Biti calls Tsvangirai modern day sell-out Nyati denying that this was an MDC Team effort!

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“Each struggle has its own sell-out and Tsvangirai is our own Nyathi,” said Tendai Biti.


Biti was comparing Morgan Tsvangirai to the infamous Morrison Nyathi, a liberation war fighter who turned coat and became an informer for the enemy. He is the one who led the racists Rhodesian Army deep into Mozambique to Liberation Camps resulting in the slaughter of thousands liberation fighters and the civilian refugees.


“While Mugabe is a thief who stole our collective dream of a prosperous nation after independence, Tsvangirai is a bigger thief who nicked our dream of a new nation, our dream of re-birth in our lifetime,” continued Biti.


There is no doubt that had MDC implemented the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship brick by brick and rebuild new democratic institutions in its place this would have resulted in a new Zimbabwe, “re-birth in our lifetime”.


There is also no doubt that just as Morrison Nyathi was offered a reward by the white racist regime of Ian Smith to betray his fellow freedom fighters and the nation, Tsvangirai was offered a reward for betraying the nation and not implement the reforms. Mugabe offered the MDC leader the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe (without any meaningful power or authority but Tsvangirai was too foolish to notice), the $4 million Highlands mansion, a chance to gallivant round the world chasing women of ill repute, a ministerial car and all the other glittering-today-but-gone-tomorrow attractions. Tsvangirai accepted the bribe and kept his end of the bargain – not even one democratic reform was implemented. Not one!


“Where did you want me to live? In the bush!” said Tsvangirai with palpable agitation and aggression when he was pushed to deny that the $4 million Highlands mansion was not bribe.


Of course the mansion was a bribe and Tsvangirai sold-out!


What is wrong with Tendai Biti and the rest of the MDC-Renewal’s narrative of this modern day Morrison Nyathi sell-out is just that – it was not one individual, Morgan Tsvangirai, who sold out but the entire MDC leadership!


Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma, of all the MDC leaders, knew exactly what the raft of the democratic reforms were because they were the MDC-T negotiators involved in the writing of the GPA calling for these reforms. Throughout the five year life of the GNU they were aware that none of the reforms had been implemented. Together with Tsvangirai and the other MDC leaders Biti and Mangoma had received reminders from SADC leaders concerned at the lack of progress in implementing the reforms. Reminders they all ignored. Why?


Simple, Mugabe bribed all the MDC leaders. Tendai Biti got Minister of Finance portfolio (he was to latter complain of another parallel but secretive body collecting all the revenue from the dooming but secretive diamond trade), ministerial car, etc. The other leaders got their share of the gravy train goodies.

There is no doubt that all the MDC leaders colluded in doing nothing about implemented the reforms. Indeed they were so pleased with their new-found benefactor they were tripping over each other in taking turns to sign the Mugabe’s praises. It was Tendai Biti himself who called the tyrant “unflappable and father to the nation”!


“Vanhu veMDC vadzidza kudya vanyerere!” remarked one Zanu PF loyalist, mockingly. (MDC leaders have learnt to enjoy the gravy train life and not make a fuss!) He was commenting at the metamorphic transformation in MDC leaders from the impassioned reformers determined to deliver real democratic changes and regime change to these placid poodles content to licking the tyrant’s feet.


What Tsvangirai and his fellow MDC leaders thought was that they would still win the coming elections even if not even one democratic reform had been implemented. So by doing nothing about the reforms they would keep Mugabe happy and he will reward them by keeping them all well supplied with all those gravy train goodies. Come election day, the MDC vote will overwhelm whatever vote rigging schemes Mugabe will have planned.


MDC were naïve to underestimate the elaborate vote rigging scheme Mugabe would device given a free hand use all the state institutions and resources as he pleased. By noon of the 31 July 2013, the main voting day, it was clear to all that Mugabe and Zanu PF were heading for a landslide election victory; Mugabe’s vote rigging scheme had disenfranchised millions of MDC voters whilst generating millions of fictitious votes for Mugabe.


In fact MDC leaders had not just been naïve but had shown throughout the GNU years to be breathtakingly incompetent.


“He has sold out the struggle. I asked him to seek the people’s forgiveness following the poll loss last year and he refused. He could not get himself to swallow his pride and admit he had failed the nation,” said Tendai Biti of Tsvangirai.


Mr Tendai Biti when are you going to stop lying to the people of Zimbabwe that it was Morgan Tsvangirai alone who failed the nation? You were all breathtakingly incompetent.


