Abiding by the constitution and “not the document itself that is paramount” argues William Muchayi!

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Let me say from the word go; this is one of the best articles I have read this year. Where have you been hiding William! Still, there are few areas that require fine tuning.

“However, on probing Madhuku on why he is of the opinion that a perfect constitution would have prevented Mugabe from rigging the poll as it is the will to abide by it and not the document itself that is paramount,” you said.


I do not know whether you think the Copac constitution was perfect; since you did not say. I will assume you are one of those who did not want to say it is perfect but settled for acceptable and hence joined the 95% who approved the document.


The Copac constitution allowed the State President alone to appoint and fire the Police Commission, the Attorney General and a multitude of other key heads of key State Institutions without reference to parliament. The MDC had tried to get Chihuru and Tomana dismissed at the beginning of the GNU because of the partisan bias of these two but failed precisely because Mugabe alone had the power to do so. We write a new constitution giving Mugabe the same power again? How can that be acceptable?!


You have acknowledged the important role Chihuru, Mudede, ZEC, Nikuv, etc. played in the rigging of last year’s elections. The only way to stop these people doing the same again is by implementing the all democratic reforms and that cannot be meaningfully accomplished without overhauling the weak and feeble new constitution.


Yes Mugabe has no regard for the rule of law but that is the more reason the nation should strive for a real good constitution and not a wishy-washy one. Indeed it is the constitution that is of paramount importance than the individual in State House because it is to the law that we must look to guarantee our rights and to deliver justice and not the man or woman be they judge or head of state.


Excuse me but Mugabe did outmaneuver Tsvangirai, because of the latter’s breath-taking incompetence. If you are still failing to see this, even with the benefit of hindsight, then one wonders whether you will ever see it.


You are right about Nikuv; Zimbabweans must not take their eyes off this scum of humanity. The Israeli government was warned by the West about Nikuv’s treasonous activities but they ignored the warning.


Israel was one of the few countries that continued to do business with apartheid ruled SA right up to the end. The Israelis armed and helped in every way the regime stay in power; they did not care about the misery and suffering the regime was inflicting on long suffering black majority as long as they were paid the thirty pieces of silver! Now they are back in Africa again to cash-in on human misery!

Rigging elections is high treason and Nikuv have been coaching Mugabe on how to rig elections; undermining the whole nation’s drive for peaceful change and good governance for princely sums of money and the chance to continue looting, especially for Israel’s now thriving diamond industry.

By helping Mugabe the Israelis have made the tyrant their own from the day the plan to rig the election was hatched; they will be held accountable for all the tyrannical regime has done from the day!

It is a matter of national pride and survival that Nikuv should not be allowed to get away with coming into our own house and piss on our faces and to get away with it!

Sight of empty ZimAsset begging bowl has forced Chinamasa to admit indigenisation policy is “nonsense”!

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The sight of the empty ZimAsset begging bowl is forcing Mugabe and his cronies to denounce their myopic indigenisation policy as “nonsense”.



“I have indicated in private discussions with investors that what is sometimes peddled that you bring in your $20 million and we take 51% of that is nonsense and let it go out that it is nonsense,” Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said.


“We have never said it and we will not do it. That is one area that needs to be emphasised over and over again. We are not going to get 51% of anyone’s money, it is not the policy of this government,” Chinamasa said

Yes, Minister Chinamasa; Mugabe and other Zanu PF officials include Minister Kasukuwere have said foreign owned companied including Banks were to cede 51% of their shares to blacks. They have said it countless times! At the Zanu PF congress in December 2013, Mugabe said there was no going back on this Zanu PF policy.


ZimAsset, Mugabe’s flagship economic recovery blue-print, flopped; no one, not even the Chinese, have contributed a penny to the programme. Instead of asking for a modest amount Mugabe had asked for $27 billion and the empty ZimAsset begging bowl is mocking him. The Minister’s attempt to sugar coat this cyanide pill by denying the regime ever proposed the policy is laughable and a measure of just how desperate the regime is to get some money into its begging bowl!



