The year 2012

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Dearest Abigail,

It has been a very long time since I last wrote to you. A lot has changed and i will have to start at the beginning.
But first let me tell you, I am writing this from my new Macbook Pro. Apple is taking SA by storm. I would love to know what device you will eventually read all these letters from. (I noticed my last update was on my iPad)
Something I have avoided discussing with you has been the fact that myself and Daddy have grown apart, and for a number of reasons decided to separate. We are vastly different people and one day we will have a detailed conversation as to how this has all come to this.
Reading my last post, I can pick up the tone that I am in a bad space having to make some serious decisions regarding our future.
So here is how our 2012 panned out.
In December 2011, we decided to split up and by May 2012 we moved out of our place. The only place you had known up until that point.
Sally and Jason was leaving the country for a few months and Bianca was house sitting for them. We came up with the idea to move in together, while we were going through this transition, it may be a good thing for us to be surrounded by people and experience an adventure.
In the month leading up to this, we lived with Nic and Sam, which was very exciting. Although it went so quickly! because we were travelling up and down to Jo’burg a few times.
I was retrenched in April, and lucky enough to find a new job immediately, which required some time in Joburg to get myself settled and to meet my team.
When we eventually moved in with Bianca (you call her Biancia) you stayed in Noah’s room. Surprisingly it was during this time that i taught you to sleep in your own bed. We could no longer sleep together, it was just not comfortable.
We lived a life of nomads for about 4/5 months, and it was a challenging time for both of us. However we were surrounded by amazing people who carried us through this time. Some of these significant people worth a mention: Judy, Marko and Joshua, who was always there to take you to give me time to go for a run. You grew a close bond with them all during this time, especially Marko.
Nic and Sam put up with us for a month and Sam even baby sat you one night! She did a great job, this also grew your bond with her. Every morning you will go and hang out with her and Nic while we all get ready for work.
Biancia was my emotional pillar and poured plenty of wine to get me through this time. You used to go into her room and put all her jewellery on. We also looked after Blue and Gracie. You enjoyed the animals.
This was also winter time, which I guess was a good time for us to go through this, so we can come out fresh and healed in Summer.
We eventually got our own place and all your stuff and toys came out of storage. You got bunk beds, which made you VERY happy. You can thank Annie and Oupa for this. It was fun doing up your room.
Unfortunately you didn’t see your daddy much during time, despite my constant insistence. I guess he needed to also deal with this in his time.
You often asked for us to go home, and often asked for your daddy and this broke my heart. As I felt that I had failed in creating the environment I wanted to create for you. You unfortunately had to endure this pain and have to deal with the repercussions of having your parents split up. I am truly sorry about this, and I trust that you will walk away from this with two happy households, regardless. I will certainly try my best to keep your life as stable as possible.
On much happier news, our current situation is a happy one! You are a happy 3 year old.
You recently had your 3rd Birthday party and the theme was a monster party. Judy made the cutest cakes and cupcakes. You had all your friends from school and all your closest friends from school and personal friends were there. It was a play park in Sea Point and there was a train, which was great fun!
You are very independent and your always tell me: “I will do my own self”. You have a very interesting dress sense. It differs vastly from day-to-day.
There is a little girl who lives two houses away from us, and you chased her away the other day. You are not so keen on sharing yet. This concept only starts sinking in at 5.
You often have play dates with a boy called Everest, also your best friend at school, and Joshua, your best over all friend.
You have a very musical upbringing, everything from rap music to dub step. Fat Freddy’s drop to Lady Gaga. You love dancing and singing.
Myself, Naz and Sam went to see Lady Gaga’s, Monster Ball concert. She is pretty spectacular! Great show, very controversial. But excellent! She has now got you asking to watch Lady Gaga music videos. Some are just too hectic to watch.
In worldwide news, a man jumped with a parachute from space. It was an event sponsored by RedBull and called the RedBull Stratos. No doubt you can search and find the video clip.
That concludes my post for now. We are heading into 2013 and I am very excited with what our new happy future holds.
We have a special person in our lives, which has become an intricate part of our lives and deserves his own post. :)
I love you. xxx

Letter to Abi

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I write this update while I am at home with you. You have been extremely sick for a few days. You had tonsillitis and then you got antibiotics with penicillin. You had an adverse reaction to the medicine! Your mouth started swelling, your gums were so inflamed, they started bleeding.

