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Rhythm of life

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Living music


Sound, throbbing with energy,

stream from the organ;

deep notes in a regular rhythm,

higher notes slipping in and out

the grand pattern.


There is a theme

that rules over all,

that states that life

is present.


Life endures

whether played by this organ

or the ones that come after;

life surges through the aorta

into the world,

always to return

to renew the theme.

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‘n Gedig van Octavio Paz nuut in Afrikaans vertaal

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Paz en Marie-jose

Paz en Marie-jose


Pares y nones


Octavio Paz


Gelyk en ongelyk


’n Ligte woord

om die dag mee te groet

’n woord om die seile te span



Kringe onder jou oë

in jou gesig is dit nog nag


’n Onsigbare halssnoer van kyke

vasgemaak om jou nek


Terwyl die koerante

se blaaie wegfladder

skuil jy agter voëls


Ons is soos water in water

soos water wat die geheim bewaar


’n Kyk bind jou

en ’n ander een bevry jou

deursigtigheid laat jou verdwyn


Jou borste tussen my hande

water stort weer neer


Van een balkon

(Die waaier)

na ’n ander

(gaan oop)

spring die son

(en gaan toe)


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Die uittreksel hieronder verskyn op Megin Jimenez se blog.

One by Octavio [by Megin Jimenez]

Here is an airy, early poem by the great Mexican poet Octavio Paz (and he is truly a great, not just as in “yeah, he’s great”). I just realized that every year, I pick up the big white bilingual paperback collection of his poems (edited by Eliot Weinberger) when it starts to get hot again, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s that airiness in his work, I mean both physically, the way the poems take shape on the page, and in the way his language breathes. He manages to be philosophical yet retain something elemental, the stuff of this world, elemental things–water, air, stones, sun. I always find the poems calming, not overwhelming, although they are full of ideas. Maybe that’s what makes him a summer poet, he can be read in the sun.