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Glass break

2014/10/21 in Uncategorized

Photo: De Waal Venter

Photo: De Waal Venter

Still life: glass of water



A glass holds water

but can force

only a small amount of light

to stay with it,

bending it,

throwing it back,

changed, strange

not what it was before,

white light now dark

streaked with quiet colour,

muted, silent, tamed.


The water lies quietly,

content under its miniscus,

unobtrusively playing with the light,

accepting its energy,

turning it into silence.


It is still,

and it is life

that is held in a shape

but only for a while;

water reaches into the air,

glass will lose its grip

on itself

when it breaks.

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by De Waal


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Becoming vague


How well ordered

is my glass

of Shiraz.

How beautifully

all the different molecules

are put together:

water, acids, sugars, odours.

How well balanced

it all is

to meet my tongue

in the arched hall

of my palate

to bring the gifts

of finely selected

flavours and artistically arranged



I take it all in,

and unravel the order

into almost complete disorder,

which I spend carelessly

as heat.


The entropy of the universe

has just gone up

one notch.



Reading Chapter 8, “The origin and fate of the universe” in Stephen Hawking’s book “A brief history of time” will cast some light on this poem. DWV