The last words by Lorette on Sole Survivor…

November 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while that I’ve posted anything Survivor-ish, but this is also probably the last blog-entry on THIS Survivor blog…except if something HUGE is going to happen in the next few weeks.

I also had the opportunity to ask Lorette, the newest millionaire, a few questions while she was doing a whirlwind of interviews, and I must say, I’m quit impressed with all of the answers she gave! If you are also part of the 80% population that thinks that Lorette was a worthy winner, please read the short, very short, interview below. (Apologies for the Afrikaans, but I thought that it would be best in the language she would feel the most comfortable)

Lorette, eerstens, baie geluk! As jy al vroeër uitgestem was, en Hein in die TOP 2 was, is ek seker dat die publiek JOU as hul Sole Survivor gunsteling sou stem. Hoekom dink jy vind die Suid-Afrikaanse publiek so baie aanklank by jou?

Ek dink dit is dalk die feit dat ek jou allerdaagse vrou is. Effe oorgewig, nie model mooi nie, ‘n ma van twee kinders, ‘n regte boere meisie met boere engels. Ek dink ek verteenwoordig die algemene persoon op straat.

Jy het twee baie oulike kinders! Het hulle al klaar vir jou begin vra hoeveel geld hulle kan kry? (Ek sou J)

Hulle is gelukkig nog te klein om die waarde van so baie geld te verstaan, maar ek hoop dat as hulle die dag oud genoeg is om te verstaan die stof al gaan lê het en hulle vergeet van die geld.

Toe jy na die eiland toe was, wat het jy vir jou kollegas en vriende gesê? (Almal was veronderstel om te lieg…en ek kan nie dink dat dit maklik was vir jou nie)

Op daardie stadium was ek gelukkig besig met my Comrades voorbereiding, so ek het net weggeraak en my arme man moes maar die jok werk doen. Hy het vir almal gesê ek is op ’n kurses en besig met Comrades voorbereiding.

Was daar enige negatiewe publisiteit in die koerant/tydskrifte wat jou baie kwaad gemaak het?

Om die eerlike waarheid te sê is ek werklik dankbaar oor al die positiewe publisiteit wat ek van al die koerante/tydskrifte ontvang. Hulle is almal werklik worderlik.

Ek het gelees dat jy baie van gadget en tegnologie hou!? Ek moet bieg, ek sou dit nooit gedink het nie…wat is jou top 3 gadgets op die oomblik?

Ek moet bieg. Voor Survivor was ek nie ‘n wonderlike “surfer” nie, maar tans is ek nie te sleg nie. Ja, jou blog was ook onder een van die wat ek wel gereeld besoek het. Ek het dit baie geniet, en dankie dat jy nie te hard op my was nie, maar ek moet sê ek het Angie jammer gekry.

Net gou so paar vinnige goedjies:
Gunsteling 3 tydskrifte:
Nie veel tyd vir lees nie, maar geniet die RUNNERS WORLD en BICYCLING

Gunsteling radio stasie:
Radio Jacaranda

Gunsteling koerant:
Ons plaaslike koerant – Die MIDDELBURG OBSERVER, RAPPORT en BEELD

Gunsteling DStv-kanaal:
Het slegs M-Net, maar ek kyk nie veel TV nie. Ek stel gewoonlik my alarm om my te herinner as Survivor wys sodat ek dit nie mis nie. Ek het nog elke reeks gesien behalwe die heel eerste Amerikaanse reeks.

Gunsteling reality show: (Enige iets behalwe Survivor)
Oeps !!!!!! Ek het so drie episodes van ”The Biggest Loser” gesien en dit ook nogal geniet.

Gunsteling drankie:
Hang af van die omstandighede. Coke as ek klaar gehardloop het, of shooters op partytjies. Ek geniet ook verskeie ”ciders” soos Spin, Brutal Fruit, enigies wat soet is.

Gunsteling vakansie destination:
Ek kan nie een spesifieke plek uitsonder nie, ons gaan graag elke keer na ’n nuwe plek, maar die vakansie moet my gesin insluit. Vakansies sluit in, ’n luukse hotel vakansie, ’n baie primitiewe kamp naweek met gas, so enigiets gaan.

Lorette, the Viewers Choice Contestant, WINS!

November 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

What a flippen episode! My money was on Grant and Mandla being in the Top 2, but then Mandla fell of FIRST, and Lorette winning immunity and a guaranteed spot in the Top 2 and in the end walking away with R1 000 000 (before TAX)!

