First time in a long time.

February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sitting here at my new desk. Listening to the same radio station that played in the background during my “Miss No Undies” days . . . .and it feels like nothing has changed much: we all still striving to be all that we can be, by working our asses off and getting through days without killing your colleague who jammed up the copier machine.

But it has been fun working where I am now :) I am really enjoying it, and it is so different from what I used to do, plus I love feeling tired in the evenings because it shows that I have worked so hard, and dodged the nastiness of gossip in the office too. Although i have overheard a few things, but it really isn’t as juicy as all those Miss No Undies and what not tales . . .

I wonder she is doing?

2 responses to First time in a long time.

  1. Who is Miss No Undies? Sorry, I haven’t been blogging for a long time.

    • Dear casper_cv
      Miss No Undies was a woman I worked with in my early blogging years, please feel free to visit my archives anytime :)

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