End of the Year

December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi bloggers,

I am so very glad that it is December.  Have been rather hectic at work lately, but at least today is my last day and then on a months holiday!  Yay!

Anyways am moving this month to my own house – can’t wait.  The only problem is coordinating all my stuff because currently most of my stuff is in storage at my dads house, the rest is in storage at my moms house and the last bit is with me!  Hectic, but at least I have time to move everything.  I can’t wait to be in my own space and have all my stuff around me again.

My son did very well in his end of year report and am very proud of him.  He really worked hard this year and the efforts have been great.

Wingman and I are doing very well and are still very happy.  Celebrated my divorce being finalised last Friday with a decadent meal and some very fine champagne.  It was awesome!!!!

Otherwise not much news on my side.  Am trying my hardest to finish my current book and will do a review in the next week.

Have an awesome Friday and a brilliant sunshiney weekend!


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