The Finance Minister said government was now working on a policy framework that will clearly spell out the indigenisation thresholds for the economy’s different sectors.


“What we have said is that we want to encourage local participation and they will do it on the basis of a given framework and they will pick their own local partner and decide the price,” said the Minister.


In other words the regime is not insisting on the 51% of the shares, in the banking sector at least, but has yet to decide on what the new percentage will be. Well that is just about as reassuring as being told there are no more crocodiles in a river known for its killer crocs just because none has been enter the muddy waters!



It is not just the regime’s indigenisation policy that is has scared away would be investors and ZimAsset funders alike; there is the scourge of the rampant corruption the regime has failed to address all these last 34 years and, without doubt the mother of all the regimes problems, the problem of lawlessness.


No amount of tinkering with economic policies will change the Zanu PF regime’s image of a one not to be trusted. How many times has the regime said one thing and then done the exact opposite the next day? By blatantly rigging the 2013 elections Mugabe not only demonstrated his contemptuous disregard of the rule of law but, worse still, made his regime illegitimate.


How can anyone trust a regime that has so blatantly and without any sign of remorse violated the right of millions of its people to a meaningful vote, thus committing high treason, to honour and guarantee a less stringent right such as the right to own property? How can an illegitimate regime be the fountain of law and be trusted to uphold the rule of law!


The only way to restore legitimacy in Zimbabwe is for the Zanu PF regime to resign so the nation can carry out the key task of implemented all the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections. The regime that will emerge after these elections will have the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe and legitimacy and it will command the confidence and support of the investors and the whole international community.

Professor Moyo, in rhetorical desperation, blames Tsvangirai “drunk with politics” for Zimbabwe’s economic failure!

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Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are to blame for a host of things the main one being their failure to implement the agreed democratic reforms which allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the 2013 elections. But to blame them for Zimbabwe’s economic nose dive of the last last eight months is nonsense.


“For example, you hear already some politicians saying they think they must demonstrate because things are not working,” Professor Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe’s Minister of Information (and Propaganda) argued. “They say, ‘Oh, Zim-Asset you promised two million jobs or so’; but we never promised we would create them in six months! So they take a political statement from a political manifesto and say, ‘I just woke up today and I dreamt you promised two million jobs and six months later we do not see those jobs!’



Well as Chief of propaganda there is no doubt that Professor Moyo is the best Mugabe has ever found in all his 34 years in power. Mugabe kicked the Professor out of the party when he planned a palace coup but welcomed him back because the tyrant failed to get a replacement.



Professor Moyo is to Mugabe what Joseph Goebbels was to Adolf Hitler. The trouble with soulless propagandists like Moyo and Goebbels is that they are like toy soldiers they will soldier on in the set direction regardless of the obstacles, dangers and the realities on the ground.



Tsvangirai is calling for public demonstration not because he expected the two million jobs Zanu PF promised to have been created already eight months after the elections; even he is not that stupid. Everyone knows the national economy has going in the wrong direction and, like an elephant, it takes time to stop it, turn it round and then get it going again in the right direction.



Mugabe’s ambitious $ 27 billion ZimAsset programme is central to the regime’s economic recovery plan. Mugabe was confident that the West, disappointed with Tsvangirai’s breath-taking incompetence, will overlook his blatant vote rigging and accept him as the de facto Head of State and renew their funding of his regime. Fortunately, the West was not fooled and refused to recognise his election victory as legitimate and refused to renew the funding and invest in Zimbabwe.


Mugabe was sure his Chinese friends will dig deep and bankroll his economic recovery programme. They too knew any money given to the regime will be swallowed up by the country ruling elite whose avaricious appetites have grown in leaps and bounce over the last 34 years of absolute power in the all-consuming monster it is today. And so not even the Chinese have thrown one Yuan into the ZimAsset begging bowl!


Of course all would-be investors have noticed the empty begging bowl and have shied away from Zimbabwe. The few companies still doing business in Zimbabwe starved of cash – no one wants to borrow/lend money when the economic future is gloomy – have been closing down.