Even though it was a good episode, there were a few things that didn’t really make the cut in True-Survivor-Fashion:

  • At the last Tribal Council all the girls (especially Angie and Amanda) looked like girls who were in a Bronze Tanning Salon for 5 hours straight! It just all looked faked. I’ll blame it on the Make-Up artists of Malaysia…it just looked weird and fake.
  • The sound in the finale wasn’t good – it was actually pathetic! Some of the contestants started to talk with out any sound on the TV; but this is probably just a small bug and some poor guy will probably get fired.
  • They advertised that there will be 1 700 people in the studio…but to me, here at home (I couldn’t make the LIVE show due to too much work at the moment) it looked like 200 people max! Could it be that not enough people bought tickets!? It’s actually sorry to see it so empty, ‘cause this season was MUCH better than last year!
  • I also thought that they showed WAY too much recaps! I wanted to hear the contestants talk and bitch about each other LIVE on the show! We all watched the show, so we know what happened in the season!
  • Lorette’s hairstyle looks like an old aunties hair! I really think that they could have made her look a lot funkier! At least M-Net learned their lesson from last year’s make-up fcuk-up and most of the contestants looked quit good!
  • Why weren’t ANY of the Survivor Season 1 contestants in the audience? And if they were there, why didn’t’ M-Net show them!? It would have been great to just quickly see them, and to know that they support the show. They didn’t even have a quick chat to Vanessa! A small insert (amongst the 50 other inserts they had) about what the Survivor Season 1 contestants are up to now, and how it changed their lives, would have been more interesting to me than footage of Survivor 2 that I have already seen!
  • In a statement M-Net said that only 1 person (not even Carl Fisher) counted the votes, but when Mark read the votes they also showed which jury member voted for who, and what they said!!!??? What the hell!? Then a few crew members had to know what the order would be, and then in the end, who will win! It was nice to know who voted for whom, but this just doesn’t seem kosher…


What happened with Vanessa…?

November 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

When I did the Sole Survivor blog last year, I did an entry during the first week of the show, with the above graphic of Vanessa ‘Standing out in the crowd’. I could have chosen any of the contestants, but something told me to pick Vanessa…and what happened in the end? Duh! She won (without anyone thinking it would be possible…)!

But what happened afterwards? Nothing that I know off! I tried to Google her a bit, but only the Survivor Articles that appeared a few after she won, could be found…not new news. But I’ve got a good eye while I serve the net on my Mweb Wi-Max (it’s not blatant advertising…) and I stumbled across these two ads that she appeared in, in the past year…not very sexy , rich and A-list if you ask me…


Grant and Mandla will be in the Final two, leaving Lorette and Amanda being part of the Tribal Council. Why do I think this? NONE of the last few contestants are allowed to mix with each other (because they might say who they voted for), especially not someone who is in the final two, and someone from the tribal council… The Times newspaper had a video interview with Mandla and Grant on the website today, so according to me this means that both of them are in the final two (thus, in the running for the Million).  Mandla fell off the platform first, making sure off him NOT being in the Final two…I’m done guessing ’cause it looks like my judgement is TOTALLY wrong…

So I honestly can’t say who I think will win…

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A Dream Come True!

November 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

Yesterday Wednesday 7 November, was definitely a highlight in my life! I had the privilege of being flown up to Johannesburg and to be in studio for the LIVE Go Exxtra Survivor recording with Elana Afrika and the b-e-a-u-tiful Angie!

It was nothing as I expected it to be, but I’m glad that it wasn’t as I expected! The studio is MUCH smaller than I ever imagined it, it there are just a few people that organize everything. I also thought that there is a whole switchboard of people that handles the phone calls and the SMS’es, but there’s one cool dude that answers just one little phone (standing on a little chair) and taking it from there, and then there is another guy that organizes the SMS’es. Just a handful of great people putting the show on air.

Elana Afrika is really cool, as well as Angie (the poor contestant who was voted out just a few days before she could have possibly walked off with the million!) I hope that some of you guys were able to catch the episode on GO, but if not, then I will organize that I can get a few clips to upload on my blog, or just put a link to click through to GO’s website.

What was asked?

Are you still at the boot camp, and what lies ahead?
She left the boot camp (and misses everyone) but she’s starting a new job as project manager at a telecommunications company.

If she could choose one of the voted out contestants to come back, she would have chosen Lisa because they were good friends on the island, and has loads of similarities.

Who recognized her first and where?
She gets approached mostly at nightclubs (when they have a few drinks in), but not as much in the streets.

