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Most people on this planet are religious in some or other form. They all worship something or somebody. Ironically the one thing which keeps them religious is that well known emotion we know as fear.
We seldom stop to think about fear, what is fear, how does it influence us, and how can we overcome fear?
Fear is a feeling, an emotion. We feel scared when our comfort zone is threatened, but when does this happen? When we are faced with an unknown situation, by a wild animal for instance, like a Lion, or a bear, for example. Then fear steps in and we feel trapped or cornered, and we want to get away from this situation, or animal, or human being which we don’t understand, or know. It is in the last sentence that the origin of fear is found; “the lack of understanding, and the lack of knowledge”.
To overcome this fear we have to do three things; study the subject, understand the subject, and then we can start having respect for the subject, and together these three create “love”! Once we have accomplished “love”, nothing is impossible. If you start a new job as a millwright, or a welder, or an auditor or financial manager, or an engineer, or a nurse, a doctor, it doesn’t matter which job; we are afraid! We are scared that we can do something wrong and might loose the job. But we get ourselves together, study the environment, learn the ropes, and before we know it we are performing up to standard.
What we have done is conquer our fears. We are not afraid anymore and we discuss the work and its problems daily, multiple times a day, and in doing that we learn more every single time. Eventually we start liking the job because we understand it, and understanding together with knowledge creates a “love” for this new environment. If we cannot cope with it, or we cannot create an acceptable relationship with the company, or the people, we start looking for a new job, a new environment! A reason being, we could not conquer our fear. Perhaps the co workers did not accept us, or were afraid we might get promoted before them. A boss might have been unforgiving and through this kept the fear very much alive.
We might even have become so scared that we became too afraid to leave, and used our fear to create a living hell for ourselves. Effectively fear can either get you to leave, or force you to stay right where you are. On the other hand, having gained knowledge and understanding of the job, it might have taught you that there either is, or is not a future for you in that specific environment, meaning that you have used logic to come to a sensible conclusion, which benefits “you”.
All of the above is normal reaction to everyday life, and we all live comfortably within that framework, accept where we have created hell on earth through fear!
Most religions survive through selling fear to their members. The Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist religions all thrive on fear. The first three tells you if you don’t obey, “God Almighty”, “Yahweh”, or Allah; you will certainly burn in hell for ever. The Buddhists are more subtle and teach that if you don’t do unto others as you would be done by, you will come back in the next life and live under very harsh conditions; being humiliated, treated like a dog etc, in order for you to learn to do unto others as you would be done by, in the life after that. Meaning the sins of this life will cost you two more life times here, and we all know this is not a walk in the park!
At least Buddhism doesn’t send you to hell forever! In religious debates with the above mentioned the members of those institutions can get quite emotional, and in most cases close their arguments with words like; repent or you will be punished, or may God have mercy on your soul. Very seldom would they think about what they heard, or give credit, where credit is due. The reason for their reaction is “FEAR”, which simply means they don’t understand their own religion, and having very little knowledge regarding its origins. The argument is- fear creates knowledge! If you don’t fear their God you will never have knowledge! Then you are also told that their book should be read and understood in a specific way or manner, meaning that the way they have decided a sentence should be understood, is the only understanding to that sentence, word, paragraph etc!
My question here is; would it not be logical to have an open mind on the subject, study it and compare notes openly, and regularly in order to understand your religion? How will the member be able to fully comprehend the history of his or her religion if he or she is not allowed to have an open mind concerning that religion? This fear in religion is effectively keeping the member uninformed!
In my “travels” through life I have met many people and just about every single religious person was afraid to debate his or her religion. If hell was real or comprehensible it would have been easier to understand this fear. You might want to ask me; “how do you know it is not”, and my answer is; “do you have an idea just how long forever is? Let us bring heaven into this answer. Apparently your stay in heaven means worshipping, singing and honouring your God forever! Let me quote it; we read in Revelations 7 from verse 9 to 17 that an enormous crowd is busy throwing themselves face downwards in front of a throne, worshipping God Saying “Amen! Praise, glory wisdom, thanksgiving, honour, power, and might belong to our God for ever and ever, amen”.
The John who apparently wrote Revelations were then told that this crowd were given redemption, “they are in heaven”, and doing this worshipping day in and day out! For this they will never be in need of food or drink again! Doing this forever will very soon feel like being in hell, but without the fire! Those in the fire apparently burn forever but don’t turn to ashes; how long will it take them to get used to the fire, a couple of days?
The last two paragraphs are the basis of all the major religions, and the fear is closing their eyes and ears to the fallacy! What I have stated above does not mean, or imply, that the whole, Bible, Torah, or Qur’An, or the Tibetan scriptures is all hogwash, it simply means it is books written by people to control and discipline the people involved. Between the pages of those books are very valuable truths, and a very important part of those religions history and people.
There were some very important people who lived during the course of religious history, God Almighty, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Jacob, Jesus, and Paul, to name but a few. Who were these people and what were their true intentions? The Bible preachers have taught the people during the past two thousand years that the mentioned people all had our best interests at heart, but did they? We were taught that God Almighty created man from the red earth, that a Devil tried to trick man into committing sinful lives, but is this true? We were told that Enoch was an honourable man, and so revered by God that he went to heaven in the flesh, but who was Enoch really? We were taught that Jacob lived a life loved by God and for that his descendants became the chosen nation, but what really happened between Jacob and God? We were taught that Jesus was the son of God and his main purpose was to die for our sins in order for man to be granted eternal life in heaven, but is this true, what was the real cause of his demise by the hand of the church itself? We were taught that Paul alias Saul was the main voice that carried the message of Jesus to its full glory, but was he, and did he?
We were taught that Jesus would come back in the New Jerusalem and rule here on earth, but will he, and what is the New Jerusalem? This is a couple of questions many people have pondered about for the past two thousand years and longer. In my book “We Question”( these questions and many more are discussed. Perhaps the answers in that book might help you shed the fear, and pick up the light yoke Jesus spoke about.

Walter Muller.

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November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Talking about the flaws of religion is always a difficult undertaking. Usually the religious feel threatened in some way, the non religious feel not enough is being said against religion.
The religious go into defence mode and then into condemnation mode. The non religious join in with a big request for proof, and mostly the debate, and reason it was started in the first place, goes right out the door.
Most people who start these debates don’t hate the religious, sometimes it is a religious person who starts it, and sometimes it is a non religious person. In both instances the initiator intend to place focus on a flaw, or flaws of the system, unfortunately the receivers seldom wait to hear where these debates is going, and go into battle mode. This always leads to misunderstanding, and creating enemies.
The reality is; no one wants enemies, but everybody wants to be understood, and to be given the opportunity to share his, or her opinion, hoping it will create friendships, open debate, find better answers, and even create something better!
Most people who do talk against religion used to be religious themselves, have lived religious lives, still have religious friends, made friends with non religious people and have empathy for both. These people don’t hate their religious, or non religious friends, they simply wish to bring them together. It is always the intent to create better understanding, to create love where there is none. To create a basis, where differences can be discussed without taking up weapons.
If declaring war was the intent a place where a trap could be set would have been chosen, an army assembled, and any sign of resistance be dealt with ruthlessly! Acting in such a way is not love, it would be tyrannical, and tyranny belongs in the past, in the middle ages! In those days selective knowledge were shared, all else was condemned. We as humans have evolved, we became more aware, we investigate, and today we base our findings on sound information. We then go and inform the uninformed of those findings, giving them ample time to read, re investigate, and use their background and knowledge to test our findings.
We even allow debate, and in those debates try to reach fair middle ground! Doing that is expressing empathy; love of our neighbour, a concept both religious and non religious are trying to understand and live. Jesus, the main actor in the Christian religion’s main intent was to create love amongst all nations and religious denominations. His concept of love meant having the intent to study, learn, and understand our “enemies”! Once we can do that we can start communicating our different religious points of view, without the use of weapons!
Once that is achieved the value of our religions in relation to these friendships can be measured, and should our religion threaten our friendships would it not be better to alter the religion, or perhaps scrap it, in order to create a peaceful planet?
Does that sound like a declaration of war! It is giving a hand of friendship, it is trying to understand your neighbour, it is an effort to live what the man Jesus tried to convey, he was not the first, nor the last. Before him there was Gautama, (Buddha), well known philosophers, like Socrates, Plato etc, after him came Gandhi, and many others. We respect all those people but do we really understand what they tried to tell us.
If Jesus intent, as it is clearly stated in the Christian Bible, was peace, then how could the same man condemn all who was against religion? Or have the scriptures been altered to suit the religious leaders of his time, and afterwards by Constantine the Great? Are we not allowed to research and question that which makes his statements false? That which falsify Gautama, Socrates, Plato, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and thousands of other like minded people?
We read in the Christian Bible that Jesus stated that all others who came before him (acting as God’s Angels etc) were actually wolves in sheep’s clothes (John 10). But we don’t realize what he meant! We read that he is burning in a pot of excrement in the Talmud (a Jewish Bible) because he went against the old sages and God’s! If they have included it there, then the Christian Bible must have altered to include him as a Hero in that book, who is trying to hide what?
I being a previous Christian and having researched the Bible and much other information am trying to give information to my fellow humans in order for them to get a better understanding and perspective regarding religion. Maybe you have done your own investigation, or perhaps you have not, and need to clarify your own questions. What I have found can be accessed in the link I am including here, it is not asking for war, it is simply sharing with the hope that you might find it refreshing, or informative, I would be immensely grateful if afterwards you might consider me a friend.


