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Seriously JZ? Maybe you should sell your resort home! Shame on you..

January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I just came back from Malaysia..was there slightly more than a month..Malaysia is a developing country..perhaps, similar to SA, I guess..

However, each day I read the news – the Government (ruling party Barisan Nasional with majority Bumiputras) was giving out financial aids to the lower income:

1) Rebate RM200 (R600) for youths to purchase smart phone

2) Once off RM500 (R1500) for singles, disabled, elderlys..

3) Financial aid to poor schools

etc etc etc.

But then again, the General Election is around the corner..maybe the government is trying to ‘bribe’ .??

Nonetheless, I wish ANC (JZ) could do something to help the poor here. Instead, today, I hear on radio that he moans about the average white earns 6 times more than the average black, still using the ‘race’ card or Apartheid as an excuse. Seriously?? Has he no shame? His home is like a resort (costing billions). Tax payers have to pay for JZ’s 4 wives’ living expenses. The corrupted government officials are stealing from the poor for their private homes, private jet, shopping, contracts etc etc..and now JZ is saying it’s because of the whites?

I am so embarrassed…if only he could help the poor with real solutions rather than using the race card..


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