The GNU failed to stop the lawlessness and establish the rule of law necessary for full economic recovery. It, however, provided some economic stability to allow shop, empty in 2008 before the GNU, to fill up with goods although the country continued to lose jobs at an average rate of 4 000 jobs a year throughout the life of the GNU.


Ever since the July 2013 elections the economic has taking a turn for the worse; hundreds of companies have closed throwing over 100 000 workers, by some estimates, out of work. The elephant that had continued to go in the wrong direction these last five years has certainly been spooked into a stampede and the same wrong direction. Mugabe and Zanu PF have not done anything to calm the economy but have instead shave a burning log right up the elephant’s backside!



Even the incompetent Tsvangirai whose understand of politics and economics is at best superficial could not fail to notice the empty ZimAsset begging bowl and the alarming economic nose dive. He is taking this as proof of his own economic competency, at least compared to Mugabe and Zanu PF, and making political capital of it through the planned public demonstrations.



The economic melt-down is alarming and it is nonsense to suggest that the nation should not be showing alarm and demanding immediate action to stop economic crash. It would be folly to wait until 2018 and see what happens. It will be too late!


““A question they should ask in 2018 they are asking six months after the elections,” Professor Moyo argued. “This is because they are drunk with politics and do not have a well-grounded view of life, society and economy.”


It is Mugabe, Moyo and their fellow Zanu PF thugs who are drunk with politics, absolute power and the looted wealth. Their insatiable greed for power and wealth these last 34 years has ruined the nation economical and destroyed the nation’s ability to stop this madness. Instead of admitting they have failed all the regime is doing is offering excuses why the nation should continue to suffer in damn anguish the economic melt-down and to justify why the regime will once again use brute force to silence its critics and the nation.


Professor Moyo not even you can twist the facts on the ground to blame breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai for Zimbabwe’s alarming economic nose dive of the last eight months. This is nothing more than the wolf blaming the sheep, drinking down-stream of the wolf, of fouling the water!


Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections now he must conjure up the $27 billion to fill the ZimAsset begging bowl; stop the rampant corruption by his Zanu PF thugs in which he is the chief culprit with his $ 10 million Blue Roof mansion, $5 million wedding, etc.; restore the rule of law; etc.


The economic melt-down is the system’s response to the empty begging bowl, the criminal waste of resources in the rampant corruption, etc. Since Mugabe has clearly failed to address these the economic melt-down is only going to get worse, a lot worse and one way or the other Mugabe and Zanu PF will be forced to accept that they have failed!

My fervent hope is that Mugabe will accept he is a failure now and not drag the nation into the chaos that has befallen other nation like Syria where a failed tyrant has stubbornly hang on power at the price of reducing the whole country into rumble, causing an told suffering to millions and deaths to hundreds of thousands!

BBC “Our World: Mugabe at 90″ by Roy Agyemang was an insult to long suffering Zimbabweans

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This BBC has rightly earned the world’s trust as a media house that has produced outstanding quality programmes but like all good things in this world it takes only one bad apple and the whole bushel will be spoilt. Roy Agyemang’s Our World: Mugabe at 90 on BBC was one such rotten apple.


For anyone who has never followed the tragic story of Zimbabwe in the last 34 years they would come out with the impression that Mugabe is a great national hero much loved by the people of Zimbabwe, admired by his fellow black African leaders but misunderstood by the West.


“Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the world. Which world!” Mugabe said in the programme with obvious satisfaction.  Roy Agyemang too must have enjoyed that bit because he showed it twice in the programme! If anything, the line epitomizes what is wrong with Mugabe and the shallowness of those who admire him.


The war of independence was not fought to end British colonial rule, that was merely a unavoidable bye product; the same as breaking the egg is an unavoidable bye product if you want an egg omelette.  The war was fought so that we; the oppressed, exploited and discriminated black majority; can at last end the oppression and enjoy freedom, liberty and human dignity.  We have waited for the last 34 years and we are yet to enjoy any of these things. We know the egg have been broken but where is the omelette?