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As time passes people learn more, become more open minded. Also regarding religion and how it has been presented to us. The father of Jesus has been a point of contention and discussion among the scholars of our time for quite some time.

Everybody wants to find him, but it seems an allusive task. The religious get angry and feel that something “holy” is being humanised and dishonoured. Unfortunately history needs answers, and even the religious desire a proper honest explanation. What is known today is that according to the “Holy” scriptures this father figure is divine, beyond reproach, but is he?

Historians is contesting this perspective, James Tabor a Facebook friend of mine and the well known researcher on the Talpiot tomb has posted recently that it could be possible that the father of Jesus might be a Roman soldier called Tiberias Julius Abdes Panthera. Apparently a soldier by this name worked in Galilee but died later in Germany and his grave was discovered in Bingerbück Germany. According to Tabor this does not mean this man is the father of Jesus, but only a possibility.

There is also historical information stating that a Yeshu son of Pantera walked the streets of Sepphoris in the region of Galilee in the time of Jesus, and healed people there. Also not proof, but simply makes it possible.

This idea, is not a total waste of time and might eventually lead to a definite answer. Jesus the man and his apparent knowledge regarding the Jewish history and religious history leads me to think that his father and mother were not from the general public, but that both must have been part of the educated circles of their time. Logically speaking nobody is born with the kind of wisdom and knowledge Jesus apparently possessed. What ever we know, we learn, and learning is a slow meticulous process.

When I first thought about this it occurred to me that somehow, somewhere, something which might implicate my idea as being worthwhile would come up in my search for information which could be usable. Then some years ago I read the book “The Second Messiah” by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, both middle order Freemasons. On page 100 to 103 of their book they described an incident in which a Dr Tim Wallace Murphy was involved when he walked out of a hall in London where he just presented a seminar on history, he was an Historian.

An unknown man stopped him, after greeting him this man proceeded to tell dr Murphy the following: This man claimed to be a direct descendant of Hugues De Payen, a verifiable Knights Templar leader. Apparently in the time of Jesus and before, the church had training schools for young boys and one for girls. Mary mother of Jesus was presumably in such a school where they are taught religious matters and also get trained to among other things, become the mother of the next high priest. According to this man the high priests did not marry, but needed a successor which were required through this method. If the girl should bear a son, she would then be married to a lesser member to prevent public humiliation.

That son would then also be brought up in the church to enable him to take over when the father or present high priest dies. This was apparently done to keep the line of Levi alive. At the time this seemed to me like some horror story, or hogwash. Then I decided to try and find evidence of this practice in the Bible. I couldn’t find anything relating to Mary in the Bible, and decided to go back into the Old Testament. I came upon Samuel; Eli was the high priest before Samuel, and we only know Samuel as a prophet!

In 1 Samuel we read that Eli found Hannah crying after a service while eating. Eli then asked what was wrong and Hannah replied that she could not get pregnant by her husband Elkanah. Eli then took her to one side and comforted her, prays for her, and assured her that she would now get pregnant. Hannah then thanked him and promised him that if she had a son she will bring him back to Eli to be raised in the church because he would belong to God. They then went back to have a meal, before Hannah would go home with her husband.

The interesting thing here is that they were eating just before, and directly afterwards they had a meal again! One thing which definitely creates a healthy appetite after having eaten is most likely healthy sex! This is not proof in any sense, but it does raise an eyebrow! Samuel was born and followed Eli up, and not one of his sons’s as was the custom! We all know that both of them were rascals. Why did a “non family” member succeeds Eli, if it was an order by “God” that the priesthood stayed in the line of Levi!

After having found this in the Bible, I came across outside information regarding Mary, mother of Jesus! Mary’s parents Joachim and Anne were childless, they went to see the priest and after he “blessed” them, Anne became pregnant bearing Mary. Mary’s parents were according to historical documents relatively wealthy people, confirming my idea that Jesus came from a wealthy background. When Anne became pregnant with Mary, she and her husband made a vow to give Mary or “the child” to the church to raise in honour of God. This they did; as can be read below in the insert:

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (as it is known in the West), or The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple (its name in the East), is a Litergical feast celebrated by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, and Orthodox Churches.
The feast is associated with an event recounted not in the New Testament, but in the apocryphal Infancy Narrative of James. According to that text, Mary’s parents, Joachim, and Anne, who had been childless, received a heavenly message that they would have a child. In thanksgiving for the gift of their daughter, they brought her, when still a child, to the Temple in Jerusalem to consecrate her to God. Mary remained in the Temple until puberty, at which point she was assigned to Joseph as guardian. Later versions of the story (such as the Gospel of Pseudo- Matthew and the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary) tell us that Mary was taken to the Temple at around the age of three in fulfillment of a vow. Tradition held that she was to remain there to be educated in preparation for her role as Mother of God.
1. “The Saint Andrew Missal, with Sundays and Feasts,” by Dom Gaspar LeFebvre, O.S.B., Saint Paul, MN: The E. M. Löhmann Co., 1952, p. 1684; William E. Coleman, Ed. “Philippe de Mezieres’ Campaign for the Feast of Mary’s Presentation,” Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1981, pp. 3-4.
2. “The Saint Andrew Missal, with Sundays and Feasts,” p. 1684
3. “Calendarium Romanum” (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1969), pp. 108-109
4. “The Saint Andrew Missal, with Sundays and Feasts,” p. 1684
5. “Liturgy of the Hours,” November 21

From the above it is clear that Joseph was appointed guardian, from the Bible he was forced to “marry her”, because she was already pregnant, and could not afford being dishonored! Here we have an exact correlation with the story told to Dr Murphy in the book “The Second Messiah” by Lomas, and Knight! It also confirms that Jesus had close relationship with 1 A senior church official- his mother, and possibly was the son of the then High Priest.

It also highlights the possibility that his extensive knowledge of the Jewish history and religion came directly from the church. A paupers child could not possibly have had that kind of knowledge. As you have read above Mary was admitted at the age of three, and stayed there until she was twelve. If Jesus was admitted at the same age, his apparent knowledge aged twelve when he according to the Bible and other outside information enabled him to stun Rabbi’s at informal church gatherings.

Letting him loose on the population at age 28 or 29 would most definitely have caused a stir! But who could have been the father?

