First day jitters.

February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was only supposed to start there on Monday, because as part of my probation period, I will be paid weekly – but as today was a short working day and pretty much everyone was in a more relaxed mood – I decided to go in today. You know, kinda like my induction day; and I think that worked into my advantage.

Firstly, I was eager to learn how to use the system and made notes galore! And I offered to help where help was needed. So I think I made a really “nice” impression. It was also great to be back in a lively environment with the energy from various people coursing through the office. Yes, I haven’t been in that atmosphere for a while . . . .I will admit I was a bit nervous, but then again – who isn’t nervous at your first day of “new” work? But it went down a treat! The ladies there already like me and I hope it stays that way – but as we all know that sometimes this can’t happen because sooner or later a story will go around and a rumour will spread . . . .Oh well, part of the course.

Let’s see . . . . .who made an impression on me today:

The Little Tannie (TLT) – she is the one that sits there and you have to repeat yourself at least twice. She might also be prone to wearing sandals with socks.

Pregnant Fairy: She is such a sweetie pie! A real girly girl that is expecting her first child.

Fun40: She is also a sweetheart, that is living her life now and enjoying it. She also enjoys reading, so I predict us getting on rather lovely.

Fi-nancy: She handles the finance and is head of admin. So I basically report to her.

There are a lot of guys working there, but most of them have this “I-am-man-bow-down-to-me” attitude, so most of them don’t greet you until you greet them. As if! So I will be needing some time to feel the guys out. (Not literally feel them out, but get to know them – just clearing up what I mean because I have read some of my past posts and some of you might get the wrong idea there!)

All in all it was a lovely day! Got to work on Pastel for the first time, and that was interesting and not as difficult as one makes it out to be. I like feeling tired at the end of a working day, makes me feel like I have achieved something.

Here is to a lovely weekend – to those going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers: enjoy! And those seeing Kanye West: enjoy too!

Monday? I’ll be ready for you!

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