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God have mercy on me, send me a real good man soon, this year would be good..!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

My life is depressing. If your life is a bit more depressing than mine, oh do give me a shout. I need to feel a bit more superior to someone right now!

It’s Chinese new year and there is no celebration what so ever at my house or with friends or at work.  In fact, no one gives a blardy shit. So, I did nothing with my daughter yesterday and  have no plans today or tomorrow or any day (since CNY is celebrated for 15 days!). Shame, and she’s half Chinese!

And what did I do today? Went to Family Court! Yeap, to demand money from my EX.

And what did I find out today whilst ‘idling’ at work? I wasn’t in the mood to really work, after what I went through this morning (See my last post!).. Ok, it’s so easy to find out things nowadays with use of internet. So, I plonked in some names, and poof..they all came out..

Pictures of Ex’s string of girlfriends…all so thrashy-looking (ok, you may think I’m bias! but seriously, you haven’t seen me, I am so not thrashy! Boring maybe, but efinitely not thrashy!)

Why do I subject myself to this kind of torture? Can’t say it ‘tortured’ me. Rather, each time, I am blown away, really mind boggling that such a loser can attract so many women…Seriously? Are women that desperate and will sink so low? Girls, than man is a loser! He does not pay child maintenance!! Why would you want someone like that? What’s worse was these women hanging around him were mostly single moms!! Now, didn’t they learn a lesson? Did’nt they get rid of their losers?

Damn that Ex.

God have mercy on me! Send me a real good loving man soon…this year would be good! :)

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  1. Never mind him and the girls that he attracts-
    Just love yourself hey:)

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