Roy Agyemang asked Mugabe about the rampant corruption – this has been given so wide coverage in Zimbabwe and the world that it was impossible for anyone to miss – to which the tyrant reply that his government was carrying out investigations. Any self-respecting journalist much more one carrying BBC’s reputation on his shoulders would have asked why corruption have been allowed to go on for 34 years with the disastrous consequences to the nation.


In Zimbabwe, life expectancy; the definitive qualitative and quantitative measure of a country’s economic progress or regress; has dropped to from 68 years in 1980 when Mugabe came into power to a misery 34 years today! This did not happen in the last two months but has been going on for decades.


Gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have been at the very heart of Zimbabwe’s economic melt-down. It is therefore willfully inadequate for Mugabe to say he is investigating corruption after all these years of doing nothing about it. It is smacks of professional impotency for any journalist to let the tyrant off the hook so easily.


Roy Agyemang must be the only one who does not know that Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections or else, like Mugabe, he too does not believe blacks have a right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country. Indeed the BBC reporter does not believe blacks have the right to life itself! Over 30 000 Zimbabweans have been murdered by Mugabe and his thugs since independence and the report talked of political violence but not even one death!


The whole report was a chance for Mugabe to once again crow from the rooftop about the demise of the British Empire, something the British have themselves accepted as a historic fact and have moved on. Meanwhile the Mugabe has continued to deny us Zimbabweans our basic human rights and dignity and the report seem to endorse the tyrant’s view that we should forget our suffering and misery and join him in celebrating the demise of the British Empire. What an insult!


(Roy Agyemang’s Our World: Mugabe at 90 is available on BBC News iplayer.)

Mugabe promises a “90-tonne force” fist punch to stop MDC youths foolish enough to heed Tsvangirai’s protest call!

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MDC youth have called for nationwide protest against the worsening economic situation and the July 2013 rigged elections.


There is no question that Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections but to protest now eight months after the results were declared and their own MDC President had accepted the result shows what a confused lot MDC leaders and supporters alike are!



MDC supporters should ask themselves why Mugabe was able to blatantly rig the elections the party had so confidently said it would win regardless of all Mugabe did to rig. Mugabe rigged the elections with the greatest of ease!



Tsvangirai is an incompetent leader just as Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant and both have used the fact that Zimbabweans, especially the youth, are shallow, naïve and gullible as pawns in their own high stakes political game. Over 300 000 Zimbabwean lives were lost in the war of independence only for Mugabe to highjack the revolution to create this de facto one party dictatorship which has denied all Zimbabweans the basic rights and dignities including the right to a free vote and even the right to life.


Tsvangirai has used the people’s suffering to launch his own claim to join Mugabe on the gravy train; when he secured his seat, he immediately forgot about the democratic reforms he promised the people who had voted for him.


Since Mugabe rigged the elections, Tsvangirai has been kicked off the gravy train and now he is once again keen to exploit the nation’s suffering to propel him back on the gravy train. The only way to end the criminal waste of human and material resources in Zimbabwe is by ending this corrupt and oppressive system of government and that demands the implementation of all the democratic reforms as agreed in the GPA.


Before all these MDC youths take to the streets at the behest of Tsvangirai that must demand of their leader to explain why Mugabe was able to rig the 2013 elections with ease? They must also demand from him why he failed to implement not even one democratic reform in the five years he was in the GNU and what assurance he will give them that he will implement the reforms this time?


Mugabe has already threatened to use force to end all protest against his rule. This is a ruthless tyrant who has “degrees in violence,” as he has admitted in the past.


“At 90 years old, Mr. Mugabe warned, his fist still packs 90 tonnes of force if cornered,” reported Irwin Chifera of VOA Zimbabwe.


Make no mistake about it, Mugabe is cornered; he knows that the economic melt-down is it impossible for him to hold on to power. He has been seating on the boiling pot for all these years and the heat outside and the pressure inside are becoming unbearable. And yet fear of the explosion and the heat is forcing him to grip tighter than ever. Mugabe is cornered already.


