2 weeks in!

February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

My goodness! Why does it always feel like you have been at a place for so long when in reality it has only been a week and a bit? This place I am referring to is my new job.
I think it’s because I have learned so much in the space of a week . . .I heard that some people took a month to learn how to do one of the things I’m doing!
I wonder to myself : didn’t they get bored? I mean doing the same thing for a month and then only moving onto a new thing?!
My word!
And I’m already wanting to learn a third subject so i can do this process from start to finish . . .guess I’ll have to talk to fi-Nancy and she what she has to say . . .
But yes, so far so good – haven’t been in any disagreements, and I have stayed away from the office gossip – well, there isn’t alot of that going? Or maybe it’s because I’m still new and they don’t know if I can be trusted.

I’ll have to wait and see about that, or I’ll have to eavesdrop at the water cooler or kettle in our matter.

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