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Foundations of clay

2013/01/23 in Uncategorized

Photos by De Waal Venter


The fallen home

The ornithologist
was concerned, although he realised
it was not a scientific attitude;
his friends, the herpetologist and
the entomologist were unmoved:
course of nature, they said.

The swallow nest
had dropped from the open roof
and shattered on the tiles.
It had a well-constructed inner layer of grass
which was covered with fine feathers,
the body of the house was constructed of dried mud pellets.

The swallows had long gone,
unaware of the fallen house.

I hold the sky
at my wingtip,
the swallow says.

It is only when I produce
new life
that I surround myself
with mud.

Woven grass middle layer

Inner layer of soft feathers



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