Indeed it is not just a matter of Tsvangirai “swallowing his pride” and you yours; you are all hankering to get back on the gravy train and therefore to public acknowledge that you were breathtakingly incompetent would be political suicide because you will have the impossible task to prove that you are not still breathtakingly incompetent.


We both know that you were and still are breathtakingly incompetent and you will never ever delivery any meaningful democratic change. You failed to do so during the GNU when MDC had the trump cards, what chance do you have of doing so now when Zanu PF is holding all the trump cards? None! Zero! Naught!

Abject poverty awaits dumped Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire – nhamo ichakudzikamisai!

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The factional warfare going on in Zanu PF was expected; as the nation economy has continued to shrink – and it has been shrinking at an alarming rate since the 31 July 2013 rigged elections – and there was less and less wealth available to go round, fighting would break out amongst the ruling elite over who get what? The fighting is fierce because the ruling elite are used to getting a lion’s share and will not brook sharing. The very fact that a life of abject poverty awaits all those fail to get a share has turned the fighting into a dog-eat-dog.


There have been many skirmishes in the past but the decisive battles have been fought with the entry of Grace Mugabe on the political stage. Whilst Mugabe, as First Secretary of Zanu PF, banish everyone from campaigning for position in the forthcoming elective congress in December and banished everyone from holding an press interviews his wife was allowed to hold country wide rallies and the press followed her wherever she went. She attached VP Joyce Mujuru, who is her main challenger to the position of VP and ultimately to the presidency, for the word go.


Grace went for the kill, straight for the jugular vein, and poor Mai Mujuru had her hands tied behind her back and her feet too were tied so she not kick or run away through the gags Mugabe ordered. It is now certain that Grace Mugabe will be appointed one of the two VPs and heir apparent at the party congress.


The only real winner here is Robert Mugabe; he has, once again, outwitted his Zanu PF colleagues. He got the Mnangagwa faction to adopt his wife as their candidate for the top job which Mnangagwa had eyed for donkey years. The Mujuru faction was not only lost the top job but many of her supporters have lost their places at the top table too.


Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have done nothing to stop the Zanu PF juggernaut that has destroyed the country’s once prosperous economy. 16% or 2 million Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty today thanks to the decades of misrule and corruption by this Mugabe dictatorship. In the next few months the number of those living in abject poverty will be swelled considerably as the thousands of mostly Mujuru supporters are “dumped” as Grace Mugabe blandly put it.


Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and his Masvingo homeboy, Provincial Affairs Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti are two who have already been told they will be dumped. Welcome comrades! Welcome! Matitsika!


The late Nathan Shamuyarira and Enos Nkala would have welcomed you comrades to Zimbabwe’s biggest and fastest growing group – 62% poor of which 16% are destitute. Life expectancy for filthy rich who can afford an eye check-up to Singapore eight times a year @ $3 million a trip is 90 years plus. When one cannot afford even one decent meal a day even party grandees soon succumb to death.


It is true that where there is poverty, death is not far behind!


When Shamuyarira and Nkala died, they got a decent coffin. Zanu PF even painted the former’s house the day he died to hide the years of neglect, rot and decay brought on by abject poverty. It was sickeningly cynical of the party but you, Comrade Mavhaire, must know all about just how cruel and cynical Mugabe and Zanu PF is.


Now that Zanu PF Supremo President, Grace Mugabe, has publicly denounced you it will be no surprise that you will not be declared district hero and thus get a State funded coffin which is what Shamuyarira and Nkala got. You will be buried in something befitting of your new found pauper social status – a dirty blanket.


If there is anyone who “deserves” to living in abject poverty then it must be these Zanu PF Ministers and Officials. For 34 years they have been at Mugabe’s side whilst he destroyed the country’s economy and rod roughshod over the people’s dreams and hopes of freedom, liberty and justice. And throughout all those years they have done nothing to stop this criminal waste of the country’s wealth and rich and tragic human suffering and unnecessary deaths. Now these ministers will know exactly what we the ordinary people have been suffered!


Comrade Dzakamai Mavhaire, maivhaira muchifunga kuti zvehu Minister hazviperi. Nhasi zvapera; nhamo chiraira mapenzi, ichakudzikamisai.

Was Grace Mugabe’s scathing dismissal of a sick VP candidate a subtle rebuke of RG Mugabe!

