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Playfull Tabo

June 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

Tabo has decided that he is my cat when he was still a kitten. He has this spot right next to my head when I sleep that he has claimed for himself. This past couple of months he did not sleep on his usuall spot, but did come early in the morning for a cuddle or two. Throwing himself against me, pressing his furry body to mine.
For a week now he has discovered a game.
He will hide behind the curtain untill I am awake and my bedlight is on. Then with a big heavy jump he is on the bed. You can actually hear him making his landing.
Had to laugh yesterday when he did his stunt again just to discover I am not there. (Did the early morning thing in the small room) He was very disgusted with me and did not try it again this morning.
The one cat I said I am not prepared to love in order not to hurt when he dies has find his way deep into my heart.
Mommy luvvies you, Tabotjie-kat

6 responses to Playfull Tabo

  1. He is gorgeous! Love his colouring.

  2. Thank you, Wymzi :)

  3. hi tish, how are you? Nice kitty!

  4. Hi Gemini, I am well, and ty

  5. Daar is nie ‘n manier wat jy kan keer dat ‘n kat in jou hart inkruip nie. Die hartseer aan di einde is onafwendbaar.
    Dankie vir jou besoek aan Sally. Sy het nooit een sonde op aarde gedoen nie

  6. Baie waar,Sadcat. Het ook so bontkat gehad met die naam Dingetjie.

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