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Overwhelmed by scents

2013/01/04 in Uncategorized

Photo by De Waal Venter. Instagram on iPhone with ios6 platform

Life, in a sense

The leaves of the lemon verbena
gently hands me
a tale made up of a few
shy words in the citrus breath
of the girl with the loose curls
and hands as tender as the breeze
between blossoms.

The eucalyptus
grabs my hand firmly,
it leaves stiff and manly;
it takes me to the edge
of aversion, amidst the pleasure
of an unfolding narrative.

Lavender holds me at arms length,
its purple flowers flickering in patterns
of its internal programming;
it is a surgeon looking at my body
as though it is a task
that will take a morning;
and then it smiles –
she is a woman
and has compassion for my silliness.

Apricot hurls me
against her ample bosom,
so soft, and such sweet promise;
there can be no death
surrounded by the yellow laughter of her flesh.

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