The nation on its part has no choice but to demand an end to this criminal waste of the nation’s material resources by a few corrupt ruling elite and the tragic human misery and death it has caused. So on the one hand the economic melt-down demands urgent action whilst, on the other hand, past experience demands that the nation must proceed with caution careful of leaders who promise heaven on earth today only to deliver hell as soon as they are in power.


Tsvangirai and Mugabe are both such failed leaders and each is dragging the nation deeper and deeper into the abyss in their own way. Mugabe will use brute force to stay in power regardless the fact that he is the one who landed the nation in this mess and has no plan to get us out. As for Tsvangirai, it was his failure to implement the reforms that allowed Mugabe to rig the elections and thus stay in power and now he seeks to use the suffering masses to pressure Mugabe to allow him back on the gravy train.


If MDC youths are foolish enough to follow Tsvangirai blindly like sheep to the slaughter, let them! They will know what a 90-tonne fist punch feels like! This one-sided punch up will be a distraction the nation can ill afford. What the nation wants is a reasoned plan of action and not yet another ill-conceived and chaotic course of action that will only make a bad situation even worse!

Mugabe to “accelerate crackdown” against corruption – he rigged the elections to do that?!

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So Mugabe told the millions of Zimbabweans on Independence Day that his government would tighten control of mines to improve transparency and accelerate the crackdown on officials implicated in corruption and fraud.


It took him 34 years before he finally realized there was need for tighter control of the mines? The mining sector used to employ hundreds of thousands forming thriving communities. Today most of these mines have long turned into ghost towns and the mine workers have joining the unemployed.


Unemployment has been seating at the nauseating heights of 80% plus for over a decade now.


What are you talking about “accelerate the crackdown on officials implicated in corruption” as if you have ever done anything to end this scourge. And we all know why you have done nothing about corruption; because it is an integral part of your patronage system that has kept you and Zanu PF in power.


For the last 34 years you have denied there was no corruption and allowing this cancer to grow and spread and today it has destroyed the country.


You are public acknowledging there is rampant corruption now because there are just too many stories of corruption and looting involving staggering amounts of wealth and money for you to sweep under the carpet.


You allowed mismanagement and corruption to turn a few ruling elite; your ministers and other Zanu PF officials and yourself and all the relatives and friends to grow filthy rich at the expense of the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who now languish in abject poverty and despair.


Mr. Mugabe, you did not rig last year’s elections so you can tighten control of mines and end corruption did you? Of course not! You rigged the vote so that you can remain in power and to ensure you electoral victory you even allowed corruption to get completely out of hand. For it was you who authorized the spending of billions of dollars buying cars for Zanu PF officials, government officials and foreigners like Nikuv who helped corrupt the voters roll. It is the reckless spending of the last three years that was the last straw to break the camel’s back and precipitate the economic melt-down.


You are making all these empty promises to do something to end the economic melt-down to justify why you should stay on in power although you are illegitimate since you rigged the elections. You want to stay on not to end the economic melt-down but to ensure no one takes away what the Zanu PF ruling elite have looted and indeed to allow them to continue looting to top up their fortunes!


The real question the people of Zimbabwe have to address, has been staring the nation in the face for decades and cannot be ignored any longer is how deep in the abyss are we going to allow Mugabe to drag the nation before we finally say enough is enough! For two things are certain; in the past we have done little to stop this madness on the mistaken belief that we had hit rock bottom; this hell is a bottomless pit! Second, it is not in the DNA of tyrants to admit they have failed and give up power; that is a fact.

Mugabe and the Zanu PF dictatorship have grown fat and powerful after 34 years of absolute power; they are not going to give it up now, especially now when they have so much loot to protect and so many skeletons to hide!

USA slap sanctions on Mudede for helping Mugabe rig the 2013 elections!

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The Americans have added Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede of the list of Zimbabweans on the sanctions list for his role in withholding the voters roll from the opposition and Zimbabwe public.


To this day, the Mugabe regime is yet to release the voters roll; the smoking gun in the rigged elections.