It has been extremely trying time, however today you were your old self, which was a great relief! You are playing, bubbly and not moaning, crying or sleeping.

The other exciting thing is that I am typing this on my iPad! By the time you read this, it will be old news, but this is very exciting news for us! The iPad was released 2 years ago and we recently got them n SA! Granny got me one for my 30th Birthday! We are even a bit behind, as the iPad 3 was released a month ago, just after Steve Jobs passed away.

We currently only have about 400 000 tablets in SA of which 50% are Apple.

From time to time I make notes of special memories to remember, and me of them is “the perfect weekend swimming with Josh” – and the two of you can have so much fun together, you also fight about all the toys, but most of the time you are great!

Blue Ivy Carter was born recently, she is the child of to of the worlds most successful artists, Beyonce and Jay-z. I am sure this little lady is going to do big things, let’s follow this one when you read this.

We went to Joshie’s 3rd Birthday party! There were loads of kids and a great time! Everyone was there, Noah, Ella and Jack and yours truly, Josh! The theme was spiderman and Jude’s made an awesome cake, we helped pack the party packs, and on the day, there was a real spiderman that visited. You were a bit weary of him ;)

I have recently started running, and riding bikes. I got us a bike with a chair and sometimes we cycle together. You get bored however and want to get off and play. I have also entered my first half marathon for July. I am hoping when you read this, I am still running, cause I love it! It makes me feel better when I am down. Also helps keep me in shape, considering i am now 30.

From time to time, we share a special moment in front of the bedroom window, we sit in your fold up chairs and chat and read bookies. We have a beautiful view of mountain and ocean.

Sam recently put you to bed at her house, which was super special to her and you, because you don’t sleep at other peoples houses, let alone allow anyone else to put you to bed!

I have had to go to Joburg for a few days this month, it was very hard leaving you for those days, but also good for us and for you and daddy to spend some time together.

Your vocabulary is improving so much! You sing the whole ABC song, and understand me completely when I talk to you.

From time to time we fight, as you being 2, has been a challenge! You are incredibly demanding, and know what you want, and I guess so am I.

I love watching you grown and being a person. We paint, play play dough, draw and do endless amount of singing and reading national geographic books.

Love you lots lala. Xxx

How wonderful life is now you are in the world!

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Hey Peanut,


It has been quite some time since I last wrote to you and I
have a long list of notes that I need to tell you about.


This year has been an exciting one for South Africa in terms
of bands that came out. I have told you about all the ones that I have attended,
well I went to two more (I am so hardcore). Coldplay was awesome! I pretended
to know all the words, but I really didn’t. Kings of Leon was amazing, there
were TREES! Ask Nick and Sam about the trees. It was a great evening.


Mari and Louis got married and me and you flew to Joburg to
go to the wedding. You wore such a pretty pink and white and brown satin dress,
(which you tore in the end). You were a great flyer, we stuck stickers everywhere
and you played nicely in the aisle.


We are moving into the end of the year, which is my
favourite time of year!! Although, while I am writing this, it is my last day
at work and your last day at school. They are doing extra special activities at
school today, and I am sure you gonna have loads of fun.


So last week was your 2nd Birthday. Ouma, Oupa
and Myne was here to celebrate with us (Naz failed some subject and had 2
supps). You took cake to school and lots of people sang for you at school, at
Spur and then at your party again. We took some video clips, so cute how you
enjoy the attention, but still get a bit shy.


Your party theme was vintage picnic. Rox, Noah, Ella, Joshua,
the twins, Kian, was there out of the kids. Judy bakes your cake and it had a porcelain
tea set on, so pretty, and tasted wayyyyy too good.


You really starting to enjoy singing, at the moment you
sing: WINKLE WINKLE WITTLLE STAR, UPA SKY. You also really enjoy Wielie walie,
especially the tjoef tjaf part.


In more everyday life news, Table Mountain has been declared
one of the NEW 7 Wonders of the world. Which makes us pretty privileged people,
since we have a pretty good view of this wonder from our house.  