According to historical records, and the Bible, Annas Ben Seth was the High Priest in Jerusalem a the time of Jesus birth. Jesus family tomb or apparent tomb and ossuary was discovered, D.N.A. tests were done on the remains. If the tomb or ossuary of Annas Ben Seth have been found or might still be found, it would be easy to investigate and if any testable remains is left have it tested and compare with the results of the Jesus find. It could solve this very annoying mystery!

As dr Tabor have pointed out in his post regarding this, his entourage included woman of stature, Joseph of Arimathea was also a wealthy man, why would Jesus who according to the Bible was a pauper, have had so many wealthy and influential friends if he was not from the same circles. This is one of the problems I discuss in my new book “We Question!” which can be found here-

Walter. Müller.

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Isaiah is the name of the twenty third book in the Christian Bible. Many people have written books about this chapter in the Old Testament, and the prophet whose life it depicts. Most of those writers is Christian, or related to that religion, which is an indication that those writers would be tolerant to that book and it’s content.

One such writer is Gregg Braden who in the year 2000 published “The ISAIAH EFFECT” which ultimately had very little to do with Isaiah and most of it’s content. Braden is a very good author who have published numerous other books, some of them great work. He is however a humanitarian with the intent to create a more peaceful global society, an honourable ambition.

The book Isaiah does not advocate a peaceful global society, but rather one ruled and governed, courtesy of the Lord Almighty, by the Israelite nation, with a take no prisoners attitude, the only reason the rest of society will be spared is if they subject themselves to that nation and their God. How humanitarian is that?

Allow me to explain: We, or rather every person, man, woman, and child who have gone to a Christian related church to worship have been brainwashed to believe that they, if they are not Jewish was at the mercy of that nations God, or Lord Almighty. The Jewish nation themselves have subjected themselves to that God, and that God gave the command that every gentile, or heretic (non Jews) on earth, if he or she wanted to be “saved”, must first subject themselves to that nation, before they will receive his blessing and mercy. Every single Christian preacher was taught this, and confirm this command to his flock wherever they find themselves on this planet.

Jesus was made the son of that God by the Christian leaders of his time. He denied it, and explained that the people have worshipped a Devil since the beginning. He even confirmed that devil as the father of the people; which means that “Devil” created us. That devil was called God, or Lord Almighty, by the people, and still is! In a previous article I stated that Jesus even said to the people that this Devil, their Father “climbed into this world in another way”. In various places in the Bible this Lord appeared to the people in various circumstances, and at times in a mode of transport. I will not go into detail here, but in Ezekiel this Lord is explained as sitting in a vehicle of some kind inside a “dome”!

Was the saviour, the Messiah, alias Jesus, lying? The Christians worship this man! In the book of Isaiah this Lord Almighty gave the Israelite nation a very sinister command, a command which have led that nation to have been rejected, killed, and thrown out of other countries numerous times. Every time they call on society at large to help them and assist them against the tyranny of such nations! And the societies rush to their aid time and time again! Unfair practices have occurred regularly when they invade other countries, the second world war ensued partly because of this, but every time they walk away as the poor oppressed!

I might receive terrible criticism because of this, I might be called a racist, a Nazi or even worse, but the reason for their “detriment” is self inflicted. They sold their religion, then started to act on their “Lord’s” command. He or their highly ambitious religious leaders, knew they were not strong enough to conquer the world, and gave them a brilliant plan on how to invade and break all resistance to them. The book Isaiah holds this plan. In chapter 49 of this book Isaiah in verse 22 to 23 this Lord states that he will signal nations and they will send his children home, Kings and Queens will bow before this nation.

In chapter 54 verses 1 to 10 the command is given to go and invade the other nations, and get back the land, fill cities, have many children, extend their boundaries, in verses 14 to 17, he tells them that if anyone should stand up against them it would not be through him, thereby distancing himself from their probable defeats and annihilations. He also mentioned that he will teach them how to survive in those countries and become prosperous! In this chapter specifically but also in the mass of Isaiah is commands to go and invade and take financial control. A direct order from their “God”. From Isaiah chapter 54 it is a clear command and the intent of that nation to go and invade, divide, destabilize, and use any means possible to achieve their aim!

That is the “chosen nation” and their Lord’s intent, to take over whatever they can from whoever they can. Allow me to explain some legal and social laws, laws put into place by people, to look out for people, against bullies from whatever kind.

“Actus Non facit reum nisi mens rea”.

The above is a legal social term meaning the following;

A crime is not considered to have been done unless the intention of the accused was to do so.

If intent can be proved when a people purposely invade the living space of others to claim those persons lively hood for themselves, then those people is accountable.

From the book Isaiah it is clear that the intent was premeditated and followed by the acts which caused the so called atrocities against that nation. All other nations who have acted similarly have been told to withdraw and restore whatever it was they have wrongly inflicted on others. Must the world keep turning a blind eye to the wrongs of a so called “chosen nation”, yes they have suffered because of it, but no one owes them an apology, nor sympathy. They are inflicting their own pains through their own premeditated actions.

From the New Testament and the words of a man the Israelites rejects as a false prophet, words of wisdom was given to that nation. Jesus gave this nation two commands, two simple logical life truths. Love your neighbour, and love your creator, it is also stated that he apparently said that all other laws hang on these two “laws”. This “false Prophet” have read and studied their religion. He saw that if they should implement the order in Isaiah 54 their chances of survival as a nation was very, very remote. He understood that they might be one day wiped from the face of this earth because of that command. He gave a message to all who would read that religion or who might be taught about it, a message of love.

We all know that love in the sense he mentioned it does not happen in a flash. That kind of love is created slowly, through trying to understand first, then to respect that which we understand, and eventually from that respect it is possible that love can grow. I used to be a Christian, I worshipped, just like the religious. But after having investigated the Christian and other religions for many years realized that all those religions is simply the history of various nations and their perceptions on a God figure.

This has made me look at religions from a purely logical point of view. I have found that Jesus like some other so called deities was mostly human beings with visions, visions which left a mark on societies today. Some deities is simply myth, others is names given to heavenly bodies or stars and were incorporated into religions to control the masses. From my investigations it has become clear to me that Jesus, in my humble opinion was a man. A person who lived two thousand years ago and died like all humans do. This man was incorporated into the Christian religion due to the fact that he created a perception which could crush the Jewish or Israelites religion and the nation as a whole. He realized it and out of sympathy he gave two commands which might save them.

Those two commands have survived and is being applied today across the globe by thousands of leaders trying desperately to create a peaceful global society. The Israelite nation or Jews, as they are commonly known, owe their sheer existence to this so called “false Prophet”. The “heretics or gentiles” took those two commands and through tolerance, understanding and respect have applied incredible patience towards this nation. Effectively a man called Jesus is still saving them two thousand years later. When he apparently said in John chapter 15 if we understand his words, or teachings, or commands if you wish to call it that, we become his friends. I do not worship any God, or deity today, but I do have respect for this man, a man who had vision, the vision to leave a legacy, a legacy of peace.

Walter Muller.

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Atheists and other non religious people and groups mostly argue that religion and its characters are simply myth. Based on that they simply reject anything religious as make believe or mythical. They find their reasons in the Bible or religious scripts of most religions. As a back up for their perceptions they turn to scholars of sun worshipping, Egyptology, and similar fields of study.

The flaws in the various religions serve these sceptics with ample reason to use the above mentioned thoroughly researched fields of study to prove their point. Religious followers on the other hand either ignore the facts thrown at them, or use the term intelligent design, to describe their Deity as “God works in mysterious ways”!

In 1945 the Nag Hammadi Library and, from 1946 to 1956 the Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered. Both these works confirmed that certain Biblical Characters and incidents did actually exist and occurred. These very valuable documents explain certain important data included in the Christian religion. Remember that Constantyn used every available religious script he could lay his hands on to compile the current Christian Bible. He used 300 bishops of the day and all the information they had with them.