What alcohol drink describes her best?
Tequila, tequila, tequila! (She’s going to prove this at the after party after the Finale next week)

What did she tell her friends and colleagues when she had to leave for Survivor (they are not allowed to tell anyone!)
She already planned an Thailand vacation (hope this is right…) so when she was chosen as a contestant she just told everyone that her vacation was moved a bit earlier. When she came of the Survivor Island, she STILL went to Thailand for another month.

I can’t remember everything (going to watch the episode tonight to see how I made a fool of myself and to check my facts) but these are some of the things we talked about.

Overall it was a HUGE blast and I think a HUGE success. It was really a privilege to be on this show; thank you Elana, Angie and M-Net for this a memorable evening!

Watch me on Go!

November 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s probably not good news to you, but it is to me! I’ve been invited to fly up to Johannesburg, and to be ‘the journalist’ on the Go Exxtra: Survivor show. If you don’t know what it is: Elana Afrika interviews the ousted contestant after each episode every Wednesday, and they always have a journalist there as well, only on Go! Channel 110 on DStv!

So this is an open invite to all. If you have DStv, and if you are going to watch Survivor this Wednesday, switch over to channel 110 and have a nice chat with Elana, the ousted contestant and myself! All viewers also have the chance to SMS in questions, or even phone in! (I wouldn’t mind reading a few SMS’s for me :-) *skimp* *skimp*)

See you all on Wednesday! (or rather, you’ll see me ;-)

Channel 110

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"The 17th contestant…"

October 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

Things are REALLY heating up, and not working out as the contestants are planning it, and not even as we want it to! I really thought that Amanda was next! I didn’t really see Angela going out next – but that is the way the cookie crumbles on THIS Island!

I don’t know if you’ve thought about it really but there are 5 contestants left on the island as from next week (Episode 11, Wednesday 7 November) and then one contestant will be voted out at the end leaving us with 4.

If this goes the same as in Series 1 (which I doubt will happen) then the top 4 will do a challenge (on Episode 12, Wednesday 14 November, 20:00) where they have to stand on something for a veeeerrrryyy long time. 2 contestants will then fall out, and then only 2 will be left. (I think one or two of the voted outed contestants will win a chance back into the game here…)

Then they will go to Tribal Council and try and smooth talk the Jury (I’m not going to make a big fuss: BUT WHERE IS THE JURY!? – makes me think DMI!) into voting for them to win the million. Then we will cross over live to the studio for the finale (at 21:00, Episode 13)…and then it will be the end of another Survivor Series, but at least it was MUCH better than last year! Time really flies when you are having fun!

So what is up with the graphic? If you didn’t read Peoples magazine, or watch Go Exxtra: Suvivor (on GO! Channel 110), or went to the M-Net Survivor website, then you probably wouldn’t know that Angela got hitched recently and after she came off the island she found out that she had a bun in the oven. So when you see her at the finale, don’t get a fright; it’s not Atkins Diet gone wrong, but only that she and her husband John van Druten got up to some dirty business and made a baby ;-)

What happened to the competition? Well it closed on Monday and I was really amazed at the number of entries! Thank you to all who entered! I must be honest; I haven’t phoned the winner yet, but will do so tomorrow (Thursday 1 November)! And this lucky reader of my blog will win 2 airplane tickets to Johannesburg, accommodation in a spiffy hotel, and entry to the finale and the after party!!!

Who’s in the run for the money?

October 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Okay, so what did we learn in tonights episode? At school they should teach all learners to be able count “one thousand and one”, “one thousand and two”…if you don’t know this ‘rule’ yet; when you count like this, not to slow, and not to fast, then you are albe to count one second at a time.

It was sorry to see Hein go, he was really a great contestant! Not one of my favourites, but a true Survivor. I’ve given up on the fact that there is a “Dead Mans Island”, so sorry for all the Rijesh, Dyke and Hein fans – they are out of the game, away from the island! Gone! Capish!

But who is really in the run for the money now at the moment from the 6 remaining contestats? Most peoples favourites are out already, including mine. The only all-time-favourite left is Rapport-Viewers-Choice-contestant Lorette. (My favourite for the R1 000 000 is Angie…just by the way).

But if I think at the storyline from the past 9 episodes (yes people, the producers tell a story just like with a soapy!) it looks like Lorette and Mandla will be the final two contestants; the King and the Queen.

The next few weeks will DEFINATELY we VERY interesting! I’m glued to my seat…well, maybe with double-sided tape…

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Poor contestants…they need a Spa!