Mugabe blamed Zimbabwe’s economic collapse on the targeted sanctions until the stories of rampant corruptions started breaking out. Mugabe has always denied that there was no corruption; the stories have proven beyond doubt that Mugabe was lying but worse still the extent of the corruption has shown that corruption was the real cause of Zimbabwe’s economic melt-down.


How could a company like ZESA, for example, thrive when millions of dollars of its revenue were being sucked away to pay the huge salaries and allowance of top managers!


Tobaiwa Mudede has certainly played a major role in the July 2013 rigged elections and it is right that he should be on the sanctions list. He is certainly top on the list of people to be thoroughly investigated for high treason over the same issue once the Zanu PF dictatorship collapses! None of those involved with vote rigging will be allowed to get away with this, not this time!

EU renews pressure on Mugabe to implement democratic reforms as condition for re-engaging with the block!

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EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia last week said President Robert Mugabe’s government had the task of restoring democracy in the country of which the issue of credible elections was no exception.

“The EU is spot on about the need for free and fair elections as THE pre-requisite for Zimbabwe ever getting out of this political and economic mess. The only way to ensure the next elections are free and fair is by ensuring all the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA are implemented,” reported the New Zimbabwe .

Tsvangirai and MDC had the best chance to get the reforms implemented during the GNU; they failed because of their breath-taking incompetence. It was going to be an uphill battle getting Mugabe to implement the reforms after he rigged the July 2013 elections. By engaging Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs the EU gave him the legitimacy he did not deserve but, worse still, granted him the sole responsibility to decide whether or not the reforms will ever be implemented!

Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia and the EU were warned of the dangers of granting illegitimate tyrant legitimacy but, of course, they did not listen!


What the EU must understand is that it is not in the DNA of a tyrant to give up power no matter how bad the situation may be. It is equally intolerable that the people of Zimbabwe should be expected to suffer the consequences of the regime’s failures and corrupt rule for another even one more year. The EU should have never re-engage the tyrannical regime and prop it up!

In 2012 Chinese warned Mugabe “embrace change or die”; he did not listen and now death is certain!

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The Communist Party of China reportedly (CPC) warned Zanu PF provisional chairpersons visiting China in 2012 to receive “ideological and mass mobilization training” in preparation for the 2013 elections that Zanu PF “must embrace change or die”!


The change the Chinese wanted to see was not quite the same change most Zimbabweans had been talking about in democratic change. The Zanu PF officials were not in China to be trained on how to win free and fair elections; what do these Chinese know about that, the CPC has never ever held any meaningful free elections since seizing power in 1949.  The CPC has faithfully changed the CPC top leadership every ten years; that is the change they wanted Zanu PF to embrace!


After three decades of the same incompetent, corrupt and oppressive Zanu PF leadership; God knows there was crying need for change and renewal in the party. The CPC must have been very disappointed when Mugabe failed to listen and use the December 2012 Zanu PF Congress to effect change.


There are reports showing that the Chinese went on to help Mugabe and Zanu PF to rig the 2013 elections but there is no doubt that the Chinese were already wry of Mugabe. Before the elections Mugabe was buoyant confident that the Chinese would pay most if not all of the $27 billion ZimAsset bailout. Helping him to rig the elections was one thing giving him a blank cheque was a bridge too far.


The only thing certain with Mugabe was that he would squander bailout and would have nothing to show for it. This was a bottomless pit and the Chinese were certainly not stupid to throw their money into such a hopeless venture!


The Chinese have since made it clear that they will not contribute even one Yuan to Mugabe’s $27 billion ZimAsset begging bowl. No one else has contributed anything and now it is obvious that the Zimbabwe economy is in serious trouble. The CPC, alarmed by the sheer pace of Zimbabwe’s economic nose dive, have once again repeated their warning to Mugabe to embrace change or die.


“The CPC officials we met were surprisingly very candid with us,” a Zanu PF back from a recent visit to China told the Zimbabwe Independent. “They told us in no uncertain terms that due to the political risk of the country there was no way they would give Zimbabwe the billions it urgently requires.

