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Flavour of a place

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Ohoto: De Waal Venter

Photo: De Waal Venter




The place where her body was

is now filled

with the smell

of parsley, fine leather gloves,

a ripe pear, the curlicues

of fresh cucumber flavours,

and just a hint of rich garden soil;

the place where her body was

tells a history of her.


If she comes again

tot this space,

I will be here

to fill it with her.

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Photographic by De Waal Venter

Photographic by De Waal Venter


Bodies and minds at work



Athletes use their bodies

to go from one place

to the other

as fast as possible,

to kick a ball

as cunningly as possible,

to throw a javelin

as far as possible;

young people use their bodies

to create new people,

to nurture and protect them,

to teach and to love them;

soldiers use their bodies

to damage the bodies

of people with hot steel,

explosions and chemicals;

singers use their bodies

to push out sounds

that play on eardrums

with a pleasant effect;

scientists use their minds

to unravel the tangled

strands of reality

and to make the world

fit more and more

into our hands;

poets use their minds

to put up signs

in other minds

pointing to journeys

never undertaken before.