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When you are not clever say nothing and let people think you a fool rather than open your mouth and prove them right! Being the First Lady for all these years Grace Mugabe could not always be on her guard and never say anything, so she said very little but enough to make people think her a half-shilling. But ever since she stepped into the full political spotlight by winning the Zanu PF Women’s League chairperson position she has been like a hyper active dog with its leash finally removed. The whole world now knows that she is a half-shilling all ‘give her the benefit of the doubt’ is gone!


Grace was scathing in her latest attack of one Zanu PF members who has dared put his name in the hat for one of the two Vice President positions.


“Uri murwere apo urikuisa zita rako forward. Unoita kunge dhongi. Pfungwa dzako hadzina kukwana. Tanga wazviongorora. Uchakambaira uchienda ikoko?” (You are sick and yet you put your name forward. You are like a donkey. You are not a full shilling. Are you going to crawl to get there?) She demanded to know.


There are five candidates vying for the VP position from the former PF Zapu camp alone. She did not say who she was speaking about.


Here is someone whose husband is not a spring chicken by any account, has been President for 34 years already, is as sick as a parrot – we all know since he has been going in and out of the country to Singapore like a yoyo, as much as eight times in one year, at princely sum of $3 million each trip. That has not stopped Mugabe putting his name in the hat again and she has never said anything! Or is this her telling him now in her own not so subtle way?


Grace Mugabe has grabbed as many as fifteen farms for herself; her son with her first husband, Russell; her brother the former Zimbabwe Ambassador to Canada; her daughter Bona (she was named in the latest farm seizure in Goromonzo); etc. She was boosting of how she seizure the Mazoe farm where she built the orphanage and that she will spill blood if anyone tried to take it away.


62% of the people are poor and 16% or 2 million now live in abject poverty because of the decades of corruption and all-out looting spree by this Zanu PF regime and Grace even boost of leading these marauding thugs from front. She uses a fraction of the looted wealth to build an orphanage to cater for but a tiny fraction of the impoverished populous and she expects the nation to be speechless and forever grateful!

Now that Grace has grabbed the position of chairperson of Zanu PF Women’s League before she has been confirmed into that position she already has her sight on being one of the Vice President with the view of being the de facto president whether RG Mugabe or the party wants it or not!


If the electorate think a particular candidate is not suitable for whatever reasons be it age, health, shameless greed, incompetence, whatever; they will simply not vote for him or her. Why do she and Zanu PF not trust the electorate to make this decision in a free, fair and credible election?


Ever since Grace Mugabe embarked on these meet-the-people rallies, a poorly disguised rallies to spruce her image and de-campaign her challengers, she has left no one in any doubt she here to grab as much power as she can and will ride roughshod over everyone to get it. She was given a long rope and is in the final phase of hanging herself with it; we must be careful that she does not hang a lot other innocent people first!

What are the ramifications of Grace denouncing VP Mufuru to the nation and RG Mugabe himself!

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Being vice-president is not about chillaxing in the office and leaving President Robert Mugabe to shoulder alone the responsibility of leading the country, the veteran leader’s wife said Monday while addressing a rally in Matabeleland South.


It is no secret that VP Mujuru has done very little in all her years in government. Her pathetic performance record is no worse than that of many of her Zanu PF colleagues. Look at Simon Muzenda, John Nkomo, Mnangagwa, Mutasa, etc. they all would have had Fs in everything year on year for 34 years if anyone had bothered to grade their work. It is not that VP Mujuru has been doing nothing that matters here but what the nation can expect from VP Grace Mugabe and, more intriguingly, what are the ramifications of Grace publicly denounce the chillaxing Mujuru!

Let us face it Mai Mujuru is as dim witted as they come; she has never come up with anything original or of any substance in all her 34 years in power. The only thing she and her late husband have been doing is loot. When it comes to looting anyone can walk onto someone’s farm, for example, kick off the own and move in. All one needs to be a looter is to be greedy, have no sense of justice and contempt of the law and have the power to impose one’s will.

The test if the looter has any brain is whether or not they are able to put any of the looted wealth and resource into productive use. God knows how many millions of dollars have been poured into farming to increase production but all to no effect.

The Mujurus are billionaires from the looted wealth but only because they kept looting to more than make up for all they wasted. None of all the mines, farms, business ventures they looted or started are a success. Not even one!

But to be fair to the Mujurus, the same can be said about all the other Zanu PF looters which is everyone.