Quiet recently we had a day, which will forever be known as
Black Tuesday. The government agreed to pass to the secrecy bill, which means
the government can control what the media tells us. This is quiet similar to
the apartheid era rulings, where the government also controlled what we saw.
Now this is clearly ridiculous, which is why it was removed in the first place!
It has to still go to high court before it is passed, but just the fact that it
has gone that far, amazes me. What saves us from this ridiculous ruling
however, is modern technology, in the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which the
government cannot control. Let’s hope it is declared un-constitutional, because
that is the only way our country can move forward. For us to see what really
goes on in government.


I am currently listening to something, I believe is the
current day Madonna, mixed with Michael Jackson…. LADY GAGA! I never thought
I would enjoy her music when she first came out with Poker Face. She just
released her latest music video, Marry the night, which is almost 15 minutes
long. As weird as she may be, she is an artist. She is definitely NOT the norm,
and that is what I love.  I am sure we
will discuss this one day.


And that ends of my letter as I have to end of this year, it
has been a tough journey, but you make every minute worth it.


I lollll loooooo.



Almost 2

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Hello my sweetpea!

You are 22 months old and 2 months away from being 2 years old!

You have changed so much in the last little while. You talk a LOT! At school, they have to tell you to shush for nap time, as you keep all the other kids from sleeping. You attempt to repeat anything we teach you, but you have certain words that stick, like “nake” which is snake, you don’t say “S”. You were playing with my string of pearls this morning and called it a “nake”.

When I get home from work we chat about your day, and I ask you about the kids at school, these are the kids and what they tend to do:

Owen – naughty

Saskia – You pulled her hair

Jude – Cry

Everist (evy) – naughty

Michelle is your teacher and teaches you baba black sheep. Ollie is her assistant.

You now go to school until 3pm, and seem to really enjoy it. Most days you run in, and quiet happy to go to Ollie or Michelle.

You sing the Barney song: I love you, you love me… Your version is: I laaallll looooo, looooo laaaaa leeeee. You often shout how much you love us all, and it is game to say it in different tones.

The reality of how fast you are growing is really scary, we recently got you a little toddler bed, a Winnie the Pooh one, it is so cute, and you are VERY proud to show it off. You still however come to “leep” with me at around 1 am. The way I see it, you won’t still be sleeping with me when you are a teenager, so I am enjoying it for what it is.

We needed to start disciplining you, and put you on the naughty step when you get out of hand. This is really hard, as you think it is a joke, till you realise there is no fun in it. You also know when I put you on the step, that t is over when we say “Huggies”, so now it is the first thing you do when I put you on the step. You also understand the concept of “googirl” (good girl) and say Mama, Abi googirl. My heart melts.

You really do have a beautiful personality and pride yourself in doing the right thing, like throwing away trash, picking up toys, and your achievements. I am very proud of you and your determination to learn.

I like teaching and watching you grow.

I love you.

Mama. Xxx

Abi at 1…

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Hi my monkey!

It has been quite some time since my last post! My new job keeps me very busy, and I don’t get to spend as much time with you as I want to. Even right now, you are sleeping and I have work to do, but really wanted to write you a bit. Every day with you is so special, and your personality is coming through so strong! We both had a little cold and every time I cough you ask me? “okay” and touch my shoulder. So special.

In the last 5 months you have started playschool, and your development has sky rocketed! You started building puzzles, drawing “pictures”. Initially you did not like the idea at all, and cried when i dropped you off, but for the last month, you seem to be fine. You can name your body parts, but confuse boobies and (belly) button.

You have become so VOCAL. A real little talker! Favourite words: ON NO! WHAT DID YOU DO? MESS?

Your favourite movies is: BALLOONS (Up), Buzz (Toystory3), and Birdies (Rio). You have a semi obsession with balloons and bubbles. When we see a display in a store, we have to buy a packet of balloons, otherwise we are not shopping.

Some things that have happened in the world this year:

There was a massive Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate got married, we were glued to the TV for 5 days. I didn’t want to miss a thing!

Osama Bin Laden was killed by the USA, and they celebrated, which I believe was wrong, no one’s death is EVER a celebration.

