Spy Hopping in Plett.

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Spy Hopping is when the Whale doesn`t jump right out of the water and only shows it`s head. To see this up close and in a boat is awsome, you don`t only see it but you feel it. This was taken on a return trip with Oceansafaris from their boat “Fat Boy “. The Beacon Isle Hotel is in the background and is an ideal place to watch from land..


Camera`s and UFO`s.

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first cameras

I have tried with all the digital cameras that I have to try and get some night photo`s with very limited success. While I was watching the constellation of Orion move across my field of vision I started to think of some of my early photographic memories. My first thought was of the Ensign full View that I got in 1950, it took a 120 Kodak film which was 21/4″ square. Latter I got a twin lense reflex which had a lot more settings. They took very good photo`s but in those days there was only black and white . It was quite late in the 50`s when they got colour films and they were expensive. In the 60`s I got a 35 mm SLR Miranda Sensorex which I still have. With this camera I took a lot of photo`s with time exposures some were quite weird and started my investigation into UFO`s. I don`t believe in little green men in flying saucers but I love experiment and investigate unusual things in the sky. A lot of my photos have been used by UFOSA for lectures and I think they were misrepresented. Most of these were taken in the mid 70`s and I would like some comments on them. Most were sent to NICAP in the USA and they can`t give me a good reply. This is of of them and were taken around the Southern Cross with a time exposure of 10 minutes.


I experimented with the then fastest film which was 400 ASA and took it to 8000 ASA by using a mixture of different developers and developing time. I also had a 16mm spy camera and the only bulk film I could get was positive so I used to solarise it, that was developing it half way and exposing it to light and then developing it some more.This also increased it`s speed and I was able to take snap shots in very low light. The advantage of black and white was the use of filters and the ease of developing and printing. Enlarging was also very interesting because you could bring out small parts of the negative which I find a lot more difficult using digital.
moon shots

With my new film I was able to take snapshots through my telescope of the craters on the Moon. I also used a 400mm telephoto lens with a 2x and 3x converter in line and this worked even better as I could enlarge the frame afterwards. Taking time photo`s of the night sky was rewarding as it was quick to develop black and white film in those days. Now with colour film it is getting difficult to get the developing and printing done the same day, and a lot more expensive.
I can however still take pictures of Sun Spots in Digital. My old method was to get a cardboard box and fit tracing paper over one side and put the telescope through a hole in the other and then focus on the paper. It was just a matter of focusing the camera on the back and taking the photo.
sun comparison
Another interesting thing was pinhole photography.


New House, New Thoughts?

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Buckingham Palace didn`t even cost R250M when built and the road was already there. The new road joining Nkandla to the R66 will cost another R1.2Bn. Is this the reason for having sleepless nights thinking about the poor. Just think of how that could have uplifted the poor in that area, and there are many.

zuma queen

this was found on Facebook during one of my rare visits.

christmas workout plan

This one was sent to me by a friend and I thought it was probably all the exercise that a lot of people will get over the festive season. :-)


I`ve heard of landing with your ass in the butter but Alice just likes cool water. I managed to make a wallow for her as the summer is upon us. She loves to lay in it and cover herself with mud. This keeps her cool as they only seem to sweat through their nose and mouth like dogs. She is in eastrus again, which happens about every 2 or 3 weeks. She gets very stressed and has to cool her rear end.


Whilst doing this she looks like a roly poly pig. This is probably were they got the mould for the Piggy Bank.


Jumping Cats !

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The cat was eyeing the goldfish, I wonder if it looks this size to the fish?


Even kittens have entered the technological world or are they just curious?


When I took this I thought they would come down in my garden in a tangle. When speaking to them later I found out that there was a difference of nearly thirty feet at that time. They often drop in for a braai sometimes but then one of the wives has to pick them up in their car.


I would love to try this one out one day.


My wife thinks I should stick to cars. :-)

Unexpected is Best.

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now if you are using Fire Fox from Mozilla you probably have never seen this screen.

But you may receive a few of these from people using social networks..

Don`t stop for anyone as hijacking is on the increase.

When you are looking for a dog walker, don`t get one off the net. Although they do seem to bond.

Have you ever felt in a bit of a pickle when looking for a holiday home, then this is the place.

There are a lot of these flowers growing on the farm in the bush, but I haven`t Googled them yet.

When I was in Pretoria the streets were lined with Jacaranda trees, but this is the only one I have seen in Knysna.

No Animals were injured or stressed during the making of this blog. :-)

Foe something else unexpected watch this Video;—

Click on the bed to watch…

Have a great day, and smile because people will think you know something that they don`t.

Hobbies and Laughs 2.

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One of my hobbies is making working cannons and other antique weapons. I haven`t filled the page with them but if you have an interest click this link. Or direct to my Webpage.