Grace Mugabe has often given the impression that her Gushungo Dairy Business is a great success. What she has never said is how many billions of dollars have been poured into the business in the form of loans, none of them repaid, and in other indirect subsidies such as paying none of taxes everybody else pay. Include these things and the success story is seen for what it really is – a total disaster.

Grace wants the chillaxing Mai Mujuru replaced with none other than herself, of course. What is she offering?

When it comes to brains; she is just as dim witted as Mai Mujuru. There is very little brain activity in that fruitcake, capping her with a PhD and calling her Dr Grace will never change that basic reality!

As VP, Grace would commandeer state resources like Police, Civil Servants, Ministers, helicopters, etc. the same way she is doing right now with her meet-the-people rallies but with the added gravitas befitting her VP, Doctor and First Lady titles. She has not said anything of substance during these on-going country- wide rallies because there was never any purpose to holding these rallies in the first place.


The rallies are a foretaste of VP Grace Mugabe’s ethos – she has nothing to say but will go to great taxpayers’ expense to say it! We have already forgotten what she said in Gwanda but the millions wasted to host these rallies have dragged the whole nation even deeper into the economic abyss adding to the nation’s mounting economic misery – no one will forget that in a hurry.

Soon after independence Zimbabweans nicknamed Robert Mugabe the modern day Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese Explorer, the first European to reach India by sea. After two years in power, Mugabe had already travelled to every corner of the world.

“The only place Vasco da Gama has not been to is hell!” Zimbabweans commented, in sheer exasperation at all this waste of money on endless globe-trotting with nothing to show for it!

After 34 years Mugabe’s appetite for globe-trotting has not abetted in anyway. Two years ago he travelled to Singapore alone eight times in one year and each trip costed the taxpayer US$3 million. The country’s economy has shrunk over the years but that has had no effect on his spending habits and extravagant tastes.

Mugabe has recently added a new dimension to his globe-trotting -begging. He was in China in August, his 13th trip to that country in his 34 years in power, begging the Chinese to bankroll his $27 billion ZimAsset economic recovery plan. The Chinese gave him $3 billion for specific projects but refused to give him a dollar in budgetary support because he is “a bad debtor” (不良债务人 in Chinese). They told him so to his face.

VP Grace Mugabe will definitely want to travel, she is shopaholic. We will now have two globe-trotters! We should just double our current president’s budget office allocation because we will a double the motorcade, double overseas trips, double everything. Indeed Grace is not wasting time in waiting for the official appointment and being sworn in as VP; she is VP already in all but name!


One can even go so far as to say she is not VP and yet she already exercising the powers of Supremo President Grace Mugabe. No one, absolutely no one, but the Supremo President would have the audacity to publicly denounce VP Mujuru as a VP “who does nothing”. The nation is holding its collective breathe to see whether Robert Mugabe is going to finally rein in Grace and put her in her place. If he does nothing then we will all know that there has been a palatial Blue Roof coup, Grace now rules the roost!

Ken Mufuka it is Zanu PF corruption the nation must take serious and not US sanction!

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I used to read Ken Mufuka’s “Letter from America” in the Chronicle, I stopped because they became tediously monotonous – starting nowhere and going nowhere else. I can see that things have not changed; all Ken has done here (see Nehanda Radio opinion US sanctions should be taken seriously) is tells that he was in Washington and he knows “of a small but important office in the US treasury department called office of foreign assets control.”


If Zimbabwe is free to trade goods and services with China, Russia, India, etc. under whatever terms it sees fit then why should America not do the same?


Ever since the west imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies back in 2002 Mugabe responded with his look east policy and made a big song and dance about it. The message then was very clear Zimbabwe does not need the West because she will get all she need to grow and prosper from the East.


Indeed Zimbabwe should have gone on to prosper because there was nothing Zimbabwe was getting from the West she could not source from the East. Ian Smith managed to grow the economy under even more stringent UN sanctions for Pete’s sake!


The Zimbabwe economy did not prosper but continues in its downward spiral showing that it was not the sanctions imposed by the West but something else. The something else was mismanagement and corruption which Mugabe vehemently denied allowing these cancers to grow and spread and after 34 years they are killing the economy.


So the regime has been caught in this self contradictory position where it insists it does not need the West and yet blames the West for all the country’s economic troubles! A hopeless and feeble excuse, only the brainwashed morons would believe.


When Mugabe signed the mega deals with China and Russia a few weeks ago he, announce the deals with a lot of chest drumming like a gorilla silver back; giving the impression that he has all he wanted for his ZimAsset economic recovery plan. It was all a bluff of course because none of these two country would give him a dollar for the budgetary support. The Chinese told him why to his face; “he is a bad debtor”!


