, parliament and senate, will have to pass a resolution dissolving parliament and senate. The Mujuru faction plus MDC do not have the numbers.


Some people claimed Mujuru had as many as 100 MPs on her side before the factional fighting took centre stage three months ago; now with the battle all but won by the Mnangagwa faction, she will be very lucky to still have half of her MPs still behind her.


Mai Mujuru would be even luckier still if the 50 or so MPs supporting would risk their seats on the gravy train and resign to force bye-elections. As seating MPs their economic situation is infinitely better than if they were just another head of the powerless and voiceless masses, povo. Mujuru faction candidate is certain to lose the bye-election to Mnangagwa faction candidate in the first place, if the bye-election is a repeat of last year’s vote, and if there is no vote rigging then the opposition candidate will win.


  • All Zanu PF MPs know that they did not win last year’s elections as Nathaniel Manheru cum George Charamba admitted in his last column over the weekend.


“If truth be told, very few leaders in Zanu-PF are able to explain how the 2013 elections happened, how the landslide victory came about. Equally, very few in Zanu-PF can legitimately claim that victory, much as it benefited them,” wrote Nathaniel Manheru in the article “The notion of an extended GNU had many silent proponents inside Zanu-PF” in Bulawayo24.


Everyone knows that last year’s elections were rigged and that it was the Mnangagwa faction who hatched the plan and executed it. Not that the plan was a master-piece, indeed it was amateurish as access to the voters roll would have revealed and hence Mugabe’s refusal to make it public. The plan worked largely because of the breath-taking incompetence of Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends; they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented, they did not even insist on having the voters roll released.


Most of the Mujuru faction MPs including VP Mujuru herself were deliberately kept in the dark of the details of last year’s vote rigging plan still they were aware of the plan and have since learnt more details. If they are serious about ending the Zanu PF dictatorship then they must reveal the details of last year’s rigged elections because that will show the regime is indeed illegitimate. That will be enough to force the regime to accept the implementation of all the democratic reforms and thus ensure the next elections are free, fair and credible.


If the Mujuru faction kept their lips sealed as regards last year’s rigged elections, then they are storing up trouble for themselves because they will have no chance of winning the bye-elections. It is one thing throwing the loaded dice it is another matter knowing that you are being cheated.


  • The biggest challenge to Zanu PF’s continued rule is not the factional fighting, ruthless and bloody as it already, but the economic meltdown caused by the decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. Throughout all these years none of the Zanu PF leaders, right across the factional divide, have shown that they had realised something was wrong. Even today, few in Zanu PF seems comprehend the full extent of the economic meltdown much less how to put it right.


If any of the Mujuru faction members are banking on public sympathy for the savage kicking in the teeth they have just got from the Mnangagwa faction to get themselves elected back into office to carry on as before on with the mismanagement and corruption as before then they need their heads examined. The Zimbabwe public want an end to the corruption and tyranny.




What the Mujuru faction is failing to realise is that as far as the ordinary Zimbabweans are concerns they are part and parcel of this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship which dragged the nation into this political and economic hell-hole. The only way out of this hell is for the dictatorship to be completely dismantled; the dog-eat-dog factional fighting is a necessary part of this dismembering of the dictatorship.


The Mujuru faction is the less device and ruthless of the two factions in Zanu PF but that any look at VP Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo or any of the other leaders in her factions shows that they are just as corrupt and incompetent as the rest in the Mnangagwa factions. The people of Zimbabwe want the political stage swept clean of the Zanu PF dictatorship and not the half-way house shaking off one Zanu PF faction and retain the other half to continue to rule!


The only useful option for thr Mujuru faction in this clean-start scenario is for them to give the details of how last year’s elections were rigged and force the implementation of the reforms to stop future elections being rigged. They can then take their chance in the next free, fair and credible election on the same footing as everyone else.

Mbeki will not apologise to Tsvangirai over Khampepe report – not that the upstart deserved one!

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Former SA President Thembo Mbeki gives a plausible explanation why he did not want the Khampepe report made public and why he will not apologise for not making the report public. The MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who has been calling for the apology certainly does not deserve the apology!


President Mbeki explained that the two SA judges were asked to look at the legal framework in Zimbabwe’s election process and not on the contact of the 2002 elections. There were other bodies like South African Parliamentary Observer Mission (SAPOM), constituted and deployed by Parliament without any intervention by the South African government and an essentially civil society 50-member South African Observer Mission (SAOM) from SA alone tasked to observe the elections. They all gave favourable reports contrary to the Khampepe report. The later had also exceeded their brief in an area others had more direct involvement than them.


