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February 26, 2013 in Energy Savings

SUPER 5.0kw Heat Pump by ITS

An Intro

For those of you who don’t know, only a handful of suppliers comply with the strict Eskom Rebate guidelines… In order for a supplier to be able to sell his product as an Eskom Quality approved system, there is a whole heap of standards and regulations to comply with. Needless to say these institutions are not for free and professional Heat Pump Water Heater suppliers spend a lot of money, research and development to provide you , the valued customer, with a good , high quality and efficient , energy saving device.

ITS Heat Pumps

ITS Heat Pumps, Water Heating, Heat Pumps Gauteng, Going Green, Eskom Rebate

ITS Heat Pumps are the leaders in Heat Pump Water Heaters in South Africa, they can claim this with backup from Eskom too.. Recently released figures show that of the nearly 7800 Heat Pumps installed under the Eskom Rebate Bracket, nearly 2300 of those were ITS Heat Pumps, second in line installed 1278 and third in line 1145, the rest make up the numbers in 600 here 150 there and a few 20’s and 30’s.


So why does one company hold a 34% market share in a growing, and very much needed, but yet very competitive, market ? The answer is simple…. SUPERIOR QUALITY, BRILLIANT INNOVATION and of course great customer service. ITS (International Technology Sourcing) have a dedicated team of professionals that make sure no corners are cut. They continually look for improvements and is the only company to have a Patented Integration technique, this very clever idea prevents a very common problem in the Heat Pump market, namely water mixing. As soon as you open a hot water tap, the Heat Pump switches on, but  its not an instant water heater, so it cannot lift the water to 50’C instantly(neither can any other Heat Pump, so don’t fall for clever sales gimmicks). The result is having warm water mixed with very luke warm water, giving you an unpleasant shower experience. ITS overcome this by keeping the water in a semi-closed loop until it reaches a set, “hot enough” temperature, by simply utilizing a mechanical thermostatic valve. This makes their machine deliver considerably more hot water than any other machine on the market.


New SUPER Heat Pump

ITS 5.0kw Super Heat Pump

5.0kw, ITS Heat Pumps, Gauteng Heat Pumps, Going Green, Energy Savings,

To blow the market away even more, they just released their new 5.0kw SUPER unit. This machine is really a cut above the rest with temperatures of up to 85’C at the same operating parameters where other machines can only deliver 65’C. It uses the modern Environmentally Friendly R134a gas, which enables these super high efficiencies.

The compressor, a major part in heat pumps, is the first compressor developed specifically for a Heat Pump. With an input rating of only 1.25kw, it can deliver 5.0kw of water heating power, giving you a COP(co-efficient of performance) of 4 . So where your normal electrical element will use 4kw to make 4kw of heating power, this unit will do it with 75% less electricity. Not only that, with the Patented Integration Technique, you also get an increase in water delivery volume, in other words, the Heat Pump is so good, it actually increase your geyser storage size.

These units are set to take the country by storm and with Eskom’s proposed 16% for 5 years increase it is the first thing you should look at, to curb energy costs.



You can contact the guys at ITS Alberton for more info or visit the Website. They also have a twitter and facebook


ITS Alberton

(t) 011 865 5555

(e) quotes@gautengheatpumps.co.za

(w) www.itsheatpumps.com




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  1. please supply quote for DOMESTIC installed heat pump with Eskom rebate

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