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Rain and shine

2012/11/13 in Uncategorized

The plovers whose roof didn’t leak

The thundershower
was wearing grass shoes.
It lumbered over the veld,
slapping its hands together
to make loud clapping sounds.
It flashed quirky, ziggily lines
of light from its eyes,
and then
it opened zillions of little taps
in its dark grey jacket
to bring down sheets of water
that swayed in the wind.

After a while it kind of lost interest
and sloshed away
in its soggy grass shoes.

Kids okay?
asked Mr Plover.
Yes, Mrs answered, and moved one egg slightly.
We planned well for this nest,
the drainage is perfect.

Mr Plover flew straight up
and looked at the fat, retreating grey backside
of the storm.
See you around, he clicked.

2 responses to Rain and shine

  1. Enjoyed the thunder shower! *****

  2. Glad it’s to your liking, Rumncoke! Sorry your comment took so long to appear. This new site requires all comments to be “approved” and I don’t always get to it quickly enough.

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