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Second trip to Family Court! Dejavu?

February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

So this morning, I made my way to Family Court again in JHB CBD. Yeap, second time. The last time was about 2 years ago. Yeap, stupid Ex never paid up again. I gave him a year but still he had not made any efforts to contribute to child maintenance and school fees.

Listen, I hate going to CBD. Parking was horrendous and parking fee was inflated. Traffic was chaotic, with blaring sirens of police cars en-route to High Court, very likely transporting criminals! I also hate being at Family Court. I felt so humiliated somehow. Like I was in this 4th world country. Everything and everyone was so ‘backward’. True, after waiting in queue, I was told that their ‘computer was offline’!! So, they couldn’t do anything. Shove me a form and a contact number. Was supposed to call in each day to ask when their ‘computers are back online’. If, back on, then only can I submit my application for them to process. Now, how 4th world is this?!!

It’s bad enough for single moms (or parents) but this system is really not helping the helpless, really. Thank god, I have a car and have a real job and maybe some sanity left. Imagine those unlucky single moms who travel by taxis from afar to be here to apply for court intervention. Nope, not helping them at all. They have to leave feeling just as helpless as before. Damn the system.

Anyway, this Ex of mine is really not scared or bothered by the justice system. He was once served by demand letters from my lawyers. Never got him to contribute anything. Then I went to Family court, he immediately paid up. Then now, he’s back to not paying monthly maintenance, claiming he is poor. For me, it’s not about the money, well it is… it’s about the principle. The fact that he never bothered to contribute some amount to his child is mind boggling. And he thinks he can get away with this. He thinks just because I work, then my child is ok. What a bastard!

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