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It is today

2013/02/26 in Uncategorized

Photographic by De Waal Venter


The brick in my garden
shows patches of green –
not moss, but fungi.
The city hall
is painted white,
it has a mechanical clock
that works.
The lift in the shopping mall
is hoisted on greased cables,
I almost never look at it.
There is a beautiful woman
selling  jewellery and watches
in the mall –
her hair is covered,
she is a Muslim.
The speed hump
on the way to Zulu Jump
has become deformed
by the heavy traffic.
A factory produces
an irritating stench,
I must find out what it is.
An ice cube melts
outside a freezer,
even on cold days.

These are important facts,
and if you don’t know why
I will tell you:
this is what life is made of;
if they were not there
we would stare
into blackness
spiraling into dark.

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