The SA government had based its position to accept the elections as free and fair on the basis of the reports from all other observer groups rather than Khampepe report.


The SA government had resisted realising the Khampepe report because it was never meant for public consumption from the start.


On the basis of the reasons above, the former President said he would not apologise.


“We owe and will make no apology to anybody whatsoever both about resisting the publication of the Khampepe report and respecting the determinations made by the SAPOM, the SAOM and the other African observer missions about the 2002 Zimbabwe presidential elections,” he said.


Ever since the release of the Khampepe report after a court ruling compelling the SA government to do so, Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has demanded an apology from SADC and SA, accusing them undermining democracy in Zimbabwe by failing to realise the report.


“When the genocide in Rwanda was taking place, the majority of African leaders remained silent about it. Likewise, when violence flared up in Zimbabwe with innocent civilians being butchered in broad daylight, Sadc countries turned a blind eye,” charged Tsvangirai.

“To an extent, the spirited efforts to hide this report shows that South Africa has wittingly or unwittingly aided the subversion of democratic processes in Zimbabwe, wantonly violating official Sadc guidelines on the conduct of free and fair elections, which they helped to create.”


In the face of all the other Election Observers from SA , SADC and AU giving their thumbs up to the 2002 elections it was not unreasonable for President Thembo Mbeki and SADC to go with the finding of the other bodies. It is therefore unreasonable of MDC to ask him to apologise for having made what is a rational decision.


Would making the Khampepe report public back in 2002 have made any difference to Zimbabwe’s politics? It is hard to see how since the main political player, MDC, was well aware of Zanu PF’s political culture of intimidation, rape, vote rigging and even murders. Sure Tsvangirai did not need a report by SA judges to tell him Zanu PF rigged elections.


It is preposterous that Tsvangirai of all people should be the one accusing SADC Heads of State of “wittingly or unwittingly aided the subversion of democratic processes in Zimbabwe” when they are the ones who reminded him again and again to implement the democratic reforms throughout the GNU years and he ignored them. If MDC had implemented the reforms then Mugabe would not have rigged the 2013 elections.


SADC Heads of State said of Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders that they were “enjoying themselves whilst in government and forgetting why they were there”; out of sheer frustration at MDC’s failure to implement even one democratic reform.


It is Tsvangirai who should be apologising to SADC and, most important of all, to the people Zimbabwe for failing to implement even one democratic reform and thus allowed Mugabe to rig the elections and landing the nation in this mess!


It is bad enough that neither Tsvangirai nor any of his MDC colleagues has ever apologised to the people of Zimbabwe for wasting the best chance this nation has ever had in 34 years to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. It is an insult to the nation that Tsvangirai should seek to blame SADC for his and MDC’s breath-taking incompetence.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed: Mugabe has ruthless crashed Mujuru, a cde-in-arms, povo will get a lot worse!

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Nothing could illustrate more graphically just how hopeless, powerless and helpless the ordinary person is in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe than the political machinations that have resulted in the political downfall of VP Mujuru and her supporters. One minute she is sizing her bum on the throne and the next minute, quick as a flash, she is being dragged by her bum in the gutter! What happened?


VP Mujuru was accused of many things, her principle accuser by Grace Mugabe, and let me say here and now that none of those charges made any sense in the context of Zanu PF. I will go through some of those:

  • She was accused of being lazy: she is VP to a psych phonic tyrant and control freak who has never allowed anyone else chair a cabinet meeting all the many times he is out of the country. Like everyone else in his regime, the poor woman was not allowed to say, do or even touch anything!


  • She was accused of being incompetent: Mugabe wanted her as his deputy precisely because she was not a full-shilling. Was not that the same reason he appointed Simon Muzenda, before her? She has been VP for a decade now and this had not come up until now? Nonsense!


  • She was accused of being corrupt: of course she is corrupt and has been involved in corrupt activities for donkey years. He late husband was a billionaire in his own right and so is she; they did not make their fortune in one or two deals or over the last year but instead had their fingers in many pies, not just trading in illicit diamonds, over the last decades. She and her husband are not the only Zanu PF leaders who are corrupt.


Grace Mugabe has just hosted a $ 5 million wedding for their daughter Bona; Grace owes, by her own admission, the biggest dairy farm in the country; Mugabes live in a palatial mansion worth $ 20 million at least; etc. She does not expect the nation to believe that she made all her fortune from investing her former typist wages wisely.


