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Interesting enough for a movie!

February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

So much twists and turn in Oscar’s case…nope, not about the idiotic detective Hilton Bolta who not only did a bad job but also faces murder charges himself..What a joke!

Nope, not about Oscar’s brother Carl (also good looking) who is also going be on trial soon because he knocked down a motorist and killed her..!

But listen to this..Oscar’s aunt – Micki Pistorius is a well known criminal pyschologist in SA and had written many books and had helped SA Police to solve many cases!! But she can’t handle her nephew’s case, of course, you know..conflict of interest..

What an interesting twist and turn..who knows, maybe something interesting about the rich uncle Arnold will crop up soon..?? I wonder if the journalists are now digging for dirt as well about the sis, the dad…all the former girlfriends..


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