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Water everywhere

2013/02/19 in Uncategorized

Photo by De Waal Venter


Beer is mostly water, and so are you

Outside water
life is not bearable
to an organism
like a gecko, a rhino
or a writer of action novels.

Inside water
a gecko can scoot up
a perpendicular rockface,
a rhino can swing its head
to impale a poacher on its horn,
the novelist can dip a madeleine
into his tea
to emulate Proust
and possibly get a new idea.

The inside of water
is rather dull in reality:
molecules of hydrogen and oxygen,
slipping and rolling over each other,
taking a few steps back
as the temperature rises,
coming closer for a hug
as it gets colder.

But water inside you and me
is rather fun.

I’m not going to say
anything about body fluids,
but I rather admire yours,
from a distance –
care for a beer?

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