He invited 1800 bishops, and demanded they bring everything relating to this religion with them. Only 300 arrived, what happened to the other 1500 and their information is not clear. But enough information is available to suggest that Constantyn took permanent care of them, and also destroyed any other information which could negatively reflect on what he was compiling at that stage. The Christian Bible the world is reading and worshipping at this point in time is the result of the vicious ambition of Constantyn and the religious leaders of that religion.

The Nag Hammadi Library, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, to a lesser degree, is proof that what we read in the Christian Bible is hugely distorted. If we add to that the Book of Enoch which was decided by later religious leaders and scholars to be excluded from that Christian Bible, most people will realize that they have been lied to since the beginning. Their Saviour Jesus, very aptly describe it in John chapter 8 verse 44. Perhaps we can now focus on this man, Jesus.

According to the Bible Jesus was crucified, died, and was resurrected three days later. The Bible was written and edited by a group of 300 bishops 325 years after the fact. The Nag Hammadi Library escaped Constantyn and his spies, and was made more readily available to the public in this millennia, in 2007. In these documents it is stated that Jesus died, and appeared to some of his friends in spirit form; like a ghost, and not in the flesh. Before he died, it is stated in both the Bible, and the Nag Hammadi that he wanted to prove to his friends that this physical life is not the end of life, and that death is simply a method of passing from this, very short life, to an everlasting spiritual life.

From this we gather that he wanted to prove life exists after death, and that was his main objective after he heard that the religious leaders wanted him dead. He knew that he was not going to escape, Annas Ben Seth who was high Priest before Kajafas also tried to save him by refusing to hear anything about sentencing him, and referred him to the new Church leader Kajafas, but Kajafas also had to get permission from Pontius Pilate, because at that stage the Israelite nation was under governance of the Roman Empire. Had Annas Ben Seth still been the High Priest Jesus might have survived long enough to get his real intentions through. Unfortunately he was replaced as High Priest by the Roman Authorities because his attitude was not to their liking. It was simply because of this that Kajafas was given the opportunity to become high priest and it helped him to implement his plan in getting rid of Jesus.

I am digressing; Jesus wanted to prove life exists after death, and what happened after he died were simply his efforts to prove that point. He did appear to some of his friends, but not in the flesh, and this kind of appearance is unfortunately still not accepted as real even in this day and age. The reason is that no picture can be taken, fossil remains tested etc, and simply our human methods of proving something exist or not. There is however one theoretically acceptable science at present which is investigating life, but not physical life as we see and experience it.

The kind of life Jesus hinted at, spiritual life, the unseen life, the life that apparently exists after we finish with this one. Quantum Physics is that science. In recent experiments those experts have determined that atoms and electrons have a life of its own. A life without which those microscopic systems could not keep existing as the systems we see under the microscope. Once that life or “light” is extinguished those systems fall apart, and cease to move. They have also discovered that atoms cluster together, and change form, as if instructed so by an invisible force. A force which instruct while the scientists are looking. A force which instruct atoms to mimic the shape of larger seen objects which they place in the same space.

The atheist sceptics don’t want to accept this as intelligent design, and the religious scientist wants this to be the Christian God, as in their opinion of intelligent design. But is the Christian Scientist right, or is the Atheist right, is this simply discovered mathematical forms doing what it was designed to do? In this lies the fallacy of both. Jesus and others long before him have given the answer to this problem millennia ago, but religion has chosen to close the eyes of the masses.

They preferred to keep the innocent, innocent, to gather huge followings, to keep the money close, to disown the masses from true development. Jesus from the Christian Bible was a student, he was taught life’s intricacies, he was an Aramaic speaking individual. Most of you will ask but what is the significance of this language? Most of the written material in those days was in Aramaic, Ancient Hebrew, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Both Aramaic and ancient Hebrew are closely related to Sumerian. The world’s history at that stage was mostly in writing in those languages. We have very limited information regarding the early life of Jesus. Some of the things he apparently stated before his death indicate that he had insightful knowledge of this world’s history.

If he was a simple pauper he could not possibly have known the information indicated by some of his statements. Education in those days was for a limited elect group of people. From his apparent statements it is very clear that he had immense inside information. Information he could only have acquired if he was trained by the elect themselves. Statements he made which might not seem of such importance, and can easily be made out to be “visionary” was his arguments in the books of Matthew and John. In Matthew he attacked the church leaders stating that they had knowledge but refused to let anyone in on it, instead they send out initiates into the world and let them teach their lies to an unsuspecting world.

In John he went even further stating that the peoples “father” was a murderer, liar, and thief, that “father”, was God Almighty! He even stated that he or they were human like the people. On top of that he confirmed that this liar, murderer, etc was their creator, and in chapter 10 he stated that this “father” and his son’s or angels “climbed into this world in “another way”! All of the above might and could be seen as visionary ideas, or insight he was given by his “father” in heaven! But was it?

Jesus lived and died, fossil indicating it was Jesus and his family with authenticated makings on the Ossuary’s was discovered in 1980 in what is known as the Talpiot Grave, this find have after 32 years not been approved by the Israeli antiquities department in spite of serious proof, proof which is negatively abused by religious scholars of high degree and acceptance. Those scholars are religious scholars who teach religion and religious history to aspirant theology students in order for those students to become loyal subjects. This simply means that if they should approve that find they would be teaching lies to their students and their facilities would become vacant properties.

Religion simply cannot afford to accredit this find, it would mean the end of the Christian dogma, and the end of a stream of billions of dollars in income per year. The remark in John chapter 10 where Jesus said that these creators or father/fathers of the people climbed into this world in another way, was found to be stated on some Sumerian tablets discovered in the eighteenth century. Tablets which have been studied in the past hundred years much more intensively. One researcher by the name of Zecharia Sitchin invested fifty years of his life to this find, and found that we were indeed created by specie that climbed into this world “in another way”.

If Jesus stated this two thousand years ago, he must have had insight into those same clay tablets. It is here that knowledge of Aramaic and ancient Hebrew comes into play. Sumerian is basically the first written language. Knowledge of Aramaic and ancient Hebrew is firstly necessary to even remotely understand Sumerian, both Jesus and Sitchin had knowledge of both these languages. Neither of them had a formal education in either language, and both of them are totally ignored in regards to those statements.

Educated scholars with degree’s in Sumerian today might have the same number of years in having physically studied the tablets, but as far as I could determine none have fifty years experience in doing it, Sitchin is perhaps the man with the most experience, or was, he passed away in October 2010. Jesus spoke Aramaic; he was fluent in that language and had also grown up with ancient Hebrew. We know today from the Nag Hammadi Library that Jesus was a man, and died, and did not appear to anybody in the flesh, that the find in 1980 is in all probability his grave. From al that we can safely assume that Jesus the man, was a student of stature, a man who was trained to understand life, a man who had human insight into matters, some of which is still not available to the man in the street.

We know that people worship this man, respect this man, have empathy for him, and honour him. Christians are mesmerised by him, but don’t believe most of what he stated, they rather believe the institution who abducted his life and altered it to suit themselves, they believe his so called apostles, but ignore the remarks I have listed above. My question is, is he really accepted or is he still being rejected, by the very people who cry in their prayers, begging him to come back. Will those same people believe him if he would stand in front of them and tell them that they have worshipped a devil since the beginning. He told us through the so called holy book that our creators is not what they seem, a man in the twentieth century told us the same thing, but we still don’t believe it, simply because an institution, the same institution which killed Jesus two thousand years ago, say both are telling a lie, and in the same breath expect you to worship Jesus!

This same Jesus also said in John 15 verse 14 that if we understand what he was telling us, that we would become his friends! Do you worship your friends? No, we simply respect them, this same Jesus stated that we must love our neighbour, “our friends”, and our creator, the spiritual creator, not “Lord Almighty”, which basically means our creator/creators simply wants us to understand in order to become their “friends”! Quantum Physics is on the verge of doing just that, they are desperately close to “understand” creation, and then in fact how we got to be who we are. That will not be a religious vision, it will simply be a logical understanding of something we can then love and “respect”!