We voted for Municipal elections, and you got me a ticket to the front! BONUS!

Sean and Chantall got engaged and we are so happy for them! Can’t wait to start wedding arrangements.

Chanti’s daddy passed away, and we were very sad because our friends were hurting.

There is so much more to discuss and to tell, but I am so tired.

You are the biggest blessing in my life, and every day with you is a new expierence.

I love you!

MAMA xxx

Wedding and more

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Dear Peanut butter,

The days are flying past and you are becoming a real character.

A lot has happened over the last month, one if the bigger things probably is that me and Daddy got married on the 12th of February, I am sure you will see LOTS of pictures. You were a cute little button, but completely overwhelmed by all the people.

You walked down the aisle towards Daddy and got distracted by all the people, until you saw him and you RAN over to him. The whole day went so quickly and I can’t believe it is over.

Monkey Valley was a great venue, and the Sunday after the wedding me and Daddy stayed there for the day and they played Jazz and old school live music on the balcony. The perfect ending to a wedding weekend.

Granny G stayed over with you while me and Daddy went to Arabella for honeymoon, however after the wedding activities I was missing you WAAYYYYYY too much and asked Granny to bring you through for a night. It was so much fun having you with me for a bit.

Before the wedding we had a lot of people visiting us, Mari, Louis and Mikayla and for the first time you actually interacted with another baby. Because Mikayla is gentle and the closest age to you, you guys had a lot of fun, chasing each other around the house and hitting each other with plastic golf clubs.

Since then, you seem to enjoy other children’s company, so we had a play date with the twins. They were a bit wild for you, but I am sure in time you will have fun with them. You do however stand your ground and will fight for a toy. You also don’t particularly like Connor’s affection just yet.

U2 was in South Africa and Nick and Sam got us tickets to it. WHAT A SHOW??? It was called the 360Degree show. The stage was magnificent! Like a HUGE claw or space ship or something. What an end to our honeymoon.

So today is my last day with my current company and I am moving on to a company called Isobar where I will be doing Online Media Strategy. I am looking forward to the change of career. This all in line with my graduation ceremony next weekend, the 5th of March.

I must say, to some extent, me and Daddy is quiet happy the wedding is over. It was so incredibly overwhelming for all 3 of us. So many people, so much action. It was fun, but it is over now.

I might not get an opportunity to write for a while, but know that we will be spending quality time together over the next few months! We need it.


12 months +

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Helloooo my schnoekie!

I have not written to you in a loooooonggg time, things have been so busy. I will try and remember the last few months since your Birthday, since that was the last post.

Well, first it was the start of my holidays and I had a “little” cosmetic surgery, post baby. It was so hard for us, cause I couldn’t pick you up. But we managed it, with great dada and Naz support. She stayed with us for 5 weeks over her holidays, and wow, what a great help to have her around.

We then flew to Jozi for Christmas, and you LOVED being outside. We had to hold your hand to walk around the house, luckily granny was there… she walked with you alot. You did however knock your toe open. Was so eina, but you didn’t cry, just wanted to walk. You had some balloons at a little party for you with the family there and walked with that in your hand. You now say: BALLOOONNNN.

We flew back on Christmas day to spend the time with Granny C. It was so hot that day, and the twins were also there, so you all splashed around the pool. They are a bit wild for you, cause you are too wobbly to be around them. Connor is very lovable, but you are not into boys yet.

The Sunday we went to watch Civil Twilight at K’bosch and you stayed over at Granny C’s for the FIRST time without us. We had a BIG night and went to watch Goldfish after at st. Yves. Was good for me and Daddy to go party together a bit. When we got home, we shouted, not because we were angry, because there was no one to wake up! Needless to say, we were a little “tipsy” also.

I was there EARLY to pick you up though, cause I missed you so much!

So this year 2011 started with a chilled NY’s eve at Judy and Marko. Judy had kidney stones, and was sick. But it quickly came out the blocks with a bang… the more i think about how much i have to write you! Sho! And it is the 28th of January.