The Zimbabwe economy is in ICU and needs surgery to remove those cancerous tumours and instead of Mugabe admitting it he is now fishing for a new sanctions angle why the mega deals with China and Russia are not working. This article by Ken is giving that new angle more mileage.


The Zimbabwe economy is in total meltdown and the economic hardships this is imposing on the ordinary people are truly heart-breaking. We know no economy in the world could sustain the criminal waste of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption that now exist in Zimbabwe. We need to deal with these cancers now and stop wasting time on these mythical sanctions.


Indeed if these sanctions are effective as Mugabe says they are; then we need a government that can work with the West and Mugabe has clearly failed to do so.


Mugabe must go and go he will. Zimbabwe must have free, fair and credible elections in which the people have a say as to who governs the country. Let us put to rest this nonsense of no regime change by Mugabe and Zanu PF; if the people vote for regime change then there will be regime change!

After living in America for all these donkey years Ken Mufuka, of all people, should understand the critical importance of a free and meaningful vote in good governance. Sadly the years of exposure to a functioning democracy has had no effect on our Professor; his brain is impermeable to reason and logic but superconductive to nonsensical Zanu PF propaganda.

It is the rampant corruption of Mugabe and Zanu PF that the nation should take seriously and not the US sanctions; the former is the real hyena killing our goats the latter is the mythic three headed hyena with eyes that can see through stone the regime was created fear and panic to divert our attention!

MDC to boycott future elections after another by-election trouncing but to what end!

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A Zanu PF candidate has won the Chitungwiza council by-election trouncing the MDC-T candidate 993 to 91.


In August 2014, following a string of similar trouncing, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai said his party would no longer take part in any by-election in the country due its skewed electoral systems.


So it had taken MDC until August 2014 to finally realise that Zimbabwe’s electoral system is “skewed”? Everybody else had seen this a long time ago; the democratic reforms agreed during the GPA in 2008 were meant to address this very problem. MDC had five years during the GNU to implement the reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!


“We are maintaining the position that we are not going to participate in any by election until the electoral reforms are done and one of those reforms is that we want a voters’ roll,” said MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora.


Now MDC tells the nation the party will not take part in future elections unless the electoral system is reformed; Tsvangirai does not say how the system will be reformed because he does not have a clue how that can be done now that the chance to do so has been lost!


Zimbabwe’s best chance to end this Zanu PF dictatorship was during the GNU and the chance was wasted because of MDC’s breath-taking incompetence. Now the nation is paying dearly for the folly of electing MDC. Anyone who follows MDC after this only shows that they are incapable of learning from the past mistake!

Boycotting elections will not achieve anything because there will always be some other opposition party who will be only be too glad to get the scraps Zanu PF give them.


The vote is the only weapon in the ordinary person’s armoury with which to fight off those who are hell bend on denying him or her their democratic right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and how its wealth and riches are shared out. The Zimbabwean voters have been denied a meaningful vote by this Zanu PF regime for all these 34 years; sometimes because the regime devised at sophisticated vote rigging scheme the ordinary villager could not counter, as happened last year. But when the voters through voter apathy chose not to vote; that is the waste case of the voter shooting themselves in the foot because no one in their right mind would give up their only weapon and let the thugs run riot.


An MDC boycott will result in increased voter apathy but the electorate must know they are as much to blame for this as the incompetent MDC leaders who created this problem by their failure to implement the reform because it was the voters themselves who elected these incompetent MDC leaders. The single import thing here is for the electorate to learn from their folly of following blindly. What better way to prove that they have indeed learnt the lesson than by refusing to follow MDC down this dead end of boycotting elections.


The people must show they are more determined than ever to have a meaningful vote and will cast a spoilt vote rather than not vote at all! This will make Zanu PF work even harder than ever to rig future elections. Cheating Tsvangirai and his wildebeest herd of followers who hardly know their left hand from their right is easy as we have seen. Cheating a savvy electorate who know the true value of their vote and are therefore more determined than ever that their vote will count – even as a spoilt vote – is a totally different kettle of fish!


Zimbabwe is in this political and economic mess because the people, the electorate, have been naïve and gullible to elect Mugabe, a corrupt and murderous tyrant, and then Tsvangirai, a blundering and incompetent idiot. What the nation needs to get out of the mess is a savvy electorate; smart enough to elect leaders with some common sense at least; smart enough never to give up their vote, their only means to ensure they have a meaningful say in the governance of the country!

