A New Year, New Beginnings

January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi Bloggers,

I hope that you all had a wonderful and restful festive season and are champing at the bit to get the new year up and running!

Well Wingman and I moved into our new house in December and we are still trying to get things sorted.  The previous tenant told us that there was a little bit of fixing up to do and that the roof leaked a little bit in the kitchen.  Nothing serious right??  Wrong!!! Oh My Greatness!  The roof leaks at random in the kitchen sure and it’s not a big leak but the whole roof leaks in the dining room and when it rains it’s like a waterfall down the wall.  Very pretty – but not good.  There is no hot water in the kitchen and the one toilet is broken.  And there are no plugs that work except for one in the lounge, the kitchen, and the kids rooms.  And as it was December / beginning January guess what?  No electricians, plumbers etc ….  So we have to get the roof redone, the wiring hopefully will be done this weekend and we need to get a plumber out.  Oh the joys!  And to make it worse the inside of the house on the main walls in every room is painted brothel red!  Yip that’s right!  I’m beginning to feel like a madam lol!

But I have to admit that it is nice to have my own house and have my own stuff around me again.  And of course being with Wingman every day.  It’s great to wake up together and have time together to get dressed and ready for work.  And to just sit around and relax in the evening in the bar and have a drink together in the garden.  We are so relaxed together and happy together and it just works.  And the kids are thrilled for us to be together and have a huge garden to play in and a swimming pool to boot!

Work started slow this month but we not complaining because as from next week the projects start happening. Monday and Tuesday will be late nights for me.

On other great news my sister is coming to SA for 10 days and arriving next week.  Apparently her hubby woke up on New Years Day and decided that she missed her family too much and bought her a ticket to come and visit.  Super excited!  And next week Saturday we are going to Sun City (in all my years I have never been) and she’s coming with for the night.  Can’t wait.

Otherwise I have read quite a few books over the holidays and so will start doing book reviews soon.  I am just waiting for my internet connection at home to be sorted out and then I can be online again.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and my 2013 be the best year yet.


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