All mechanical things are of interest and I have been working on generators latterly. The experimental windmill is still working OK, even with the wind we have had over the last week. The blades were made from 80mm down pipes and cut on an angle. If anyone requires info just email.

The one on the left is made from 3 coffee tins and is a lot of work for the output. It charges a cell phone in 30 minutes.

The air plants are still flowering although they were only found in the workshop a month ago.

When I was in the UK I used this as my Avatar. It used to be our local pub, it`s now changed names as many have done over the years.

Although we all complain about the cost or quality of goods, what do we notice. These were put in a kitchen in separate places, only when they were put together was it realised that it was a joke tin on the right. There are two changes to the label which were cut from a spare one, and stuck in place. this was done before Photoshop.:-)

Don`t go swimming in this technological age, people get money from newspapers of you drowning. :-)

A local trailer with driver wondering why he`s pulling it, probably the boots not large enough.

And I found a use for all these potholes in the new road. Hobbies for all occasions. :-)

Harley Holiday in the USA.

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This view could be in most parts of the World, but it`s in the USA.

A few weeks ago my brother went for a Biking and Karate holiday in the USA to train with a friend of his Bud. It appears that biking gear is cheaper there than the UK so he`s making the best of it.

Now this is something you don`t see very often in the rest of the World.When I was still biking we were usually turned away from camp sites as undesirables. :-)

The arrival and all is well. Put the Harley`s to bed and then sleep.

My brother posing with the Dragon Mascot, this will probably go with the Dragons in his Dojo. :-)

The Dragons Tail is where you buy your souvenirs. Watch out for customs and baggage weight. :-)

This must be a bikers paradise and certainly brings back lots of memories, I missed a lot.

It looks quite early in the morning but I think it`s Harley`s only, I don`t think a Japanese or English bikes would be appreciated. I regret in my latter years that I never owned a Harley but did at one time have to option, but got my brother a Garreli instead. Although he came off a few times I think Biking is in his blood.

Me on my brothers Harley in the UK when I went there last year. That`s the nearest I got to having a biking holiday on a Harley. Must stop now my eyes are misting over.

I wrote this blog because most of my readers seem to be in the USA according to wordpress statistics.

Have a great weekend,

Stoned or What ?

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This picture in the newspaper was very confusing. The Police came under fire from strikers today and retaliated by throwing stones. It is believed that the government has withdrawn all firearms from the police. There are reports that due to the unrest they will be issued with the new modified revolvers to control riots.

Still a lot to see…

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I was watching this bird from the stoop thinking maybe it was a Sparrow Hawk when it decided to land on one of the trees at the far side of the dam. Looking through the photo`s I had taken this one came up on the screen. I enlarged it as big as possible but still thought it was a monkey.

Only when seeing the next picture on the screen and checking the tree did I realise it was the Hawk from a different position.

Looking around the side of my car and found the cat had been hunting. well she is keeping the rodents down. If you have animal feed you will have rats, so we have 4 cats also. :-)

Taking a walk round the dam that I see from my stoop I see the usual suspects, except the mother Duck now has some youngsters.

The other birds seem to be too busy searching for food. they seem to be a cross between a Hadida and the White Ibis.

Today we were treated to a display of old biplanes. But they still landed faster than I could focus my camera. :-)

On walking back from the flight path I noticed this footprint, it is the size of the palm of my hand. I found some spoor that was too large for Alice so I was wondering if this print was from one of the big baboons that I see in the area, what do you think?

Alice is still looking for a Hog, but hopes you all have a great weekend.

My Neighbour is a Pig?

August 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was thinking the other day that since the first big rains I have had a pig for a neighbour. That may sound a bit harsh in these times , but it`s true.


She very often sits on her stoop, like a guard dog.

She treats my step as a food bowl if she gets an apple.

I might not see you but I can smell food.

On the other side I get invaded by chickens, of which I am not impressed. They try to eat my seedlings and crap on my stoop and step. That`s why I have taken to the pig. They don`t crap on their own door step.

Then along comes the cat from my sons flat who treats me as a second home whenever he goes out.

Alice likes a brush every day, and a tick removal service. This usually starts after her breakfast, since the first day she has learned to change sides when the one side is finished. Pig being brushed by a friend.

Looking back towards the house you can see how close she likes to be. It was only because during the heavy rains she would not sleep in her old house but lay up against my stoop. It would rank as a shack but its waterproof and she has filled it with shade cloth and dry grass. Banana leaves have also been put in her bed and she seems to chew them from time to time.

I have my own car guard, she`s a real pig and sleeps on the job. Sometimes she sleeps behind the car so there is no way to move until she does. Pigs can be very stubborn but I am stuck with her BPE credetials.