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Firm belief

2013/01/07 in Uncategorized

I believe it is necessary

A pianist is playing
Liszt’s Piano Concerto No 1 in E Flat
on a grand piano
standing on a rocky strip
between two dunes.
There is no human being
closer than 300 kilometres,
the nearest in Ubari, in the Wadi al Hayaa District.
It is very hot.
The pianist is sweating
in his tuxedo,
his face is turning red
in the continuous gush of infra-red
and ultraviolet, unhindered by moisture in the air.

The pianist finishes the piece.
He sits quietly for a moment.
There is no applause.
He gets up,
takes gulps of water
from the coolbox in the four-by-four.
Then he drives off.

In Syria two men are shot dead
as they cross the road.
They used to believe firmly.

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