Anyway, so we are in full wedding swing! Gosh, there is so much to do still. We have been engaged for almost 3 years, and I thought I was organised. The venue has been booked for a year, but NOTHING else has been done. I got a call to say there has been a double booking at the venue… I was FREAKING! But thank goodness for the big family right? Hence why you wont need more siblings.

You are walking around like a little monster! In fact, you are running! But you fall oh so much! Your OTHER toe is now cut open, then you have to wear plasters and socks, cause you just don’t stop moving. EVERY. You also ran into the door frame and got the BIGGEST egg I have ever seen… We tried on your bridesmaids tutu, SHIT HONEY, you are so cute at the moment. You not really digging this lady taking your measurements though.

Rox started big school this year, and it sounds like she is really enjoying it. We haven’t seen her yet to get the details.

It was Daddy’s 30th Birthday last week and we had a Sports theme dress up. It was a lot of fun… however I realised, he is still stuck in the 90’s, because he was raving! how old school is he gonna be when you are a teenager? I must say, I have also noted he is VERY protective over you, and will rather carry you around, than risk you hurting yourself.

Amongst all the wedding, Birthday, bachelorette excitement, we had a HUGE tragedy. Japie passed away very suddenly from a heart attack. We are all very sad. I will tell you about him one day. He was one of those scary people when I was little, who became a special person to me when I became older. I was very sad… because we could not go to the funeral either, because of the leave needed for the wedding.

My Bachelorette was just before Naz left back to Jozi. They told me when it was, but I knew nothing else. Early in the morning Judy took me to get some pampering done, and when i got back, they dressed me as Alice in Wonderland. It was downhill from there, but the BEST hen party EVER! They had an interview with Daddy, and i think i know him pretty well by now. I got the most amazing gifts, and was generally spoilt the entire day. We then went on a treasure hunt, and got lots of attention, because it was a group of beautiful girls, with hats (mad hatters) and Alice. After the treasure hunt, we stopped at the Local, and the significance is that there is where I told Daddy first that i think I was pregnant. There we were served by bare butt butlers, lots of giggles. And got some pole dancing lessons. Not that I am any good at it.

I felt TERRIBLE the next day…. We all had sore arms from the pole dancing and some arm wrestling. Random bruises. Someone stepped in Chantall’s toe with a Stiletto… But WHAT A JOL! Whilst dancing on the bar, i wondered what it would be like the day you get married… we will read these posts then…

On a more responsible note, I resigned from my current job, and am joining an Online Marketing company as a Strategist. I will work till 5pm again, but you go to sleep later now. I need to grow myself and career to be able to give you the best possible opportunities in life. I also need to develop myself. I have my graduation ceremony on the 5th of March. J

Now we have 2 weeks before the wedding, and me and Sammy go to a personal trainer twice a week to get in shape for the wedding… 5am wake ups. KILLER! I am back from gym before you even wake up! Now I hope when you are 22, that I am still in good shape. If not, drag my fat, old bum to gym and keep me healthy! It is a daughters duty after all.

I think this is it, I will update you again after the wedding.

Love you my little runner.

Momma. x

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

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On this day – December 8

1980 – Rock musician John Lennon is shot to death outside his New York City apartment building by a deranged fan.

The headlines for your Birthday has been a case of a British couple that came on honeymoon to CT. They went to Guguletu late at night and was hijacked and she was killed. The International press was on SA like a rash. However it has turned out, the husband might have had a hand in having her murdered for Insurance purposes. Scumbag!

Sooooo, it was your BIG 1! You are so spoilt and got so much close and toys and books! I am trying to keep track of everything, but the few things that stand out :

  • ·         a pair or Nike’s and a hoodie from Uncle Nick
  • ·         a Guess shirt and other goodies from Judy, Marko and Josh
  • ·        
  • ·         Little laptop from Granny C
  • ·         A big party from Granny G and Grandad
  • ·         Izzy made you letters for your room
  • ·        

There is lots more and probably more to come at your party on Saturday.


I gave you a taste of a cupcake, because we had got you one to devour a little later, and you had your first tantrum when i took you away from it. It really upset me, because you didn’t want to be with me at all after that. But in the end, when you got it, you didn’t eat much of it, just squished it between your fingers. You got 2 Charly’s Cupcakes, one with your name on from Sam.


