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Becoming vague


How well ordered

is my glass

of Shiraz.

How beautifully

all the different molecules

are put together:

water, acids, sugars, odours.

How well balanced

it all is

to meet my tongue

in the arched hall

of my palate

to bring the gifts

of finely selected

flavours and artistically arranged



I take it all in,

and unravel the order

into almost complete disorder,

which I spend carelessly

as heat.


The entropy of the universe

has just gone up

one notch.



Reading Chapter 8, “The origin and fate of the universe” in Stephen Hawking’s book “A brief history of time” will cast some light on this poem. DWV

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by De Waal

Rain and I

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Groen blare LQ

Conversation with a lazy gardener



Rain sat down

and we had a conversation.


There are more weeds

in your garden

than vegetables or flowers.


I know,

but weeds are plants

and don’t they have the right

to grow?


Yes, they have,

and I encourage them

to do so.

But what use

are they to you?


I like to see

living things,

it reminds me.

that I am one of them.


Rain nodded

and became quieter and quieter;


a sunny smile broke through

and it left.