Tsvangirai’s call to boycott elections until the “skewed” electoral system is put right without offering any solution how that is going to be done is a call for voter apathy – the worst thing the country should be doing! MDC should have implemented the reforms to ensure the electoral system was not skewed but having failed to do so the party is blundering around making a bad situation even worse. Boycott to what end and purpose? Voter apathy will not get us out of this hell-hole but smart thinking will!

Vince Musewe: political power is not about numbers, MDC had the numbers but no power!

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Your articles have become the compulsory “must read” for all serious political thinkers and this article is no different. I, for one, would like to thank you for you great contribution to the national discourse.

“Simply because Tsvangirai has failed in the past does not make him an undesirable choice for the millions of Zimbabweans out there who want to see the back of Mugabe,” you said.

“Of course we have academics world-wide who have written Tsvangirai off, but we must always remember that these are theoretical or academic analysts and most have not done any practical research on the ground to measure the extent of Tsvangirai’s support or lack of it. So we should not hurry to conclude that these analyses are correct, it would be dangerous for us to do so.”

What is dangerous here is the failure to write off Tsvangirai not just because he “has failed in the past” but, more significantly, how he failed. Tsvangirai had the majority in parliament and in cabinet; had the support of SADC Heads, the guarantors of the GPA, for the democratic reforms agreed in the GPA which everyone agreed were necessary for free, fair and credible elections would be implemented and he had five years to get these reforms implemented. And yet not even one reform was ever implemented. Not one!

Tsvangirai was warned of the need to implement the reforms repeatedly throughout the five years of the GNU but MDC paid no heed.

There are no other rational reasons why Tsvangirai failed to implement even one reform and then fail to pay heed to all the advice given to him on this matter other than that he is corrupt and incompetent.  Mugabe laid a honey trap for the MDC leaders and once they tasted the honey they forgot their promised of bring democratic changes and refused to be reminded.

There is no doubt that Tsvangirai believed in his heart of hearts that MDC would still win the elections even if Zanu PF tried all their dirtiest tricks to rig. Tsvangirai literally challenged Mugabe to rig, like the boxer who asks his opponent to hit him with his best shot! Last year’s vote rigging was blatant in that no voters roll was ever produced, the number of polling stations was increased from 2 000 to a staggering 9 000 just two days before the elections, Mugabe bussed in voters, etc. Mugabe did hit Tsvangirai with his best shot – a sledge hammer – knocking him stone cold.

Of course inviting Mugabe to rig the elections showed just how breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are!

What should be remembered is the fact that the only way Zimbabweans are ever going to see the back of Mugabe is be implementing all the reforms first and then holding free, fair and credible elections. If Tsvangirai because he is corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent failed to get even one reform implemented during the GNU, when he had all the trump cards, it is naïve to think that he will do so now when it is Mugabe and Zanu PF who have the trump cards.

“No credible opposition has emerged to occupy the vacuum left by the disappointment of millions in the last elections and by Tsvangirai’s uninspiring behaviour on issues of accountability and fidelity,” you argue. “Questions on his “suitability” still remain, but the masses hardly use the same criteria as we do when it comes to electing their leaders.”

Yes millions of Zimbabweans were disappointed with MDC’s poor showing in last year’s elections but how many of them were disappointed with MDC’s failure to implement the reforms? Even now, with the benefit of hindsight and a year for the reality to sink in very few Zimbabweans appreciate the critical importance of the reforms and the seriousness of MDC’s failure to get even one reform implemented.

I agree, “the masses hardly use the same criteria as we do when it comes to electing their leaders”. In this case the criteria the masses use has failed to make them see Tsvangirai for the corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent leader he is. This is not a matter of just some “academics world-wide” saying so it is so, this is the political reality.

Of course if Zimbabweans want a corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent  leader, even one who has just proven to be just that beyond all reasonable doubt, it is their democratic right. Just as it was their democratic right to have elected Mugabe, a tyrant before that. The people must know that they is a dear price to be paid for election a corrupt and breathtakingly incompetent Tsvangirai again; it is almost certain that he will NOT deliver any meaningful change.

“After all political power is about numbers and not theory,” Mr Musewe tells us. That is not true in Zimbabwe because Tsvangirai has had the numbers but has never had the political power!

Mudenda sheds crocodile tears over Gukurahundi but will not resign over rigged 2013 elections!

