Unexpected is Best.

November 28, 2012 in humour, photography, public, Uncategorized, whitewolf

now if you are using Fire Fox from Mozilla you probably have never seen this screen.

But you may receive a few of these from people using social networks..

Don`t stop for anyone as hijacking is on the increase.

When you are looking for a dog walker, don`t get one off the net. Although they do seem to bond.

Have you ever felt in a bit of a pickle when looking for a holiday home, then this is the place.

There are a lot of these flowers growing on the farm in the bush, but I haven`t Googled them yet.

When I was in Pretoria the streets were lined with Jacaranda trees, but this is the only one I have seen in Knysna.

No Animals were injured or stressed during the making of this blog. :-)

Foe something else unexpected watch this Video;—

Click on the bed to watch…

Have a great day, and smile because people will think you know something that they don`t.

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