That was what this man Jesus was killed for, to try and give us some information which would ultimately lead us to understand our planet ourselves and creation. Religion has known this but felt it would be to their unscrupulous advantage if the masses never knew.

Effectively Jesus have been a friend to the sceptics, he himself despised religion. They did not kill him because he confirmed it; they killed him to shut him up. They killed Sitchin by slowly undermining his work; he simply gave up and withdrew from society.

Where do you stand?

More information on this can be found at the links below.


Walter Muller.

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We call ourselves South Africans, or rather most whites who have been born here and whose ancestors came here some 400 years ago do. But are we, are we accepted as such by the majority of South Africans, and Africans? According to international and national law we are South Africans if we fall under the above mentioned categories, or have emigrated here and received citizen ship, legally of course!

Since the previous white ruled government was pressured into calling a true democratic election many felt that they were cheated out of a homeland, a place they can call their own! Many have turned to international law in an effort to get a piece of what was lost back, but until now to no avail. Others like Steve Hofmeyer are fighting gallantly to save some of the culture, but will they win, will they succeed in those frantic efforts to enable a culture to survive amongst numerous other ethnic groups and cultures, or will South Africa eventually have only one main culture dictating to the rest?

If we turn to history we find that the strongest usually win and in the South African situation it is destined to be the same!

But what will then happen to us; the remaining white people, the descendants of those gallant people who came here 400 years ago, told by their various countries leaders to come and explore and develop this place. What will we do? Those who had money have mostly left already, some have decided to stay, but what choice do the poor have, those who were forced by their slave masters and kings to go along to be the assistance of those who had the means and the backing of the kings and queens of their previous ancestral homelands? Who is looking out for them, the men and woman whose manual labour and physical worth was the backbone of those who had the money and the backing of their royal leaders?

Was it not for their ancestral masters that they put their lives in danger, fought for freedom which they were eventually forced by the descendants of those ancestors in their ancestral homelands to give back to the historical owners? Those people, the poor, disabled, sick, or criminal, the men and woman who have no means to move back to their ancestral homelands have no choice but to adapt, left to dry by their kinfolk who have the money and the means to return where they came from, left to dry by the descendants in those countries, left to dry by the current leaders of those countries! The loyalty our ancestors showed is simply being ignored, we are simply being ignored, we are left as spoils of war to the new leaders, at the mercy of nation who is only concerned about their own, and we cannot blame them, the new leaders in South Africa have a huge obligation to their own!

They and their ancestors have fought for the freedom they have today, for 400 years they were spoils of war, for the past 100 years they have fought gallantly for the freedom they have today, given to them by our counterparts from our countries of origin! Because our counterparts were made aware of the fact that every person have the right to be ruled by his own. What happened to the patriotism of our counterparts for their kinfolk in South Africa, must history repeat itself again? If they have the insight to give a country back to it’s historical people then why can’t they see that those people don’t want us anymore, that we have become a burden, a symbol of the reason for this countries struggle!

Don’t our counterparts in our countries of origin realize that B.E.E. is not going to disappear until there is not enough whites left to be a danger in the workplace anymore? Those countries are taking in emigrants daily, but they ignore their kinfolk who worked here in order for them to prosper, their investments in this country were made safe for many years by the white men and woman who worked here, slaved here, for them! Are we simply cannon fodder? Why can’t those countries create a platform which can enable their kinfolk here to get citizen ship and repatriate them back to their countries of origin if those living here exercise the choice to go back.

Many will choose to stay, but for those who want to go back there is no hope unless the leaders of those countries create a platform for them to do so. They will shout but we are, we are taking in immigrants daily, and they are, but only the ones who can afford to go, the ones who have degrees and diplomas, the educated and semi educated, what about the illiterate, the backbone, the donkeys of labour, the people on whose backs the educated and semi educated ride, what about them? The world shout; human rights, be civilised, care for the masses; but do those who shout really care? A nation was dismantled, torn apart, because a couple of humanitarians saw another nation being victimized by their own previous perceptions and orders, and the nation who did their bidding must now pay the price!

A nation given the right by them, to rule, to subject, and if they refused were sanctioned, then they obliged! Today that nation have become the slaves of the subjected, where at first they were the slaves of the rich! How long must those descendants pay the price for the ambition of their ancestral masters? History shows that this have been the case for as long as man exist, must we carry on repeating history, when is mankind going to realize that a healthy country is bred amongst the poor, the illiterate, the work donkeys, because of the lack of caring and taking care of the feet all kingdoms fall, history has proved that. Is our counterparts in Europe just going to carry on walking down that road or can they prove different this time around? Will they rise up and take care of their own, or will they just turn a blind eye.

Must a man like Nelson Mandela who came from prison, (who freed his people, who then made sure those who had to flee to stay free had a place to come back to, employment, a life to pick up again;) kick sand in their eyes, are they beneath this man, or can they prove to be his equal, to be in the same or in a better class?

W. Muller.

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When are we certain about anything? Scientists, Historians, Geologists, Religion and all other experts are busy, daily, to try and determine “certainty”. Many of the followers of the various fields grab new information and take the stand to shout at the world; this “new” information proves that this or that is the truth. The followers react, some who are sceptics say no, history has already proved otherwise, why follow this new advice or fact, the naïve accept, and slowly the new information is dissected and eventually it might take a hold or be “proved” wrong.


A human condition which greatly affects all of the above is fear. Religion was established thousands of years ago as a fixed idea or dogma. Science grew slower and today it is an established life subject, and has become a great opposition to most of the religious idea or dogma. Fear of both is a condition in both camps, the religious are afraid that science might prove them wrong, and science is afraid that religion might push them off their newly acquired podium. The big question in all of this is; what is truth and which camp has the most of this rare quality?


Religions state that they had divine insight and were told straight from the horse’s mouth how things work. Science on the other hand investigate, research and then declare that according to tests and study that this and that is in all probability how those specific items or ancient texts or artefacts can be understood, but they almost always add that future research may vary and come up with a different opinion or facts.


In being open minded science leaves room for improvement whereas religions has no such intent, and declare that if no other divine knowledge is given, their followers must “accept” that “God works in mysterious ways!”


Unfortunately for Religions and fortunately for Science mankind has developed to a stage where proof has become the norm enabling him to understand his world! This new development in mankind might be regarded by many as the turning point in man’s development and subsequent rejection of the various Religions!


Fear however is standing between that development and a possible decline in man’s knowledge! That fear is a phenomena installed in man right at his creation. According to the Christian and Judaist religions, man must fear his creator! This fear has grown among man and is so prominent that man has over thousands of years in all nations handed it down to their children. Today in spite of the phenomenal development by science man still fear death, or rather what happens to him after death and especially among the religious due to the idea that man has a soul or spirit, and that spirit or soul might end up burning in hell forever if he sinned according to his religion.


Unfortunately no man has ever come back from death in the flesh to explain this religious concept. According to religion one did, but not even the religious can prove this. According to recent research a grave was discovered some thirty years ago in Jerusalemwhich according to scientific studies just might be the family grave of that man, the man called Jesus! This grave is called “The Talpiot Tomb” anyone can follow the ongoing research and debates regarding this amazing find by simply entering the highlighted phrase on google, or enter “tabor blog”.


This find also confirms the information made public regarding what is written in the Nag Hammadi Library! In this amazing work it is stipulated that Jesus never showed himself in the flesh to anybody, but appeared in the form of a ghost or spirit to some of his earthly friends. The Talpiot grave then in fact gives clear credence to the fact that a man, called Jesus have indeed lived, but in the same sense also reveal that the whole Christian dogma is a fallacy! This man according to the Bible never explained what the afterlife looked like, but instead taught his followers or friends to live a respectful life.


