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Drawn curtain

2012/11/30 in Uncategorized

Image by De Waal Venter

The black silken curtain

Behind the black silken curtain,
I hear voices;
the curtain moves as something,
perhaps people, move behind it.

It has begun and I don’t know when,
I don’t know what is when,
and when it will end
and what is the end.

What is behind the black silken curtain?
I think I heard my name
spoken behind the black silken curtain,
but I don’t know how to pull it away
to see what is behind
the black silken curtain.

It is quiet now;
different shapes of silence
stacked against the black silken curtain,
there is no sound now,
only the children’s chant of my thoughts.

Let us all go outside
where the sun is shining
and play in the life of today.


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