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I’m typed

in a particular font,

said the man

to the woman on the corner.

I am looking

for a twentieth century

manual typewriter

in second-hand and pawn shops.

My font is rather difficult to read,

he added.

It is partly due to blurring

of the characters

as a result of the wear and tear on the metal type,

and the loss of pigment on the ribbon,

and partly

as a result of the fact that my plot

is very dense,

my history tangled

and my denouement a complete mystery.



the woman answered,

you are my type.

We will plot together

and devise a happy denouement.


There sounded a melodious ping

as the carriage returned.


She took his hand

and led him down the street

to a bistro

that was known for trysts

of people who had known each other

for lifetimes.

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Photo: De Waal Venter

Photo: De Waal Venter


In the street where we live


We walk down the street.

Houses watch us curiously

as we pass.

Dogs rush to fences

to make unflattering remarks

about the way we are dressed.

An empty Coke can

stands on the edge of the pavement,

it is dented on one side.

Doves sit on the telephone line,

neatly spaced out,

they don’t appear to be thinking

about anything in particular.

A car approaches us,

we move onto the pavement.

The car passes

with the sound of a moving waterfall;

most of the noise

a car makes

comes from the tyres

rolling over the tarmac.

Somebody is pumping water

from a swimming pool,

it runs down the street.


We wonder whether there really are people

living here.

It could be a myth.

But somebody must have created the myth.

Are the dogs and the doves colluding?