What is heart-breaking about the ruling elite becoming multimillionaire and billionaires is that it is happening at a time total economic meltdown sending unemployment to soaring heights of 90% plus causing tragic human suffering. 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans are already living in abject poverty and the situation is getting worse with each day nothing is done to end this criminal waste of the nation’s resources through rampant corruption.


  • Mai Mujuru is accused of wanting to be president: well what she is being accused of to be more precise is keeping her current post as VP which would have made her favourite to take over when Mugabe goes. Mnangagwa has been doing his uttermost to muscle in and so too has Grace herself. “Why can I not be president?” she asked in deadly earnest.


This was the cardinal sinner, Mai Mujuru was charged of, swiftly tried in a kangaroo court, found guilty and now, just as swiftly, is being punished. It is the way the whole process has been handled that sends a chill down every thinking Zimbabwean’s spine.


  • When Mugabe accused Mujuru and others of plotting to kill him; that in Zanu PF dirty politics was a Fattah on all the plotters. Mugabe has once again elevated canvasing for political support into plotting to murder, just to stir up the murderous passions of Zanu PF thugs.


Hyenas roll in game dung to mask their scent for better hunting. When the hyena clan want to evict one member they pretend the target is game looking like a hyena to fool them and, of course, they will not be easily fooled. Mugabe has just soaked his political challengers in goat blood and the Zanu PF clan is baying for their blood.


There are a number of things that are worryingly wrong with the way Mai Mujuru and her faction supporters have been dealt with and chief amount them are:


  1. If a position is an elective position, how is one supposed to garner for support if no one is allowed to have followers?
  2. On what basis did Mugabe decide to call Mai Mujuru faction divisive and therefore not acceptable and not do the same with the Mnangagwa faction.
  3. Whatever Mujuru and her supporters had done they were surely entitled to be brought before a properly constituted disciplinary hearing and due process followed giving them a chance to defend themselves of the charges.
  4. The way one faction has carried out a campaign of intimidation to force elected officials belonging to Mujuru factions out of office smacks of the same tactics of intimidation and lawlessness that has become a hallmark of Zimbabwe’s elections.
  5. The way the politburo has been bullied into changing the party’s constitution to facilitate a desire electoral outcome for Mugabe is too symptomatic of what has happened repeatedly in national elections.


Mai Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa and many, many others are Zanu PF grandees of the party and not just ordinary card carrying members. If they are being treated so contemptuous without any consideration for their freedoms and basic human rights it is little wonder the ordinary Zimbabwean with even more contemptuous.


If Mugabe can rig his own party’s election and cheat his own former comrades in arms there is no question of him not doing even worse to the ordinary Zimbabweans whom he has always treated as subjects, not citizens worthy of the freedoms and human rights other people the world over take for granted.


The ruthlessness with which Mugabe and Mnangagwa have dealt with Mai Mujuru and others shows that they will stop at nothing to get power. If any ordinary Zimbabwean should dare stand in the way he or she will be mercilessly crashed into the dust.


The 34 years of mismanagement and corruption has resulted in total economic meltdown sending unemployment into nauseating heights of 90% plus, 16% or 2 million are already living in abject poverty. The situation it set to get even worse as long as Zanu PF remains in power. Mnangagwa and his faction, who are now set to take over from Mugabe will be more determined than ever to hang on to power at all cost. Mnangagwa will have the crown superglued to his head in a “Until death do us part!” oath.


So the scene is set with the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans in a desperate, desperate bid for political change to alleviate their tragic economic suffering on the one hand. On the other hand a newly crowned ruling elite desperate to maintain the status quo. The Zanu PF regime emerging from the on-going dog-eat-dog fight will be weaker numerically than the old Zanu PF but it will make-up for than in sheer ruthlessness.


In the clash of the titans, the ordinary defenceless Zimbabweans against Zanu PF it must be remembered it a murderous tyrannical regime we are dealing with! Mugabe and Mnangagwa took off the velvet glove hiding the iron fist to crash Mujuru, Gumbo and others; they will now using the fists to silence the populous groaning from the ill effects of the economic meltdown! To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

MDC using Khampepe report as scapegoat just as Zanu PF used sanctions

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The trouble with people with little or nothing to offer is that they easily get carried away; MDC – T is getting carried away with the Khampepe report just as Zanu PF got carried away with the sanction. What we must not allow these narrow minded people to think they are carrying us away with them!


The Zimbabwe economy was already in serious trouble after the two five-year Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes of 1990 to 1995 and 1995 to 2000 failed to produce any meaningful economic recovery. The violent seizure of white owned farms by Mugabe and his cronies that started in 2000 was more like the avalanche that buried the camel. The farm seizures destroyed the agricultural sector, the engine of the Zimbabwe economy, sending the economy into a spiral free fall from which it has never recovered.


