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2014/09/01 in Uncategorized

Cup LQ


Drinking into the unknown


What is inside

my coffee cup?

Not in the hollow of the cup – inside

the ceramic material.

Are there super slow-metabolism

organisms that wriggle among the clay molecules

at a speed of one or two microns per day?

Like those they found

hundreds of meters down

in solid rock

that exist without oxygen or sunlight?

I know this cup,

I drink from it every day,

but what is inside?

What strange, unknown world

I hold in my hand,

a world I will never know.

Beautiful brown coffee

that tastes like a rugby game

I played at school.

Coffee –

what is it doing to my mind?

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2014/08/28 in Uncategorized



Going too deep


I’m sending a submarine

down to investigate

a few things

in my subconscious.


The captain is very adept

at going to great depths

to look into the seemingly bottomless trenches

found deep down.


They are down there now,

and, of course, I cannot communicate

with them while they are submerged.

I will wait for them

to come to light

and reveal to me

what I am hiding

from myself.


At last my sonar

detects them rising –

but why so fast?

It is an emergency,

it is an emergency.