“They said although the country was considered to be generally peaceful, there were worrying issues that concern them which they urged us to deal with as soon as possible.

“The president’s age was a major point of anxiety for them and his continued hold on power when he should now be handing it over to a younger and energetic successor probably at the party’s congress in December.”

Even if there was to be a changing of the guard in December it is inconceivable that is would be a far reaching root and branch change demanded after the three decades of no change. Mnangagwa and Mujuru, for example, have been part and parcel of the Mugabe regime for the past three decades to be considered a change of guard but after waiting for all these years for the chance to rule; they will fight tooth and nail to ensure they rule.

But much more than a change of name at the top, Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and political stability will depend on the restoration of the rule of law and recovery of the nation’s looted wealth, we need the seized farms put back into production again. It is hard to see anyone in the MDC much less in Zanu PF with the vision and political spine to deliver that.

Mugabe and Zanu PF should have listened to their Chinese friends’ warning in 2012 to embrace change. Sadly Zanu PF did not listen; the party’s December 2012 Congress retained the same old, incompetent, corrupt and oppressive leaders and per se chose to die. The only thing of real concern now is that Mugabe and Zanu PF having chosen to sign their own death warrant they should not be allowed to drag the whole nation into the abyss with them.

Biti and Mangoma’s MDC renewal was doomed because no one believed the two had an epiphany!

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“With party leader Morgan Tsvangirai ratcheting up the pressure on the rebels, as well as his grassroots campaigns (and he clearly has the numbers on his side), the renewal team is finding itself well and truly up the creek — without a paddle to row back to terra firma,” said the Daily News reporter. Well that says it all and beautifully too.


The report was talking of the Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma who had branded themselves the MDC renewal who initially threatened to break away but now seem to have developed cold feet. They are back negotiating to be allowed back in the MDC.


The MDC rebels claimed that they were claiming the MDC under Tsvangirai’s leadership had abandoned the party’s founding principles and values especially its promise to bring democratic change. There is no thinking Zimbabwean or outsider who would argue about that.


Everyone raised their eyebrows, right up like Ethiopia’s Chilada baboons, when the rebels said they were reclaiming the long forgotten MDC founding principles and values. Alarm bells started ringing; they could not have rung louder if a known prostitute said she was a virgin!


Both Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma had been MDC’s chief negotiators of the GPA and so they knew the agreement has stipulated that the GNU was to implement a raft of democratic reforms, for example. The two had very senior positions in the party and in the GNU to have forced the implementation of the said reforms.


By implementing the reforms MDC would have fulfilled its key promise of bring meaningful democratic reforms to Zimbabwe. We know that after five years of this GNU not even one reform was implemented.


So before anyone can believe that these rebels are serious about delivering democratic change people want to know what has happened to make they remember MDC’s founding principles and to recommit themselves to living up to these values? Short of a “Saul on the road to Damascus” or “Homer Simpson lost in the frozen vastness of Alaska” moment; no thinking person will belief the rebels are not the same self-seeking and breathtakingly incompetent individuals the whole world has come to know Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders, including Tendai Biti and Mangoma, to be.


Tsvangirai and MDC have made so many blunders in the last few years they have lost all political credibility. To regain the people’s trust and confidence, it is not enough for any of them to just say they are reclaiming the founding values and restate old promises but more significant they must explain why they betrayed the people by forgetting the values their past promises.


The rebels did not have an epiphany moment, offered no pithy explanation why they had abandoned the old values and they did not even apologize for betraying the nation so recklessly. All they had to say was that it was all Tsvangirai’s fault and they were reclaiming the founding values as if that act alone is guarantee they will deliver.


At least with Tsvangirai, the people know he is corrupt, incompetent, has no principles and will hang on to power like barnacles to a whale regardless of his failures and what the constitution says. Tsvangirai does not try to rebrand himself in anyway; what you see – a blundering incompetent – is what you get. The rebels, on the other hand, are pretended to be principled leaders, the one thing they are not; that is why they are up the creek without a paddle!