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Family court here I come!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

From my last post, I visited the Family Court in JHB CBD, to ask the court to enforce maintenance payment from my Ex. I was given a form and told to leave as they were ‘offline’ and couldn’t help me. So, I called back last week to check if they were finally back ‘online’ and they said yes, so I should come again.

So, again, armed with my documentations, I braved myself through peak traffic this morning, avoiding taxis, and finally parked close to the Court. Those who have not been to this court, the location is pretty much not pretty. I had to walk pass this person sleeping on the street wrapped in fleece, head to toe, hopefully, he was still alive. Yeap, this ‘body’ was closed to the Family court and JHB police station..but then again, this is Joburg!

So, I waited for my turn. Looking around, I see all women busy filling out forms, mainly black young ladies, maybe 1 muslim and 1 afrikaner and I was the only Chinese! Gosh, I was kinda humiliated and embarrassed and felt so awkward..kept thinking how did I get to this? I mean, I am an educated professional, right? Why do I have to submit myself to this?

Well, I guess because the lawyers I went to previously, couldn’t get my Ex to pay jack shit and I had wasted money on legal fees (money that I didn’t have!). So, family court was my remedy, no fee what soever. Besides, the last time I came to lodge an application, my Ex paid up IMMEDIATELY when he got a call from the public prosecutor¬† (after 6 weeks)..So, system does work, slowly but surely..

Anyway, when my turn came. I was told that I got the wrong form. Never mind that, I had to come back with bank statements to prove that the Ex did not pay. So, I said..but but but, when I came about 2 years ago to claim, I was not required to submit any bank statements. I just had an affidavit. Why make me prove? THE Ex, the idiot has to prove he has paid..!

Humbly, I left that damn place. Yeap, that place that is painted bright orange. What were they thinking? That it was the colour to brighten up unfortunate single moms when they come to seek help from government, hopefully to get some kind of support and money..

Nope, never lose hope, I told myself. Am coming back tomorrow!

Damn to the Ex!!

And God have mercy on me!


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