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2013/01/02 in Uncategorized

Travel broadens one’s mind

On almost the last planet
he visited
Councillor Bleu found only one industry.
There were solely cheese factories
on Brie.
It was a thriving industry,
but, the Councillor thought,
a little dull.
He bought a new mobile
from one factory
that sidelined in electronics.
It was a bit basic –
its reaction to brainwaves
was a bit sluggish,
but it could do essential tasks.
He also had to buy some underwear
at another cheese factory
that sidelined in garments.
The cheeses were magnificent,
as one would expect.
The eponymous Brie was delicious
and one of the Councillor’s favourites.
He made fast friends
with a partner in a cheese factory
that also produced (as a sideline) a range of poetry
which sold well
on nearby underdeveloped planets.
His new friend, Whitey, from the distinguished Whey family,
showed him through the best of the planet’s factories,
and Councillor Bleu marvelled at the fine jewellery,
vehicles, pottery, building materials, fashion products,
spaceships, weapons, medical equipment, health drugs
and processed meats
produced (as a sideline) at these famous cheese factories.

When he left,
he had a beautiful 3D image
taken of him standing next to Whitey.
Both smiled whitely
in response to the imagist’s unexpected question:
what is the famed commodity we produce here on Brie?


Manufacturer’s note: This poem is made of genuine words, commonly enjoyed by millions of speakers all over the galaxy. All efforts have been made to make them fit together correctly.


Fat: a little

Sense: very little

Nutritional value: nil

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