The Western countries imposed target sanctions on Mugabe and a few in his inner circle in protest at his regime’s failure to hold free, fair and credible elections in 2002 when the economy was already in free fall. Mugabe took the sanctions as God-sent, the regime and its propaganda machine swung into action and for the last 12 have blamed all, and I mean ALL, Zimbabwe’s economic problems on “the illegal sanctions imposed by the British imperialists and the western allies”.


Ever since last year’s rigged election MDC-T led by Tsvangirai, MDC led by Ncube and the break-away MDC-Renewal have all been at sixes and sevens as to what to say about the elections. Tendai Biti is on record denouncing the elections as fraudulent only to revise his statement to say Zanu PF won because they had a better campaign. Everyone knows that Mugabe rigged the elections, what has made it so difficult for MDC leaders to come out and admit it is that they will also have to admit that they failed to implement the reforms necessary to stop Mugabe rigging the vote!


The last release of Khampepe report has been as God-sent scapegoat as sanctions were for Zanu PF.


The Khampepe report concluded that the 2002 Zimbabwe elections were not free and fair. Successive SA governments have refused to make the report public until know. MDC – T led by none other than Tsvangirai himself – no doubt with one eye for another Usan Bolt dash to the Netherland Embassy at the first sign of trouble – have seized on this delay and now blame it for the rigged 2013 elections as if to say if MDC had known Mugabe rigged elections they would have implemented all the reforms. Nonsense!


All the Election Observers to Zimbabwe’s 2008 elections released their reports within days after the presidential run-off elections and their findings were unanimous – the election were not free, fair and credible. Mugabe and Zanu PF accepted that and it was the basis for the GPA to which Tsvangirai as leader of one MDC faction and Arthur Mutambara as the leader of the other faction are the other two parties in the agreement. The GNU was tasked, above all else, to implement a raft of democratic reforms to ensure the next elections would be free, fair and credible.


So the GPA shows MDC leaders knew, if they did not know already, that Mugabe and Zanu PF will rig the elections again just as they had done in 2008. After 2008, the Khampepe report, would not have added anything new that the world did not know already.


Mugabe was able to blatantly rig the 2013 elections because MDC leaders failed to get even one democratic reform implemented in all their five years in the GNU. Mugabe granted MDC leaders a seat on the gravy train and they promptly forgot about the reforms.


“MDC vadzidza kudya vanyerere!” as one Mugabe crony cynically remarked at the time. (MDC have learnt to enjoy the gravy train good life and not rock the boat!) Ever since Tsvangirai got his $ 4 million Highlands mansion to which he has now superglued himself like a binnacle to a rock he never said or did anything to upset Mugabe for the rest of the GNU. Talking about implementing the reforms would have send Mugabe into volcanic rage!


Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC friends believed that even without one reform implemented they would still win the elections and so they confident went ahead disregarding SADC’s advice not to. Within hours of voting starting, MDC leaders and supporters were running around like headless chickens; the vote rigging was massive and blatant. In failing to implement the reforms MDC leaders showed that they are breathtakingly incompetent!


MDC leaders owe the people Zimbabwe and our SADC friends an apology for failing to implement the democratic reforms which allowed Mugabe to rig the 2013 elections landing the nation into this mess.


“SADC turned a blind eye when innocent civilians were being butchered in broad daylight and is therefore to blame for the current economic meltdown in Zimbabwe – the result of an illegitimate regime derived from yet another stolen election in 2013, with the full complicity of SADC, and with South Africa as the chief sponsor of the “free and fair” verdict,” said MDC-T UK and Ireland press statement. They are just following Tsvangirai and MDC-T SA in this.


No amount of propaganda by Mugabe has changed the fact that the Zimbabwe’s economy is in a mess because of mismanagement and corruption and not sanctions. Indeed by burying its head in the sand the regime has allowed these cancerous problems to grow and spread and today they are as big as tennis balls and are killing the economy.


Similarly, no amount of scapegoating by MDC will change the fact that their breath-taking incompetence has costed Zimbabwe the best chance in a generation to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. Indeed these MDC leaders and their supporters’ continued barking up the wrong tree if not just annoying it is costing the nation support. The world would like to help Zimbabwe end this Zanu PF dictatorship but first the nation has to demonstrate that it is serious; how can anyone think we are serious if we endorse stupid statements from Tsvangirai blaming others for his own incompetence!