October 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

Don’t forget the my competition where you can win a ticket for yourself and a friend to the grand finale of Survivor!!! It will include tickets, airplane tickets AND accomodation!!! If you want to know more, click here!


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Dead Man’s Island: TOP SECRET!

October 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

The fact that no one was voted out last night, and that the episode was “To be continued”, is BIG news! Now everyone is going to wonder what will happen to the two most popular (amongst the viewers) contestants in Survivor!

But I think that I’ve got bigger news; I’ve been thinking, and speculating, and commenting for some time now that some of the ‘voted out’ contestants are on Dead Man’s Island at the moment, struggling to survive, and some at sometime in the game one or two contestants will come back with a bang (think Vanessa: Season 1 winner).

Why do I say this?
‘Cause Nichal was sent to Dead Mans Island in the first episode, and so far no else has been sent there…

This might be a stupid reason, but here comes some news that put the cherry on the top for me, and the stamp on the envelope:

After each episode there is a Go! Exxtra: Survivor episode with Elana Afrika and the voted out contestant. Because no one was voted out last night, Mark was there to talk about Survivor and to answer a few questions.

After struggling for a while to get through, someone answers eventually. Guy 1 asks what my question is going to be, and I say “I want to ask what happened to Dead Mans Island…”. Guy 1 then goes and tells Guy 2 (I could here everything in the background) that they’ve got the next caller and he then repeats my question.

Guy 2 says that it’s a cool question, “let’s go ahead with that”. I’m not 100% sure who said what to whom in the end, but the question got to the Publicity Manager, and I think Mark, and then one of them said that “No, we are not going to take that question!”… “No!”

And then poor Guy 1 had to come back to me, after I heard almost all of it, to come and let me know that I will not be able to ask my question… All of this made me very suspicious…very, very suspicious.

But don’t keep my word for it – let’s wait and see what will happen in the next few episodes…I think there are only 4 left!

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"Only 6 bottles of Hunters on the wall…"

October 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

You might have noticed this before, but each week I write a little write-up about Survivor for (Read this weeks entry by clicking here) This is a little extract from what I wrote a few days ago…and a few of my ‘questions’ I asked were answers in Episode 8:

“These days it’s very hard for me to guess what’s going to happen in the next episode, so let me come out clean – I have no freakin’ idea what’s going to happen tonight, and I’m afraid to take a guess! Will Dead Man’s Island show its head tonight? Will the tribes merge? When will they get the chance to phone home? When will someone win a night at a spa and get the chance to take someone with? When will they get a feast? When will they get ‘money’ and get the chance to auction for ‘hidden’ prizes?“

So we found out that in next weeks episode the two tribes are going to merge into a new tribe, so the 8 remaining contestants are going to head-to-head! I’m a bit disappointed that Irshaad missed the merger by just 1 episode – I think that he could actually have sturred things up in the tribe to be more interesting than Alphabetical Soup…

The tribes also went to “Dead Man’s Island” to do their Reward Challenge…but non of the voted-out tribe member were even close by! Where are they!? And what’s up with DMI?

We also saw a feast in this episode – “Sponsored by Fruit & Veg” *joke*. The winning tribe got to feast on a HUGE feast with EVERYTHING – including my favourite cider: Hunters Dry!!! I don’t know who set up the “trunk with the 6 Hunters Dry” in it – but it was DUMB! To me it looked like Hunters was stingy and only wanted to give the poor contestants 6 beers to share amongst 6!

If it wasn’t for the above photo (please note: the photo was manipulated by myself, and Irshaad doesn’t even drink. I just thought that the picture was very ironic…), and the fact that Dyke said that he drank 7 ½ beers, then I would have still thought that Hunters only sponsored a six-pack…

More news and details to follow in the coming week!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, or if you haven’t been to this blog yet, YOU stand the chance to win DOUBLE tickets to the Finale of Survivor on Wednesday 14 November, TWO airplane tickets (if you live outside of Johannesburg) and ONE Hotel Room (if you are bringing your lova’ with you…)!!!

If you are a true Survivor-fan, or even just a fan (or stalker) of one specific Survivor Contestant, I hope that you are excited about this competition as I am! Thanks again to M-Net for giving my blog the chance to run a competition like this – it’s really amazing!

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Want to know what you can expect? Click on this link to see what I got up to at last years Survivor Finale and After Party, and what the Survivors did!

Just a few rules:

  • Only one e-mail per e-mail address
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  • If you are under 18 and win the tickets, you will have to have adult supervision (or if you are hot, I can be the ‘adult supervision’…)

So tell all your friends, form alliances and better your chances of winning and/or going with a friend!

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