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Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, confess to witnessing the Gukurahundi atrocities.


“I went there with other politicians and found soldiers beating up people. I asked them why they were beating people and they told me that they were looking for dissidents,” he said. But why now?


Jacob Mudenda was the Matabeleland North provincial governor, appointed by Mugabe on a Zanu PF ticket. In terms of political support PF Zapu was the dominant party in the province. Gukurahundi targeted PF Zapu supporters and therefore the political gains to Zanu PF and governor Mudenda himself were obvious.


Mudenda said he asked senior politicians, among them the late Vice-President Joseph Msika, to help stop the massacre, but they refused.


No doubt Mr Mudenda is now keen to recast his own role in this tragic story as the good guy who tried to stop the beatings and murders. It is all nonsense, he did not even try.


The murders were not a one day affair involving a few people; the beatings, rapes and murders happened over a period of four years and 20 000 people were murdered, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands beaten and raped. If Mudenda could not stop this madness in all this time as governor then he should have done the only sensible thing then – resign in protest!


“The wounds are there and they need reparation. We confess as the government and this is the reason why Mugabe has said it was a moment of madness,” continued Mudenda. “We don’t want that to happen again.”


But Mr Speaker, you have allowed this to happen again and again and again! What do you think Zanu PF has been doing by rigging elections if not denying the people their basic human right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country.


The main aim of the Gukurahundi massacres was to destroy PF Zapu, and to send a warning to any other opposition party that might follow, so there will be no political threat to Zanu PF’s political ambition of ruling until “donkeys have horns” as Simon Khaya Moyo has so aptly put it. The political intimidation, threats, beatings, rapes, murderers and vote riggings have continued even after Zanu PF and PF Zapu signed their unity accords.


The people of Zimbabwe have paid dearly for established and maintained this de facto one-party dictatorship – they paid with the denied basic freedoms and rights, stolen hopes and dreams of having even the bare necessities of life, broken limbs and with many human lives. Mugabe and Zanu PF have continued to extort more from the nation to feed their insatiable appetites for power and wealth.


“We must confess our wrong doings and if we haven’t admitted to them, it is impossible to achieve peace. As the State, there are things that need to be confessed,” Mudenda told his listeners.


If Mr Mudenda is sincere in wanting to confess then he should start by confessing what is relevant here and now. Was last year’s election free, fair and credible?


As the Speaker of Parliament, does he not see it as his duty to the nation to have this important, urgent and critical matter of free, fair and credible elections addressed properly?


Assuming you have tried (no doubt you will confess that at some convenient date in the future) but after a year and given the critical importance of free, fair and credible elections (Nothing, absolutely nothing, of any substance will ever be accomplished as long as those in power remain accountable to no one else but themselves!) should you not resign now in protest over the rigged 2013 elections?


Jacob Mudenda airbrushing the image of the fat, mean, corrupt and indifferent Jacob Mudenda, Matabeleland North provincial governor, we all know so well off our collective memory to replace it the completely fictitious meek and peacemaker Jacob Mudenda. One thing is clear; the Zanu PF ship is sinking and the rats are hightailing ashore! The nation must be careful not be fooled and overwhelmed by the antics of these very late-day saint Jacob Mudenda.

US Ambassador tells Mugabe economic collapse is due to tyrant’s incompetence!

September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Mugabe did not mince his words when he address the UN General Assembly and once again blamed the “illegal sanctions” imposed on his regime by the “evil West” for all Zimbabwe’s economic problems. The US hit right back and told the tyrant, in no uncertain terms, that Zimbabwe’s economic woes are due to his incompetence!


“Zimbabwe is a great country with potential to build its own good future. It has the capability and it has the primary drivers that are able to take the country to another level, but the problem lies in the policy and decision makers,” UNITED States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton said.


The Ambassador is not telling us something many thinking Zimbabweans do not already know and have not said a thousand times already but when you live in a country where the only voices that are heard and count are those of Mugabe and his cronies, saying the same thing a thousand times again is all one can do. What else can one do when faced with the brick wall of totalitarian autocracy!


There is a new voice, a new kid on the block, the economic meltdown; Mugabe has turned a deaf ear to that voice but for how long?


The Zimbabwe economy is facing the most serious economic meltdown because of the rampant corruption – ignored for decades and thus allowed the time and cover to grow and spread and now the chickens in red-billed quelea numbers have come home to roost – and the lack of the much needed foreign investment. The economic meltdown will only get worse as long as this incompetent Zanu PF regime remains in power.


