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Strikes, job losses = 1+1 = 2

15/01/2013 in Uncategorized

A formal financial qualification should be compulsory for managers in State Departments and Union leaders.

A Company is established to generate profits for its shareholders or else it would have been a state department.  Unreasonable salary demands with damages to the property of the Employer and loss of income usually results in only one thing – retrenchments. A simple course in finances can ensure Unions and State Departments understand this better.

Why should a negotiation be accompanied with violence, loss of life and damages. Is this how grown-ups act and the example that is set for the youth?  “If you don’t like my answer, break something?”

I hope the Union leaders can explain to their members how they managed with intimidation, job losses, damage to property  to secure a wonderful increase which can not be sustained and where they failed to secure job security.   Hopefully the Union leaders can sell their Ferrari’s to assist the families who will not have an income.

Yet, I know there is no change for anybody to think about what the Union managed to negotiate and the result of giving any union the right to negotiate your income for you.  Just me, trying2find balance.


Hello world!

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