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Can Tarzan read?

2012/11/23 in Uncategorized

De Waal Venter

Selling decision

I have stored
the lacy skeleton of a prickly pear,
the flesh devoured by cochineal,
the smell of a big dog
in the hot sun,
the odour of a new pencil
in a pencil box,
talcum powder on teacher’s face
in the heat of the classroom,
the breath of Sally
that smells like her lunch apple;
I have stored stamps with 3½D on them,
the leather straps of my satchel
grown soft with use,
comics in which Bugs Bunny
are even more extraordinary
than Superman,
the hard-cover book about Tarzan,
who taught himself to read
and who could be polite
in skimpy underpants of skin;
I have stored
a Volkswagen with a small oval window
in the back that could race
up the hill in third, sometimes second,
the sting of Coca-Cola
fighting to get through the narrow neck
of the girl-shaped bottle;
I have these stored
and more,
and don’t seem to use them much,
and there are other hoards …
if I have a jumble sale
and sell them all,
what will I have?

Bare rooms, naked walls
with marks where the paintings were?
I think I’ll keep them all.

2 responses to Can Tarzan read?

  1. Yes-what would we have without memories. I seem to be digging out mine more often now.

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Rumncoke :) One could argue that most of our existence is made up of memories.

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