Due to an inscription in the book of Revelations chapter 22 verse 18 to 19, it is not allowed to add the Nag Hammadi Scrolls to the Bible, which were only discovered in 1957, and this holy book was compiled 1700 years ago!!, which reads as follows “I John, solemnly warn anyone who hears the prophetic words of this book; if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to his punishment the plaques described in this book, 19 And if anyone takes anything away from the prophetic words of this book, God will take away from him his share of the fruit of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in this book”.


People are taught that the above words were divinely inspired, that in fact the whole Bible was divinely inspired, but in verse 20 we read; “He who gives his testimony to all this says, ‘Yes indeed! I am coming soon!’ and then “So be it, Come, Lord Jesus”


This same Jesus however deny this in the book of Matthew chapter 24 verses 23 to 26, and if you read on you will see that he states that he will send his angels to fetch those who believe, or understood him, you will also read that no man can enter the kingdom in the flesh as explained in John chapter 3. All this means that the person called John who apparently wrote Revelations is in straight contradiction to Jesus. And so is everybody else who believes that the flesh will be raised from the graves and live in heaven or the new Jerusalem forever! 


After he died all kinds of meanings and ideas, some logical, others totally against all logic and sense was distributed as coming straight from this man’s mouth!


In the paragraphs above some scientific research was applied to religious dogma and logically makes more sense than the divine “inspiration” claimed by religion of which no proof exists! The “fear” handed down by the religious however still plays a huge part in this. After the Talpiot grave was discovered two researchers were given the task to go and try to determine the facts surrounding this find. Both men are equally well qualified to come to logical conclusions, and for many years worked as a team to get logical and sensible answers, the one James Tabor is not a true Christian although he teaches religious history as a subject. The other Christopher Rollston is a respectable scholar who also teaches religious history in an institute created by the Christian religion for the education of future and current religious clergy.


Rollston is a religious man and true follower of that dogma, and also “fearful” of retribution by that Religions God. In spite of being an excellent researcher and Scientist in his specific fields of study, he cannot accept the facts staring him in the face. Like one of his predecessors David Rohl, it is difficult for him to grasp and talk about the immense repercussions the facts tend to have for the safe continuance of religion.


As Tabor and Rollston neared a conclusion Rollston started denying the evidence and as a leader in that specific field his word was being advertised by the church as having more weight than that of his colle que and friend James Tabor.


From the above one can easily determine just how huge an influence fear have on the conscience of some of the best scientific minds we have the honour of knowing. The question arising from this determination is; must we allow this fear to continue based on “divine inspiration” or should we pay more attention to factual logical explanations?


If we design and create a mode of transport which have the possibility of failure due to design errors we don’t reject it due to that fear, but we go back to the drawing board and redesign it until it comply to safety, workability, and economic viability.


If fear in those fields not religiously connected prevented this world from developing, then surely we would have still lived in the stone age! Must we allow religious fear to still prevent us from developing spiritually, should we at all have a spirit or soul, which both religious and non religious believe drives the physical body we call our mode of transport?


Yes, some don’t believe in spirit, and is of the opinion that when the physical body die, it is the end, but even they would “wish” that there will be something after this life, and it is my opinion that they would not mind exploring the spiritual in a logical manner!


From the above we can determine that fear is in all probability the driving force behind the scepticism of all people on this planet regarding religion, science, and the atheistic beliefs. Can mankind eventually lay their fears to rest and without prejudice investigate all life has to offer and perhaps realise their true potential, is it a sin to do that? Are we not entitled to know ourselves to the core. To reject what don’t make sense. To accept the logical. To live without fear, even though it might mean that investigating our being also means not fully knowing, but with the knowledge that we can investigate, and be free to do so without prejudice!  


More explanations can be found in my book “We Question” here -

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Who rules a country, is it religion or does the governments rule? In most modern day countries the people are told that government rules, church is simply a place where you choose to go should you wish to worship and pay tribute to an entity named by specific religious groups, or the group you choose to support and worship with. In the U.S.A. debates regarding inclusion of religious subjects in schools have been ongoing for quite some time, some parents don’t want it, and others do. Governments are supposed to make the final decision based on the, economical, and educational benefits to all living in a country irrespective the religious or cultural background of its people.


In South Africa which is considered one of the more open minded newly accepted democracies on the planet the constitution states the following. Freedom of Religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of sexual association, is among the constitutional rights of the people of this country. In this fairly new economy the people are already becoming dissatisfied with the lack this government is displaying to enforce those freedoms on the various institutions under its rule.


If the people who placed those governments in charge of their lives do not inform that government that certain individualistic tendencies is being enforced below a blanket of deception unto the people then ultimately the democracy is being stabbed in the back, by the very people who fought for freedom, individuals who is suddenly realizing that they have given up their specific brand of “freedom”! What is that brand of “freedom”?


Specific religious perceptions, and more specifically, Christian Religious perceptions! In most Afrikaans primary schools in this country, on the application and acceptance forms of those government schools it is stated that those schools is Christian orientated! The children entering those schools at age six is forced to listen to Christian history and preaching for half an hour each day. On Monday mornings and the last day of each term the local preacher is invited to those schools to come and perform a sermon! Children who are not Christian is forced to listen to those preaching’s and sermons! If a parent go to those schools and ask the principle or administrative leaders of those schools why they are doing it, the answer is; if you do not want your children to be subjected to it they will go and wait in another room or go and play outside while this specific brand of religion is taught to the rest.


The other alternative is to take your child and put him or her in a school where his or her religion is taught or no religion is taught. To find such an Afrikaans primary school in South Africa is close to impossible. In this country there exists Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Folklore, and a host of other religions. For schools to cater for every single one will be a highly costly undertaking. The question here is; why allow any single one to do it in the first place? The constitution states- “freedom of religion”!


What does the word “freedom” means? Freedom states that whatever is being described as being free to practice by a countries constitution those people is free to practice in such a way that no other person is being neglected or denied the right to practice their freedom in that field. How do a government employ the law in order to allow every person in that country to practice that freedom? They allow the different people to go and create a place where every person can go to, to practice that freedom among likeminded other people. In this it means that where different minded people is forced to coexist inside an institution where the main purpose is similar but different from the other freedoms of the group, those other specific freedoms is not allowed to exist, simply because it can cause disharmony in regards to the main purpose of the whole.


Freedom of association and coexistence means to have respect for the others in that group, if there is no respect coexistence is threatened. The people who voted the government in, also agreed that experts would be employed to create a peaceful constitution in order for the whole to coexist together. If any one should afterwards ignore that constitution those who do that becomes guilty of a crime against humanity. If a parent or a religious group want to preach their religion they have the freedom to preach that religion in a place independent from other institutions where the main purpose is not religion, why don’t the governments apply the rule of law and stop those individualistic institutions to force their ideology down the throats of innocent children! The Christian religion advertise that people are free to join based on their personal perception of life.


Is it not wise to let one choose his or her life by taking a person, and assist that person to see the bigger perspective in order for that person to then make a choice on his or her perception? In most religions it is the purpose of that religion to get their followers to accept their religion and forsake all others! Why go to the children and teach them before they have any prior knowledge about anything else that one specific religion is the only and correct religion and all others are subject to it? Doing that is denying that child the right to learn on his or her own time, and is the perfect breeding ground to raise a biased society.


Is this what we want, another generation raised with preconceived ideas against their neighbour! how does that work towards creating world peace!



Walter Müller. 


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Why are we so afraid? We as humans is a fearful specie, we fear tomorrow, our partners, how our children will grow up, what will the boss do tomorrow, will the business make enough money to support the family, will the world last until we die, is Jesus coming back, have we sinned too much to be forgiven?


I can write a book just stating our fears! But why are we so afraid, what caused it, do we ever try to get to the root of this incredible emotion that rule us, making our every waking moment literally a hell? Most of us will say; but we have to be afraid, because we don’t know what will happen in a minute, a day, a week a month, a year, ten years, etc! Others will say History proved that fear is not without merit, many others will say only God is not afraid, and he said that we must fear him, or else!! A religious answer!


