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Atheists and other non religious people and groups mostly argue that religion and its characters are simply myth. Based on that they simply reject anything religious as make believe or mythical. They find their reasons in the Bible or religious scripts of most religions. As a back up for their perceptions they turn to scholars of sun worshipping, Egyptology, and similar fields of study.

The flaws in the various religions serve these sceptics with ample reason to use the above mentioned thoroughly researched fields of study to prove their point. Religious followers on the other hand either ignore the facts thrown at them, or use the term intelligent design, to describe their Deity as “God works in mysterious ways”!

In 1945 the Nag Hammadi Library and, from 1946 to 1956 the Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered. Both these works confirmed that certain Biblical Characters and incidents did actually exist and occurred. These very valuable documents explain certain important data included in the Christian religion. Remember that Constantyn used every available religious script he could lay his hands on to compile the current Christian Bible. He used 300 bishops of the day and all the information they had with them.

He invited 1800 bishops, and demanded they bring everything relating to this religion with them. Only 300 arrived, what happened to the other 1500 and their information is not clear. But enough information is available to suggest that Constantyn took permanent care of them, and also destroyed any other information which could negatively reflect on what he was compiling at that stage. The Christian Bible the world is reading and worshipping at this point in time is the result of the vicious ambition of Constantyn and the religious leaders of that religion.

The Nag Hammadi Library, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, to a lesser degree, is proof that what we read in the Christian Bible is hugely distorted. If we add to that the Book of Enoch which was decided by later religious leaders and scholars to be excluded from that Christian Bible, most people will realize that they have been lied to since the beginning. Their Saviour Jesus, very aptly describe it in John chapter 8 verse 44. Perhaps we can now focus on this man, Jesus.

According to the Bible Jesus was crucified, died, and was resurrected three days later. The Bible was written and edited by a group of 300 bishops 325 years after the fact. The Nag Hammadi Library escaped Constantyn and his spies, and was made more readily available to the public in this millennia, in 2007. In these documents it is stated that Jesus died, and appeared to some of his friends in spirit form; like a ghost, and not in the flesh. Before he died, it is stated in both the Bible, and the Nag Hammadi that he wanted to prove to his friends that this physical life is not the end of life, and that death is simply a method of passing from this, very short life, to an everlasting spiritual life.

From this we gather that he wanted to prove life exists after death, and that was his main objective after he heard that the religious leaders wanted him dead. He knew that he was not going to escape, Annas Ben Seth who was high Priest before Kajafas also tried to save him by refusing to hear anything about sentencing him, and referred him to the new Church leader Kajafas, but Kajafas also had to get permission from Pontius Pilate, because at that stage the Israelite nation was under governance of the Roman Empire. Had Annas Ben Seth still been the High Priest Jesus might have survived long enough to get his real intentions through. Unfortunately he was replaced as High Priest by the Roman Authorities because his attitude was not to their liking. It was simply because of this that Kajafas was given the opportunity to become high priest and it helped him to implement his plan in getting rid of Jesus.

I am digressing; Jesus wanted to prove life exists after death, and what happened after he died were simply his efforts to prove that point. He did appear to some of his friends, but not in the flesh, and this kind of appearance is unfortunately still not accepted as real even in this day and age. The reason is that no picture can be taken, fossil remains tested etc, and simply our human methods of proving something exist or not. There is however one theoretically acceptable science at present which is investigating life, but not physical life as we see and experience it.

The kind of life Jesus hinted at, spiritual life, the unseen life, the life that apparently exists after we finish with this one. Quantum Physics is that science. In recent experiments those experts have determined that atoms and electrons have a life of its own. A life without which those microscopic systems could not keep existing as the systems we see under the microscope. Once that life or “light” is extinguished those systems fall apart, and cease to move. They have also discovered that atoms cluster together, and change form, as if instructed so by an invisible force. A force which instruct while the scientists are looking. A force which instruct atoms to mimic the shape of larger seen objects which they place in the same space.

The atheist sceptics don’t want to accept this as intelligent design, and the religious scientist wants this to be the Christian God, as in their opinion of intelligent design. But is the Christian Scientist right, or is the Atheist right, is this simply discovered mathematical forms doing what it was designed to do? In this lies the fallacy of both. Jesus and others long before him have given the answer to this problem millennia ago, but religion has chosen to close the eyes of the masses.

They preferred to keep the innocent, innocent, to gather huge followings, to keep the money close, to disown the masses from true development. Jesus from the Christian Bible was a student, he was taught life’s intricacies, he was an Aramaic speaking individual. Most of you will ask but what is the significance of this language? Most of the written material in those days was in Aramaic, Ancient Hebrew, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Both Aramaic and ancient Hebrew are closely related to Sumerian. The world’s history at that stage was mostly in writing in those languages. We have very limited information regarding the early life of Jesus. Some of the things he apparently stated before his death indicate that he had insightful knowledge of this world’s history.

