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2013/01/05 in Uncategorized

Photographik by De Waal Venter

You’ll know, until you fall asleep

At night
he had his memories
mostly sorted out –
it took the whole day
and the task was made
a little more difficult
by the constant stream of experience
being added every waking moment.

Some of his memories
he fondly kept in a dry place,
with regular temperature and moisture control.

Some he wished he could delete
but he had no choice –
he kept them in steel cabinets
supplied by state-of-the art security precautions,
and accessed them
only in rare and guarded moments.

At night,
when he slept,
some force, person or entity
ignored all his attempts at order
and allowed all memories
to emerge at will.

There were no rules,
he had to murder at times,
be it a lover
a banker
or a father,
he had no control.
He wondered
who exactly he was.

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