You are paralysed by fear . . .

November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I was talking to God this morning, I was asking for forgiveness for all the things I did not do. Not spending time with God, vacuuming, getting the injections for the horses . . .

I was about to ask God if He would help me get the things done I KNOW I should do, but just don’t do, when He clearly said to me: “You are paralyzed by fear” And zingggg . . .

I did not see this coming, but, boy, did it hit the mark. I had a feeling of peace that immediately flowed into me. It was not our first talk about fear. Previously God told me that fear is not of Him. (2Timothy1:7) Fear drives people to always be in a rush and do things outside of His Shalom.

Have you ever experienced how fear leads you into

  •      dead works – rewarded by guilt
  •     and people pleasing – rewarded by feelings of inadequacy and rejection.

But Shalom leads you to peace and joy in the Lord which leads to

  •    obedience – rewarded by deep satisfaction (and more peace and joy!)
  •    and loving your neighbor which leads to wholeness (and MORE peace and joy! ;)

I love you Lord, but I have walked out of your Shalom and into fear. I reject fear as my cloak and cast it down, in the Name of Jesus. I accept my cloak of Shalom from you again.

Thank you Lord, for your grace and the blood of the Lamb. I have Shalom back :)

PS: I looked up the word “wholeness”:

adjective – in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece:
noun – a thing that is complete in itself


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