Religion is probably the main reason for the most people on earth’s fears! Religion however will be the first to scream at the top of their lungs that it is not true, religion gives you peace of mind, it creates harmony, it soothes away your problems! DOES IT!


Religion teaches that only they know the truth, that only they can take away the fear, but they also tell you to be afraid of the sins of this world, to be afraid of God, because God will punish you forever in hell if you try to find the truth’s you are looking for outside of religion, and they do this to their followers from a very young age, by the time those poor children are grown up, they live in a hell created by religion! If they see a book with a title like; “THE LIES OF RELIGION” they won’t even read it, they don’t even want to be in the close proximity of that book, God might see them looking at it, because he is everywhere, he know they are looking at it, and the library might crash in on them, and they flee, filled with terror!


The Catholics run to church asking for forgiveness, the other Christians say a silent prayer, and hope God forgives them this terrible sin! In their hearts they pray for the author and hope God punish the poor soul! If they happen to read who the author was and know him they start gossiping, this gossip reach the work place of the author and a few days or weeks later he is dismissed, for various reasons, including blasphemy against God, a good worker, but he’s got to go, before God close the doors of the business!

Are you shocked; don’t be, its normal, its called, the fear of God! The real question in this instance is; who fired the man, God or the gossiper? Who gossiped, who believed the gossip, who is guilty of sin? The man who wrote a book, or the person who is afraid? A person was found guilty, judged and given a sentence which ultimately will cause this person to starve to death, by religion, condemned to death! “But he sinned”, the religious say! “On who’s authority”, do I ask, “on God’s”, they will reply! “Show me God”; is my request, and then they produce a book, its called, the Bible; written by men, inspired by other men, who claimed they saw God, in a dream, or a vision, thousands of years ago!


Today, people like that are taken care of in homes for the mentally distorted!! They are questioned by experts, people declared experts by governments and religious leaders! But a book written and compiled by people like that is above any law existing today, and the leaders of that religion and governments who sponsor religion are declared sane, and doing God’s will! People who question that religions logic is regarded as blasphemous, outcasts; yet people who act like the compilers is taken out of society in order to protect society from them!


Is there any logic in the above paragraph? Is there any logic in fearing a God no man has ever laid eyes on, is it logic to kill, cast out and allow your neighbour to starve to death because a book called, holy scripture, compiled by the kind of people spending their lives in homes for the mentally disturbed says, yes, kill the heretics? The fear most religious people live in is proof of the immense damage those books and their authors and past and current leaders force their followers to live under, to submit to, in order to be faithful to a idea, an idea created thousands of years go by a couple of clever ambitious men in order to rule an unsuspecting people needing leadership.


In the past they simply killed their opposition, today they force them out of circulation, cut off their economic viability, allowing them to die a slow painful death, and to soothe their conscience they feed those hobos bread and soup from time to time, but they make sure they don’t give enough to enable those enemies/heretics to stand up and fight again, and they proudly advertise those deeds to show their love for their neighbour by these deeds of caring for the needy!


The incredible fear they have created in their followers allow them to do these things and their followers pay for it, making them feel they are doing the right thing.


In the year 140 A. D. a man called Marcion started his own church, preaching the New Testament, banning the Old Testament from his church, in 144 A.D. he was excommunicated by the church. Between 1209 and 1229, a period of twenty years the church started a crusade against splinter groups who believed in what Marcion preached, two groups; Albigensis and the Cathari was targeted, between two hundred thousand and a million people were killed by the church in their efforts to submit these people and destroy their belief system.


There are many other similar things that were done by religion, but we will not go into specifics here, the above was included to give an example. Do we need to keep on killing, because we fear the church; yes the church, not God, this worlds true creators is not known by man and never were, they will not intervene here and kill to prove their point. A man called Jesus, who is known as the saviour by the Christian religion was the one man in that religions history who had the guts to stand up and call their bluff, he did so much damage they were forced to not only kill him, but huge efforts were made to work him into their religion, in efforts to sell him as the son of their so called God or Lord Almighty.


This same man told the people in his time that they have never known his father or God in Heaven, yet the church is till today adamantly trying to sell the opposite, they even wrote in the last book of their “holy scripture” called Revelations that Jesus will be in the new Jerusalem when it will be lowered to earth, accompanying God! Jesus warned in Matthew that it will not be him. The apostles confirm Revelations, against what Jesus stated, the world worship Jesus, but reject his words and take what the apostles stated, because the church say so! Jesus said; my father is a loving forgiving God, the church say; our God is a fair God who will kill everybody and everything who do not worship him!


Will you kill your children if they do not obey you, or will you leave them to go and find out about life by themselves, give advice when they ask, and be there if they fall? The father Jesus talked about sound like the father who leave his children to go and learn and only give advice when asked, the God or father of the church and the originators there off takes no prisoners, you choose, stop living in fear, and start asking questions, investigate and hold on to that which makes sense, if it is not religion, then so be it, your creator will not come and destroy you, he will allow you to live, and learn, to die in peace.


Here is some humour. According to mythology good spirits go to heaven, heaven is a place above our heads, up! If a spirit was a bad guy his spirit would go down into the netherworld, down into the earth! According to religion or rather the Christian religion Samuel was a good guy, harbouring a good spirit, and he was supposed to go to heaven; up! When Saul was about to fight the Philistines he went to see the witch of Endor, and asked her what would happen to him in that war? She pointed to a place in front of them and exclaimed in fear “someone is coming up out of the earth”, Samuel appeared, out of the earth, and told Saul that he and his sons would soon join him; Samuel! In the netherworld or hell!


First, we have a King visiting a witch, a king appointed by God, in a book which deny occultism, yet selling it, a book denying reincarnation, yet their saviour Jesus advocate it when he said that John the Baptist was Elijah in a previous life. And we fear this book and its God! Our ancestors killed for it, should we carry on their good work, or can we be bold, and start asking serious questions?


Some answers might be here


Walter Müller.

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We question life, and all things included in that four letter word. But why do we, why are we not satisfied with what we know? In the past two hundred odd years information started to become more readily available to the common people. More of the working people started learning more about themselves and their history, and this is probably the one thing responsible for the current search for better, or more logical “truths”.


For the past two thousand years Religion reigned supreme, this planets people were ruled by a partnership between state and religion. Today, two main religions exist; the Christian and Muslim religions, between these two they influence governments by working with them to get their message across. This has been a comfortable agreement for both religion and state. Countries prospered, or rather those countries which subjected themselves by pressure applied by these religions and their governments. Strife exist between the governments ruled by these two religions, we only need to look at modern day Iran verses Israel and the western nations backing last mentioned in relation to the Muslim nations backing Iran.


A war which will negatively influence the people on this globe is threatening between these nations simply because of power play between them. Presently Israel, backed by western nations holds the power and rules this worlds economy to the detriment of many other nations not included in their quest for power. Iran a Muslim nation is on the up rise, and Israel feeling threatened, brought in their biggest ally, the U.S.A. into their fight. This might end up in war, we do not know yet. Religion is playing a huge part in this conflict!


Both countries is by way of religious propaganda, gathering supporters. Should we take religion away from that equation, peaceful solutions might be more easily reached, but that subject have in all likelihood not even been given a second thought. And it is right here where this conversation turns to us; yes, us, me and you!


We are not all from the same religion or religions, some of us is not religious at all, but we all live together, work together, some are married to a partner who is from a different religion or not religious at all. Our children go to school together, compete in sport, in educational competitions etc! we do all these things in peace and harmony; easily, but mention religious differences, and right there a war of words start, a war which usually develop into a full blown heated argument, and enemies is born, mostly for life; just look at the Middle East, is that what religion does, is that what and who we are? Religious predators; just waiting for the other to make a mistake! What in religion turns perfectly normal people into killers? Why do the followers of the two leading religions declare “holy wars” and kill their neighbours? Why do we turn on our own next door neighbour because of religion, why do we tell our children not to mix with their friends anymore because we as parents have religious disputes, why do we have “religious” disputes?


