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Smell the carnations

2013/02/18 in Uncategorized

Paying attention to your roots

The carnations
are quiet today.
They do make scents, however,
and when you sit down
to attend to them,
you can learn a lot.

They talk
of the slow and steady
commuting at their roots
of water, laden
with nutrients, the best you can find
in the universe:
unblemished ions and innumerable molecules
of admirable elements, scattered
playfully over the periodic table.

The jealousy of bacteria,
fighting for a place at the root membranes,
the poisonous attention of nematodes,
the gargantuan thrusting of earthworms
among the roots.

Carnations are not noisy creatures,
but if you smell them carefully,
you can learn a huge amount
about your roots.

5 responses to Smell the carnations

  1. There was a time that I thought I could see right into a blade of grass – it was such a busy place with not a moment’s rest and those molecules of water filled with compounds kept coming and going and the cells kept taking them in or pushing them out or some such. It is amazing how much work goes on …:)

    • Yes! A very good description. And think what happens in a living cell …

      • Yes:)
        I became very aware of cells- my cells- when my body faded away before my eyes. I could see myself melt like an ice-cream in the sun and looked down on the floor to see a puddle. There was no puddle of course- the melting was inwards …
        I had severe extensive and advanced TB.

        • I’m very pleased to see the word “had” in your message, Jeanius. I sincerely hope that you are now well – I can see that you’re functioning very well :)

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