The economic meltdown has its python coils wrapped round the economy and it is squeezing tighter and tighter; companies have been closing down and the python has taken up the slack depriving the remaining ones the customers and suppliers – the oxygen – and thus forcing them to close in turn.


The economic meltdown is the one voice Mugabe will find impossible to ignore because it is hitting everyone including the hard core Zanu PF loyalists. Zanu PF grandees like the late Nathan Shamuyarira died a pauper; if poverty was lord of the manor is his home poverty is worshipped like a God by the rest!


A recent UNICEF report said 62% of Zimbabweans are poor and 16% or 2 million now live in abject poverty. Count hard core Zanu PF loyalists will be amongst them. The situation is getting worse and the count is going up!


The only way out is for this Zanu PF regime to step down, allow ALL the democratic reforms that should have been implemented during the GNU to be implemented and the hold free, fair and credible elections. If this has been said once, it has been said thousands of times and will be repeated a million times again because it is the truth and is the only way out.


The Mugabe regime must step down now and not wait till 2018; the nation cannot afford another day of this economic meltdown induce slow death by strangulation.


“In the wake of 2013 elections, we remain concerned the democratic process is still subject to political pressure. But at the same time, we don’t want to wait five years for another election to sort of go through this process again,” said the Ambassador.


Indeed if the nation does not implement the reforms before the next elections be there in 2018 then the whole process will be a futile rerun of the 2013 rigged elections!


Of course Mugabe can afford to ignore the economic meltdown. When one has lived in the palatial comforts and luxuries for decades they develop a disconnect from reality, the “let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette disconnect. The 2 million and counting Zimbabweans living in abject poverty, on the coal face of the economic meltdown, will be reminded of their miserable existence every hour 24/7; hunger knows not day from night! They will be forced sooner or later to tell Mugabe what they are going through, force him to reconnect with reality and force him to go!


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Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa is proposing introducing a special Zimbabwe coin to compete with the basketful of other foreign currency in use in the country already. The regime is so desperate to avoid regime change it is even reintroducing tried and failed policies! This is reintroducing the Z$ by stealth and we will be back to the days of 500 billion per cent hyper-inflation in no time!


This is reintroducing the Z$ by stealth and it will not be long before we are back to the 500 billion per cent hyperinflation. Printing money to fill the ever growing chasm left by ballooning public expenditure in the face of fast shrinking revenue is a foolish policy that had disastrous consequences before and will have equally disastrous consequences now.


Mugabe is running out of options of what to do to end the economic meltdown gripping the nation. The only real way out of this mess is for him to step down and allow free elections – in short regime change. He cannot fathom regime change and hence the reintroduction of a tried and failed policy of printing money.


One meets their destiny by path they took to avoid it. Companies are closing down and 2 millions of our people are already living in abject poverty because of the serious economic problems such as corruption and the lack of direct foreign investment. Hyperinflation will of see goods disappear from the shops as happened before making life even harder for everyone.


Whilst the system of political patronage in which Mugabe rewarded those willing to ride roughshod  of the people’s freedoms and basic human rights including the right to a free vote and the right to life has delivered his primary objective of keeping him and Zanu PF in power for all these years. He must now admit the system has a down side; it is the root cause of mismanagement and corruption. The years of vehemently denying this have only helped these problems to multiple and spread. After 34 years the chickens have come home to roost in their red-billed quelea multitude!


The criminal wastefulness of human and material resources due to the decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption are economically unsustainable. The economic meltdown gripping the nation today is a manifestation of this economic reality.


The only way to end the economic meltdown is by ending the mismanagement and corruption which in turn can only be ended by ending the political patronage system. There is no more effective way of ending political patronage than holding free, fair and credible elections.


Of course Mugabe and Zanu PF cannot be certain of winning free and fair elections which is why Mugabe had adopted the political patronage system in the first place. Indeed in the present setting Zanu PF is certain to lose in a free and fair election.


Ultimately Mugabe and Zanu PF will be forced to accept the political reality that avoiding regime change is politically unsustainable or be it by the circuitous route of being force to accept the economic reality that rampant corruption is economically unsustainable.


Mugabe is reintroducing the Z$ in a desperate attempt to avoid regime change not knowing this certain to fast forward the day of regime change.



The only way out of this economic and political hell Mugabe and Zanu PF have landed us is through the door marked “REGIME CHANGE”! There is no other way out!