If he was a simple pauper he could not possibly have known the information indicated by some of his statements. Education in those days was for a limited elect group of people. From his apparent statements it is very clear that he had immense inside information. Information he could only have acquired if he was trained by the elect themselves. Statements he made which might not seem of such importance, and can easily be made out to be “visionary” was his arguments in the books of Matthew and John. In Matthew he attacked the church leaders stating that they had knowledge but refused to let anyone in on it, instead they send out initiates into the world and let them teach their lies to an unsuspecting world.

In John he went even further stating that the peoples “father” was a murderer, liar, and thief, that “father”, was God Almighty! He even stated that he or they were human like the people. On top of that he confirmed that this liar, murderer, etc was their creator, and in chapter 10 he stated that this “father” and his son’s or angels “climbed into this world in “another way”! All of the above might and could be seen as visionary ideas, or insight he was given by his “father” in heaven! But was it?

Jesus lived and died, fossil indicating it was Jesus and his family with authenticated makings on the Ossuary’s was discovered in 1980 in what is known as the Talpiot Grave, this find have after 32 years not been approved by the Israeli antiquities department in spite of serious proof, proof which is negatively abused by religious scholars of high degree and acceptance. Those scholars are religious scholars who teach religion and religious history to aspirant theology students in order for those students to become loyal subjects. This simply means that if they should approve that find they would be teaching lies to their students and their facilities would become vacant properties.

Religion simply cannot afford to accredit this find, it would mean the end of the Christian dogma, and the end of a stream of billions of dollars in income per year. The remark in John chapter 10 where Jesus said that these creators or father/fathers of the people climbed into this world in another way, was found to be stated on some Sumerian tablets discovered in the eighteenth century. Tablets which have been studied in the past hundred years much more intensively. One researcher by the name of Zecharia Sitchin invested fifty years of his life to this find, and found that we were indeed created by specie that climbed into this world “in another way”.

If Jesus stated this two thousand years ago, he must have had insight into those same clay tablets. It is here that knowledge of Aramaic and ancient Hebrew comes into play. Sumerian is basically the first written language. Knowledge of Aramaic and ancient Hebrew is firstly necessary to even remotely understand Sumerian, both Jesus and Sitchin had knowledge of both these languages. Neither of them had a formal education in either language, and both of them are totally ignored in regards to those statements.

Educated scholars with degree’s in Sumerian today might have the same number of years in having physically studied the tablets, but as far as I could determine none have fifty years experience in doing it, Sitchin is perhaps the man with the most experience, or was, he passed away in October 2010. Jesus spoke Aramaic; he was fluent in that language and had also grown up with ancient Hebrew. We know today from the Nag Hammadi Library that Jesus was a man, and died, and did not appear to anybody in the flesh, that the find in 1980 is in all probability his grave. From al that we can safely assume that Jesus the man, was a student of stature, a man who was trained to understand life, a man who had human insight into matters, some of which is still not available to the man in the street.

We know that people worship this man, respect this man, have empathy for him, and honour him. Christians are mesmerised by him, but don’t believe most of what he stated, they rather believe the institution who abducted his life and altered it to suit themselves, they believe his so called apostles, but ignore the remarks I have listed above. My question is, is he really accepted or is he still being rejected, by the very people who cry in their prayers, begging him to come back. Will those same people believe him if he would stand in front of them and tell them that they have worshipped a devil since the beginning. He told us through the so called holy book that our creators is not what they seem, a man in the twentieth century told us the same thing, but we still don’t believe it, simply because an institution, the same institution which killed Jesus two thousand years ago, say both are telling a lie, and in the same breath expect you to worship Jesus!

This same Jesus also said in John 15 verse 14 that if we understand what he was telling us, that we would become his friends! Do you worship your friends? No, we simply respect them, this same Jesus stated that we must love our neighbour, “our friends”, and our creator, the spiritual creator, not “Lord Almighty”, which basically means our creator/creators simply wants us to understand in order to become their “friends”! Quantum Physics is on the verge of doing just that, they are desperately close to “understand” creation, and then in fact how we got to be who we are. That will not be a religious vision, it will simply be a logical understanding of something we can then love and “respect”!

That was what this man Jesus was killed for, to try and give us some information which would ultimately lead us to understand our planet ourselves and creation. Religion has known this but felt it would be to their unscrupulous advantage if the masses never knew.

Effectively Jesus have been a friend to the sceptics, he himself despised religion. They did not kill him because he confirmed it; they killed him to shut him up. They killed Sitchin by slowly undermining his work; he simply gave up and withdrew from society.

Where do you stand?

More information on this can be found at the links below.


Walter Muller.

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  1. I honestly believe so, the bible was a guide for people at the time. It constantly contradicts itself and apparently many writing including Mary’s are missing. So yes I do believe Jesus was just a cool guy.

  2. Again, interesting post, but I struggle to wrap my head around all of this. Could you be so kind as to provide me with more information?

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