And this bandwagon is going to?

February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I won’t go there and say

“And the Oscar goes to…….”

But let’s face it – it has been the news story that has kept us glued to the TV / newspapers / social media:

Did he or didn’t he?


It is just so amazing that everyone seems to be against him now after what he has achieved. For goodness sake, he is also just a human being like all of us! I read another blog post saying that we feel the way we do is because we have put him so high on this pedestal. And now that he has fallen the way he has . . . .I don’t know what to say about that.


But look at Tiger Woods – he fell because he cheated on his wife. This showed us that he was a human being, and these things happen everyday. Forget that he is a superstar and changed the face of golf – we put him up there, and we turn our backs the moment things don’t seem so perfect.


Given the Oscar story is a lot serious, someone did lose a life – but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


But now having the ANCWL involved saying that he shouldn’t have been given bail and whatnot – I mean – did he abuse her? Has he abused anyone else? Sure he gets painted as this person with a short temper, being arrogant and whatever else – but don’t we all possess a little anger somewhere? Don’t we all believe we the best at something?


He is guilty of using his gun irresponsibly and will forever live with the fact his actions have killed a beautiful person – but to label him this monster? I think that has been taken too far. And then mentioning he is “obsessed” with guns? Show me a man that isn’t . . . . ok, well, not obsessed, but interested in guns and ammo and blowing shite up? If it isn’t cars or football, what else really?


This has gotten out of hand, this whole story – and I just hope the truth comes out, because, isn’t that what we all want?

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  1. … and this bandwagon goes all the way through the trial and after…
    He is not innocent- he killed
    He claims innocence of murder and especially of premeditated murder.
    But he is not innocent of killing; in fact of femicide, the death of a woman at the hands of an intimate partner.
    Take care Bunny Girl that you never get that nippy but supposedly playful tap from your intimate partner, or that push, or slap or punch, or kick or death blow.
    It amazes me just how callous especially women can be about the deaths of other women at the hands of men; family, friends, lovers and husbands… and neighbours – the people that they trust and most vulnerable to.
    I think that you are glossing over the facts.
    I think that you are taking the loss of Reeva’s life lightly.
    Of course all people have the common human traits of anger and frustrations and interests.
    Not all people allow these traits to dictate their actions and to determine outcomes.
    So you get a little angry hey, slap the table or bite your lip.
    It is OK though hey, according to your arguments, if your partner beat you up-
    He just got angry or something like all people do… quite understandable and forgivable…
    Look after yourself- I think tht you are a more than a little out of touch.

    • Dear Jeanius,
      I’m glossing over the facts? I think we are all going on assumptions and wild speculation – none of us were there when this tragedy took place, so we can not comment about anything really.
      Not callous – maybe desensitized – to all of this, would this story have been that covered if it was just : “Man kills girlfriend” or “Woman slayed by partner”? I think not.
      Did it really need a high profile case such as this to get the truth out of how many women are losing their lives by the hands of their partners? Yes, unfortunately it did . . . . .
      What about all the other women that have died during this bail hearing? An average of between 4 – 7 a day, and this hearing went on for a week . . . .so that means there have been possibly 35 femicides, and no one cares about them, when do they get their justice? When do we get to weep for their lives so tragically taken by people they put their trust in?
      There was no argument on my side, my blog is all about the random thoughts in my head, my view on things, maybe I didn’t make myself clear, and for that I apologise.
      But still think we have to take in all the facts before we can make a final decision on the matter, and after all this has past, Oscar will never be considered the same again, and that goes for all those people near and dear to Reeva as well.
      Once this type of crime gets taken seriously – then I think we”ll be on the road to being a better nation, but in the meantime – let’s have all the facts and forensics presented to us, so the truth can come out: accident or otherwise, I think this will get everyone talking.
      And hopefully measures will be put in place to prevent our woman and their families going through this every single day.

      • Hi Bunny Girl
        Anene Booysen, unknown except in her local community, murdered by men unknown to the world but to their local community, rocked the world too.

        Other women were both raped and murdered before her- and since- appeared in court this morning and will again tomorrow the men did, and they will be applying for bail, only now, a month later according to procedure as applied to most people.

        But not to Oscar- his bail application moved quickly- and he had all sorts of other privileges like not riding in the back of a police van as arrested people and prisoners normally do.

        Anene, of colour and poor, killed on a field and Reeva, white, middle class, killed in a R3-5million house give us, rather spectacularly a classic view of how women across all social strata die of femicide.
        It is irrelevant whose death hit the news and stays there and bring home the scourge of violence against women.
        That these two cases hit the international news and continue to maintain interest is an important development
        and it is up to us to sustain this interest and to ensure that these crimes are taken seriously.
        It is hard though, when those who are the targets of such crimes and therefore the potential victims, are also the ones that are- not glossing over it but desensitized-
        and I would say argue in favour of silence n the matter
        and protection of the offender.
        One would hope that all of decent society will be motivated to take up the cause but it is really important for women with capacity, women with understanding to speak up against violence against women.
        Whatever else Oscar might be, and that might emerge in the trial, Oscar killed; he took Reeva’s life, and he intended to take a life.
        He is not even denying this.
        He is simply saying that he intended to kill an intruder… and so this is what will be proved or disproved.
        I still say to you- take care- women are vulnerable and women that are desensitized to violence against women, are at risk because they are less aware of their own circumstance.

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