I will update you again after Saturday.


It has truly been a great year.



12 months = 1 year!!!

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Wow, what a year???? Needless to say you have changed my life COMPLETELY. It is no longer about me me me, it is about you, you, you.

Slowly but surely I am establishing my own identity through motherhood. When people tell you it is hard work, and sacrifice, you will never understand until you are there.

So we are in the process of arranging your Birthday party, your theme is Strawberry Shortcake, and I have opted for “Health snacks” at your party. See, you have not had much sugar related things until now.

Your cake will probably be the first real sugary thing you will consume.

Your guest list is a busy one:


Grown Ups


Rox – Yes



Joshua – Yes



Noah – Yes

Granny G


Ella – Yes

Granny C






Ouma Groot


Tenishia – Yes



Relen – Yes



Zack – Yes



Morgan – Yes



Danny – Yes



Stella – Yes



Tayo – Yes



Des’s son – Yes







Aunty Magriet


Hannah – Yes

Aunty Helen
































The holidays are coming up, and I am super excited to spend time with you! But first for a little “procedure” for me. We are in the process of organising Daddy’s 30th Birthday, our wedding, your party. BUSY FUN TIMES!

There are a few popular bands coming to SA next year, they include, U2, Kings of Leon, Rammstein, Imogen Heap, Roxette so far. I cant attend all of them, it is a bit expensive, but I am going to Kings of Leon and Roxette.

You started your attempts at walking, 3-5 steps and then you bail! We get so excited when you do that, but it is also scary for me. You have also shown signs of tantrums, by arching your back or crying when you cant have someting.

I opened your first bank account with Standard Bank, who for the last 15 years had HUGE sponsors with all things cricket and dropped them this year, so curious to see if they make it through the recession.

Your personality is so strong, you take the remote and KNOW to point it at the TV, because somehow, the two work together. Very soon, you will be putting CBeebies on yourself!

You also say: OH WOW, and this morning: WHAT’S THAT? When pointing to things in books. You don’t say mama and papa to us, only if you want us to pick you up, you say: amamamamamamamama. BLACKMAIL! I fall for it every time!

I love having you in my life. You make me want to be a better person. xxx

11 Months!!!

November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello little monkey,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you, I was writing exams, and is now (hopefully) finished with my Diploma. It was not easy, as I didn’t want to neglect you, so only studied when you went to bed. I was so stressed, but glad I managed to finish it. Throughout the pregnancy and your first year. Guess I would not have been able to do it without Daddy’s help.

You were really sick, I think you had measles, the Doctor said flue, but you got a rash while we were away at Arabella. I felt so sorry for you, as your fever was 39, and you were so weak, you just wanted to lie down. But by the weekend you were almost back to your old self. It was our first weekend away, we went to Arabella with Nick and Sammy and some other friends, we had a nice time. Summer is here, and you LOVE being outside.

You love animals, and you started barking like a doggie, the cutest sound! You also get super excited when you see the birdies…

We had two really cool Idol winners this year, Lloyd and Elvis Blue. Elvis Blue won, but decided to split the money with Lloyd. Very cool gesture.

I like to keep you updated on the current technology, because the rate at which it develops, is amazing, and I would one day want to compare it when you read all these articles. The current fad is media players. CD’s and DVD’s are being phased out and these powerful little machines are making their way into our lives. The iPad and the Blackberry playbook was also just launched. Everyone has a Blackberry, and if you don’t, you are just not cool. You like to chew on mine, or anyone’s for that matter, so we always have to take them away from your little vampire teeth.

We are busy arranging our wedding, which is 3 months away. We have decided to postpone our honeymoon, as we can’t spend 10 days away from you yet. I don’t think any of us 3 could handle it yet.

Next month is your first Birthday, I cannot actually believe it! You have gone from being a sweet calm baby, to a busy little “almost” toddler. You crawl like a machine, but you have started nagging! You want to be picked up all the time, and don’t want to sit on the floor, unless everyone is sitting there with you. You are going to walk pretty soon, you are becoming more and more confident.

Ahhh, stop growing so fast! You are already turning into a toddler and I am still want my baby!!!!