Hot on the heels of Margaret Hirsch’s popular Vegetarian Cook Book, is Luci Hirsch Jackson’s cleverly put together “Mum’s On The Run” a recipe book for busy mothers and wives.

Luci, the mother of    Declan (4) and Connor (3), has concentrated on meals that are quick, easy and nutritious  – highlighting  the nutritional aspects of certain key ingredients in most recipes.  Who knew, for instance that the Brinjal contains a good portion of essential B-complex vitamins?  This is mentioned in the recipe of the beautifully  illustrated Mediterranean Mezza Roll-ups.  She has also given tips and advice on microwave and combination cooking – the way to go for busy Mum’s.

The Dessert section in the book contains some of the most exciting, deliciously appetizing recipes!  The mini Pavlova meringues are a sure winner – colourfully ornamental and packed with healthy things like blueberries, strawberries and flavoured yoghurt.

While compiling this easy to follow well illustrated cook book, Luci had the help of Cheryl Aitken, a registered dietician, who gave her dietary advice on each recipe.  She also had the help of the very knowledgeable Vanessa de Beer, who runs a catering business in Portugal and who helped put together the At Home With Hirsch’s recipe book and Margaret’s Living The Vegetarian Life Cook book.

Mums-on-the-run is available from all Hirsch stores and retails at R199.99.

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