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Missing word

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Lascivious LQ_edited-3
Correct usage of the dictionary

Leonard was an educated man,
but that does not mean
that he knew the meaning
of every word in the English vocabulary,
not by any means,
none of us do.

When he came upon “lascivious”
he realised that he wasn’t crystal clear
about its various meanings.
He decided to test the word
and picked up an almost ripe tomato.

You are lascivious, he told the tomato.
The tomato turned bright red.

Now, is that anger, embarrassment
or sexual excitement? Leonard wondered.

Next he went outside,
peered over the fence
and addressed the bitch next door,
a Border Collie.

You’re lascivious, he said to her.
One of her eyes twitched,
then she turned away
to smell at something brown on the lawn.

Inconclusive, Leonard thought.
Then he got an idea.
I’ll be unconventional, he said excitedly,
and look in the dictionary!

Smiling at his daring
he rummaged around on his bookshelf
until he found a dictionary – covered in dust.

He blew off the dust
and paged through the book
until he came to “h”

The word “lascivious” wasn’t there.

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Swan song

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O Fortuna

An hour or two
after midnight
I heard the sound
of the motorbike,
a rapid series of explosions
in the quiet belly of the night.
It was driving up in the air,
I could hear the sound change
as it lifted off.
Closer it came,
but the closer it came,
the quieter it became.
It circled above,
now humming,
it was the sound of a male choir
singing O Fortuna, composed by Orff!
A countertenor broke loose
and started wailing about the swan
who used to dwell on lakes,
who used to be so beautiful,
but now is roasted black,
served on a dish.
At last the motorbike
ran out of fuel.

The Middle Ages had come to an end.
So will this one.


Olim lacus colueram,
olim pulcher exstiteram,
dum cygnus ego fueram.
Miser, miser!
modo niger
et ustus fortiter!

Girat, regirat garcifer;
me rogus urit fortiter;
propinat me nunc dapifer.
Miser, miser!
modo niger
et ustus fortiter!

Nunc in scutella iaceo,
et volitare nequeo;
dentes frendentes video.
Miser, miser!
modo niger
et ustus fortiter!

Once I had dwelt on lakes, once I had been beautiful, when I was a swan. Poor wretch! Now black and well roasted!
The cook turns me back and forth; I am roasted to a turn on my pyre; now the waiter serves me. Poor wretch! Now black and well roasted!
Now I lie on the dish, and I cannot fly; I see the gnashing teeth. Poor wretch! Now black and well roasted!