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2013/01/22 in Uncategorized


The vicarious V into outer space

Behind the boat
the ever-expanding V of the wake
is written on the glistening epithelium of the Aegean Sea.
Does it stand for Victory
or Vicarious or perhaps Vastness?
Vicissitude, perhaps – nothing is ever the same.

I take a photo
with my SLR camera
on 200 ASA film;
digital cameras have not become available yet.

At Simi
we will eat seafood
fried in olive oil,
olives and feta cheese.
I will buy a sponge,
real, not made of plastic –
the abandoned skeleton
of life completely alien to me.

Women dressed soberly
go to mass.
They walk through the moist Mediterranean light,
each step an unforgettable scene
in an old master’s painting.

Already a human being
has walked on the moon –
we will not rest until
we have reached Mars,
and the other planets,
the V expands.

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