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A mushy poem

2012/12/07 in Uncategorized

Photo by De Waal Venter

Mush ado about some room

Plump and white
like a well-fed goose,
a stuffed pillow
inviting you softly;
white like sugar
pouring from a teaspoon,
the pale stem of a spinach leaf,
round like an apple
but light in colour
like the white of a young girl’s eye;
soft to the touch,
but firm
like a young woman
who knows her mind.

There it stands, huddled into itself,
occupying just enough room
in the ripeness of life,
in the maturity of growth,
in the wisdom of age;
into the salad it goes tonight,
make room for it
in your appetite,
it is to become part
of this tortuous life
you have led so far.

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