Almost 45 years from the day she wrote matric, Margaret Hirsch, who recently won the BWSA’s Business Woman of the Year, Entrepreneur category,  was asked to address the school leavers of Russel High School.


The girls were enthralled to hear how Margaret, aged 12 saw a pair of shoes she wanted and set out to buy them with a job washing hair on a Saturday morning and  earning 50c.  Needless to say, she bought those shoes and has not looked back since, working hard for everything she has. This year the Hirsch’s the company that she co-founded with her husband Allan, will turn over a billion rand.


Margaret told the girls that there are two important days in ones life , the first is the day you are born and the second is when you find out why.


The girls rose in thunderous applause when Margaret told them she was a Russel High girl, giving them hope to  know that she, with nothing more than a matric could succeed in life and the world was their oyster and that it was up to them to make the most of their life.


Margaret concluded by saying that South Africa is a land of wealth and abundance and the youth of South Africa must get stuck in and work really hard to ensure we go from strength to strength.


Hirsch PMB staff hosted a demonstration table exhibiting some of the amazing technology available at Hirschs, the girls could not stop talking about Margaret. “She is an awesome boss, hard but fair and has taught her workers some great “life lessons” and continues to grow her employees so that each and every one will be successful”, said PRO Victoria Laubscher

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