Are we doing enough to save the planet ?

November 21, 2013 in Energy Savings, Global Warming

Are we doing enough to save the planet ?

Green Earth

Green Earth

Global Warming?

Plenty of questions lies unanswered about whether its through human intervention that Global Warming is happening. Now im not a scientist, but I can literally see the climate changing in front of my eyes. Recent events like the Philippines, the Tornadoes in america an Hurricane Katrina are all indications of a growing problem..

Through Documentaries like The 11th Hour , An Inconvenient Truth and Chasing Ice , we can clearly see these changes. Yet because its not a tangible thing that I could hold in my hand, we tend to ignore it.. These three movies make it very vissible..

In our own back yard (Johannesburg) we had snow on 7th August 2012 (i remember because its my birthday), last  year we had a hail storms that caused millions in damage and again this year. Flash floods, huge storms…. its happening all over…

What is being done?

Very little actually, but there are a few projects that we can be proud of. Those types that already got the ball rolling…

Solar Farms, Wind Farms and the Eskom Solar Water Heating Rebate Scheme…

These are the links to some of those projects….

and finally

Eskom Solar Water Heating Suppliers

What can you do?

Here is a few things you could do to help fight global warming…(please note that only 4 seasons solar is affiliated with this blog)

1- Install a Solar Geyser or Heat Pump -

2 – Install Roof Insulation to cut down on Aircon or Heating costs –

3 – Save Water –

4 – Install LED lights – now available from Builders Wharehouse, Game or Makro

5 – Walk instead of drive

6 – Turn off lights when not in use

7 – Feel the breeze, open a window instead of using the Aircon or Fan.

8 – Just educate the household on going green.


You can make a difference, if only you read this… maybe the difference wont be noticed… But what if 1000 people read it, or 10 000 or a 100 000…The snowball effect then makes a HUGE difference..






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