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Love poem

2013/01/18 in Uncategorized


Falling in love instantaneously

Considering how busy it was
it wasn’t a very long instant,
but it was long enough.
At the beginning of it
his brain started processing
the bio-electric impulses
streaming through his optic nerve.
After a short period
in which the impulses
were appraised and reshaped
in various sections of his brain,
a series of signals were sent
to several endocrine and other glands,
with the result that
amounts of finely measured hormones were released
in his bloodstream.
Simultaneously input from his auditory nerves
were processed, and had the same effect,
followed by input from his olfactory nerves.
As the the instant progressed,
the release of hormones started changing
his muscle tone, and blood flow
to parts of his body increased.
At the end of the instant,
rational thoughts emerging
from the unconscious activities of his brain,
were taking initial shape.

The instant ended.

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