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December 5, 2012 in Political Satire

An old lady of 94 gets burnt with a heated  frying pan, another family member shot in the back – dead, yet another shot in the stomach(ICU) – and a young boy gets stabbed in the head. Sounds like one of those ”Freddy Kruger”  horror movies. Only difference – this is for real.

The perpetrators make off with R 10000.00 in cash and a few cell phones. This is the umpteenth incident in the same region.  This is the MO applied country-wide by the criminal fraternity burdened with the task of creating terror among the white farming community over the last two decades.

I have written exhaustively on this subject and will continue to do so to create and maintain  public awareness.

At first, one hoped that the farm attacks were random, unplanned incidents. Then the tally went up to a hundred, then a thousand and now going far beyond this count.

Bothering is the consistency of the Modus-operandi. Very few of the attacks deviate much from the established pattern, making one conclude that it is either one group of murderers traveling from region-to-region to perpetrate their heinous acts or that many groups were recruited in various regions and subjected to one training program t o enable them to ply their trade in a region known to them.

I am not one to be swayed easily into believing in conspiracy theories but the consistency of occurrence and prolonged period of time that has elapsed from the first farm attack, coupled with the very low success rate in capturing the perpetrators, tends to sway ones perception into this direction.( it is so low that it seems that the powers that be do not want to capture these guys) (Obviously it will necessitate training of replacements at a cost)

The questions that require investigation are: Who stands to gain most from the liberation of farms from white ownership?

Who can afford to keep a terrorist group (or groups) active for almost twenty years?

The cost must be astronomical and barring the few large mining companies still active in this country, nobody else except the government have the resources and motive.

Land Reform  promised during election campaigns since 1994 is placing the government under tremendous pressure to deliver the goodies. The willing buyer, willing seller concept requires at first, a market related offer. Should the property (ies) be located in an affluent and progressive farming region, our government would be hard pressed to buy enough properties to satisfy the land hungry hordes without having to reduce spending on  their own opulent lifestyles – this is really too much to ask.

Enter the farm terror task force. Create terror among the white farmers of a region (preferably productive, well run farms) Murder and torture a few soft targets (94 year old’s and so on) in a certain area and make sure that enough publicity is gained. Leak some gory inside information to the press and the prices in the region start dropping overnight. Do some follow-up terror a few weeks or months later to maintain the momentum. Enter the buyers –  and some productive farmland can be re-distributed to the poor landless to bugger up to their hearts content.

I so hope that I am still wrong about this whole issue and that co-incidence is playing a trick on us by repeating itself totally out of the normal  occurrence-rate expected. By now it is like the same person winning the Irish sweepstakes fifty times in a row.


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