Both these two leading religions require absolute discipline, and faith, if you are against them they claim to have authority from their God to kill you, apparently their God is the one and only and gave them permission to kill all else who differ or go against their intent, an intent to make everybody else believe and follow them! Without proof, without knowing if what they say really happen; “if they die, they go to heaven”, up till this very second no one has come back to tell us they are a hundred percent correct!! Metaphysical “experts” can not, and have not to date, given this world proof of the religious claims, neither have they, but they kill and threaten to, regardless; in the name of their God, they even tell us, if they don’t, He will!


Both these religions claim to be right, but that the other is wrong! Scientifically and historically neither have been able to lay concrete proof on the table! And yet we follow, we make enemies, teach our children to take over our fights, and keep up the “good” work! Without proof, no logic, no sense, just pure faith and ugly hatred! We never think about it, but in church you are given a bunch of rules and beliefs, and told to promise to follow and adhere to those rules regardless, and we oblige, without giving it a second thought, and as the years pass, we keep on going to church, we listen, and our faith becomes all consuming, ignoring all else, including common sense!


We never stop to think, some do, but one explanation for this thing called faith, which take over our lives and rule us, just never comes to mind! It is something called repetition; placing a “placebo” in the worshipper, make him or her listen to the message over, and over, and over, until they take that “placebo” as the one and only truth! They tell their followers day, after day, after day that their “holy scriptures” is the only and ultimate truth, and just to “keep you” from “questioning anything”, they add that God works in “mysterious ways”!


If a stranger comes along and express a logic which is in contrast to that belief they get passionately angry, and call the stranger a heretic and worse, in the not too distant past they killed the strangers, making war with them, enslaving them, but they also planted “salesmen” in the heretics countries to sell their religions, and if those countries did not oblige, they gathered allies and attacked and enslaved those countries, then they proceeded to shove this “medicine” down the throats of the poor unbelievers and call it “caring” for their “after lives”! of which they have not a single iota of proof! They do however also claim to have prophets who have “insight” in these matters and he or she confirms, or have confirmed in the past that all these things are true, but not even those prophets comes back to confirm!


Before you think I disregard and make everything in religion out to be myth or metaphor, or sun worshipping let me explain that I do regard both the Christian Bible and the Holy Qur’an as great help in determining history for both the nations they derive from! Both do help in giving a perspective on history where proof is absent. Without having concrete proof I also accept the possibility that persons portrayed in those books did actually live, like Jesus for instance. The Bible give this man to us as our Saviour, the man who died for this worlds sins! The Torah give Mohammed as their last and biggest prophet, he apparently did live, and some proof exist regarding him. Jesus is still in debate, recent research on what is known as the Talpyot Cave regarding his and his families remains holds the possibility that it just might be the remains of Jesus and his family that was discovered in 1980, but the research is not complete yet.


Scholars is still very much in debate regarding it and James Tabor one scholar giving indication that the proof to date is very much in favour, is getting strong winds blowing against him lately. This is not surprising, the Christian dogma is built on the precept that Jesus went to heaven in the flesh and should it be proved to be false the Christian church will face serious questions, and might possibly die a quick death. The other problem is that millions of people will loose their jobs and credibility, the Vatican will go up in smoke and the billions they make every day will just simply dry up! The Jewish people where this originated will also face ridicule like they have never experienced before, even though they themselves do not accept him as their Saviour they have allowed and promoted this idea into the known world! All in order to be sold into the hearts of everybody as the chosen nation, which they never were!


In the Nag Hammadi Library it is stated that Jesus actually died in the flesh, these scriptures was discovered in 1957 and published in English in 2003 or slightly before that. It is also stated there that he appeared to his followers or some of them after his death, not in the flesh, but in a spiritual manner. The Bible in a manner confirms this where it is stated that he appeared and disappeared into thin air from time to time until he eventually just did not appear anymore. Effectively his appearances can be metaphysically explained as astral projections. The other interesting thing this man Jesus also mentioned in both the Bible and the Nag Hammadi, but is never much discussed by the clergy, is his statements that the Jewish nation was lied to since their conception and that the people who created them were “men” and not “Gods”! He confirmed this by stating that they, the people never knew his Father in Heaven, which is a clear indication that their God Almighty was definitely not his father.


The clergy will however rather plead totally ignorant of these statements than going into debate regarding them, if they do talk about this they explain it as a metaphor explaining “Satan”, or the Devil, confirming what Jesus said regarding who they actually worshipped! He just made it clear that this Devil, God Almighty, or El was actually human in composition! In the Nag Hammadi and the Bible he called them “men” and people resembling what his father stood for, but that they climbed into this world in a different manner, as in Ezekiel, in chariots, or as they took Elijah, in a Chariot of fire! That is according to the holy scriptures what the Israelites actually worshipped!


He, Jesus, was born here, claimed to have a Father in Heaven, a spiritual being, who never knew us, but that through him we now know each other! What he actually taught was that the Israelites were created physically by man but their “life” or spirit were supplied by another force which he called the “Holy Spirit” and without this no creation by man, or our Physical creators would have been able to live. This is true for everybody, but the original Jews were never taught this, they were taught that their God made everything and will be back to kill everything, just read Zephaniah chapter 1! The father of Jesus just wanted them and everybody else to go and sit in a quiet place for a minute, and think about it. And then he reminded man about love your neighbour and your creator, a concept which existed long, long, long before Jesus.


Jesus however is the last big prophet who managed to get that message implemented once again in order to create a more peaceful world population. Religion has managed to close the eyes and ears of this world, as they were ordered to do throughout the Old Testament! In doing that, religion created wars in excess, killing in excess, and everything else that go with it! Worshipping is the other vice religion sell. In the Bible this man, Jesus told the people if they “want” to pray they can pray to their father in heaven using the prayer “Our Father”. This prayer is to a spiritual being. The other very good thing about this prayer is that it creates a decent “placebo” one which initiates good behaviour by the practitioner, creating respect, which creates understanding and eventually love, bringing full circle his message to love your creator and neighbour.


In the book of John and also in the Nag Hammadi Library this man Jesus taught that if we understand life and what he is trying to tell we will become his “friends”. This statement have very far reaching implications, the most important being that ultimately becoming his friend, we become the friends of his father also, and this makes worshipping obsolete, nobody worships their friends, but we do respect and love them! Effectively he taught us to think for ourselves and reject religion, it will eventually fall, in the book of Matthew he warned religion, that a nation divided against itself will eventually fall, this is true for a nation, a church, a community, a town or a family, religion creates strife, the world wide debates amongst their own since its conception, is eventually going to destroy it.


This Saviour died for no man’s sin, he was killed to prevent religion from falling apart sooner, it seems he was not lying! Effectively I as a non believer have the greatest respect for what he tried, if he did indeed live, if not, then for those who made it their business to include the words attributed to him in the Christian Bible speaking against that religion! Should we discard our quest for a better truth, simply because “God works in mysterious ways”, or should we question until we find something better, something which makes sense, the Jesus figure suggested the latter, why do the religious worship this man but ignore his advice! Do we have to keep on killing because God said so, or should we start to think and follow the advice the Saviour and many others before and after him provided!?


Some irony- in apartheid South Africa the rulers of then and their religious leaders stated; “God will keep us in good stead, he gave us this land”, in the new dispensation the rulers of now and their religious leaders state: “God gave us the victory, and the latest political leader mentioned that they will rule until Jesus returns”!! Both worshipped the same, prayed for the same, to the same God, did he listen, or did the allies had something to do with it! Think about it! Did a God actually stop by in his chariot of fire and said, “now you rule”!!


Walter Müller.