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Dearest Abigail,

It has been a very long time since I last wrote to you. A lot has changed and i will have to start at the beginning.
But first let me tell you, I am writing this from my new Macbook Pro. Apple is taking SA by storm. I would love to know what device you will eventually read all these letters from. (I noticed my last update was on my iPad)
Something I have avoided discussing with you has been the fact that myself and Daddy have grown apart, and for a number of reasons decided to separate. We are vastly different people and one day we will have a detailed conversation as to how this has all come to this.
Reading my last post, I can pick up the tone that I am in a bad space having to make some serious decisions regarding our future.
So here is how our 2012 panned out.
In December 2011, we decided to split up and by May 2012 we moved out of our place. The only place you had known up until that point.
Sally and Jason was leaving the country for a few months and Bianca was house sitting for them. We came up with the idea to move in together, while we were going through this transition, it may be a good thing for us to be surrounded by people and experience an adventure.
In the month leading up to this, we lived with Nic and Sam, which was very exciting. Although it went so quickly! because we were travelling up and down to Jo’burg a few times.
I was retrenched in April, and lucky enough to find a new job immediately, which required some time in Joburg to get myself settled and to meet my team.
When we eventually moved in with Bianca (you call her Biancia) you stayed in Noah’s room. Surprisingly it was during this time that i taught you to sleep in your own bed. We could no longer sleep together, it was just not comfortable.
We lived a life of nomads for about 4/5 months, and it was a challenging time for both of us. However we were surrounded by amazing people who carried us through this time. Some of these significant people worth a mention: Judy, Marko and Joshua, who was always there to take you to give me time to go for a run. You grew a close bond with them all during this time, especially Marko.
Nic and Sam put up with us for a month and Sam even baby sat you one night! She did a great job, this also grew your bond with her. Every morning you will go and hang out with her and Nic while we all get ready for work.
Biancia was my emotional pillar and poured plenty of wine to get me through this time. You used to go into her room and put all her jewellery on. We also looked after Blue and Gracie. You enjoyed the animals.
This was also winter time, which I guess was a good time for us to go through this, so we can come out fresh and healed in Summer.
We eventually got our own place and all your stuff and toys came out of storage. You got bunk beds, which made you VERY happy. You can thank Annie and Oupa for this. It was fun doing up your room.
Unfortunately you didn’t see your daddy much during time, despite my constant insistence. I guess he needed to also deal with this in his time.
You often asked for us to go home, and often asked for your daddy and this broke my heart. As I felt that I had failed in creating the environment I wanted to create for you. You unfortunately had to endure this pain and have to deal with the repercussions of having your parents split up. I am truly sorry about this, and I trust that you will walk away from this with two happy households, regardless. I will certainly try my best to keep your life as stable as possible.
On much happier news, our current situation is a happy one! You are a happy 3 year old.
You recently had your 3rd Birthday party and the theme was a monster party. Judy made the cutest cakes and cupcakes. You had all your friends from school and all your closest friends from school and personal friends were there. It was a play park in Sea Point and there was a train, which was great fun!
You are very independent and your always tell me: “I will do my own self”. You have a very interesting dress sense. It differs vastly from day-to-day.
There is a little girl who lives two houses away from us, and you chased her away the other day. You are not so keen on sharing yet. This concept only starts sinking in at 5.
You often have play dates with a boy called Everest, also your best friend at school, and Joshua, your best over all friend.
You have a very musical upbringing, everything from rap music to dub step. Fat Freddy’s drop to Lady Gaga. You love dancing and singing.
Myself, Naz and Sam went to see Lady Gaga’s, Monster Ball concert. She is pretty spectacular! Great show, very controversial. But excellent! She has now got you asking to watch Lady Gaga music videos. Some are just too hectic to watch.
In worldwide news, a man jumped with a parachute from space. It was an event sponsored by RedBull and called the RedBull Stratos. No doubt you can search and find the video clip.
That concludes my post for now. We are heading into 2013 and I am very excited with what our new happy future holds.
We have a special person in our lives, which has become an intricate part of our lives and deserves his own post. :)
I love you. xxx
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