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It’s been a while..

August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while for lots of things for me…but am just going to pen down this.

It’s been a while since my last post/blog…. it actually took me a while to get here (find the web address) and a while to find where the ‘add new post’ button is..eish..

Having said that..not that much has happened in my life..same ole same ole…but how’s everybody in blogland..I see most had left but Jeanius is still around. Good for you! :)

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Where are the funny bloggers?

February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

I like reading posts by other I went visiting some sites…and woh… most of the times, issues posted are hectic, seriously intense!! 1 guy only wrote about chrisitanity..he must be a preacher..using social media to preach..but err..not too sure if it’ll work…

Woh..I just want some light reading..with some wits..nothing too heavy…

So, can you recommend who blogs with wits-dome here?

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Interesting enough for a movie!

February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

So much twists and turn in Oscar’s case…nope, not about the idiotic detective Hilton Bolta who not only did a bad job but also faces murder charges himself..What a joke!

Nope, not about Oscar’s brother Carl (also good looking) who is also going be on trial soon because he knocked down a motorist and killed her..!

But listen to this..Oscar’s aunt – Micki Pistorius is a well known criminal pyschologist in SA and had written many books and had helped SA Police to solve many cases!! But she can’t handle her nephew’s case, of course, you know..conflict of interest..

What an interesting twist and turn..who knows, maybe something interesting about the rich uncle Arnold will crop up soon..?? I wonder if the journalists are now digging for dirt as well about the sis, the dad…all the former girlfriends..


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I can’t believe I am falling for 50Shades!

February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok, this may be stale ..but ok, I only recently read 50 Shades of Grey and Darker..!

1) Only read now…because I was too shy to purchase the books during the big hoo hah ..I thought it was not acceptable for an educated sensible mature woman to be holding such ‘dirty’ materials..ahem!

2) Only recently a friend lent them to me..and only now I found out every other woman out there has already read this damn trilogy..and I was too shy to read them!! Duh..stupid me!

Anyhoo, here are my 2 cents worth:

1) EL James made a hell lot of money from PORN!! Yes, it’s basically porn but of course, it’s considered erotic romance in the ‘book’ world! Q -What are students being taught in writing and journalism school nowadays? A – How to write porn and be a billionaire! What has the world become?

2) She’s demeaning womankind…making fun of us species that we would fall for fucked up men..!

3) It’s so unrealistic but yet we all fall for this crap..Women!..Christian is damn good-looking, filthy rich, flies helicopter, can sail/drive a boat, loves fishing, plays the piano brilliantly, can dance, great (well, debatable) in bed…aren’t all these a bit too far fetched? Seriously??

Having said that, I am now addicted to the 50 Shades!!  I can’t wait to read the last book..which I have to go buy myself as my friend does not have this yet..and I can’t wait for the movie..obviously, I can’t watch it at cinema..very – shy you know..


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February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

To be honest, I love Oscar..I introduced him to my child last Olympics..we were so inspired and all..But now….I really don’t know what to think.. There’s a possibility that it was a freak accident.. There are cases where men kill innocent people by mistaking them as an intruder (Welcome to South Africa!!)..But I also do think men in general, can be angry and  violent, and when that happens with guns is so possible that Oscar killed Reeva in a rage (possibly jealous and feeling insecure?)..

Whatever it is, I know for sure, I will be glued to the Trial as I was during the Bail hearing..I am suffering from Oscarism alreadyt! There’s something personal yet mysterious in this story and I am so addicted to this..(just like when I was addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey…)..


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How come no one asked Oscar these questions??

February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now many questions and so many theories..for the Oscar case, that is..

But how come no one asked these 2 questions:

1) Why is the uncle’s house SO HUGE?? It’s like a mansion! What does he do?

2) Has Reeva pulled up her pants when she was shot?

Ah hah..the plot deepens!!

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God have mercy on me, send me a real good man soon, this year would be good..!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

My life is depressing. If your life is a bit more depressing than mine, oh do give me a shout. I need to feel a bit more superior to someone right now!

It’s Chinese new year and there is no celebration what so ever at my house or with friends or at work.  In fact, no one gives a blardy shit. So, I did nothing with my daughter yesterday and  have no plans today or tomorrow or any day (since CNY is celebrated for 15 days!). Shame, and she’s half Chinese!

And what did I do today? Went to Family Court! Yeap, to demand money from my EX.

And what did I find out today whilst ‘idling’ at work? I wasn’t in the mood to really work, after what I went through this morning (See my last post!).. Ok, it’s so easy to find out things nowadays with use of internet. So, I plonked in some names, and poof..they all came out..

Pictures of Ex’s string of girlfriends…all so thrashy-looking (ok, you may think I’m bias! but seriously, you haven’t seen me, I am so not thrashy! Boring maybe, but efinitely not thrashy!)

Why do I subject myself to this kind of torture? Can’t say it ‘tortured’ me. Rather, each time, I am blown away, really mind boggling that such a loser can attract so many women…Seriously? Are women that desperate and will sink so low? Girls, than man is a loser! He does not pay child maintenance!! Why would you want someone like that? What’s worse was these women hanging around him were mostly single moms!! Now, didn’t they learn a lesson? Did’nt they get rid of their losers?

Damn that Ex.

God have mercy on me! Send me a real good loving man soon…this year would be good! :)

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Family court here I come!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

From my last post, I visited the Family Court in JHB CBD, to ask the court to enforce maintenance payment from my Ex. I was given a form and told to leave as they were ‘offline’ and couldn’t help me. So, I called back last week to check if they were finally back ‘online’ and they said yes, so I should come again.

So, again, armed with my documentations, I braved myself through peak traffic this morning, avoiding taxis, and finally parked close to the Court. Those who have not been to this court, the location is pretty much not pretty. I had to walk pass this person sleeping on the street wrapped in fleece, head to toe, hopefully, he was still alive. Yeap, this ‘body’ was closed to the Family court and JHB police station..but then again, this is Joburg!

So, I waited for my turn. Looking around, I see all women busy filling out forms, mainly black young ladies, maybe 1 muslim and 1 afrikaner and I was the only Chinese! Gosh, I was kinda humiliated and embarrassed and felt so awkward..kept thinking how did I get to this? I mean, I am an educated professional, right? Why do I have to submit myself to this?

Well, I guess because the lawyers I went to previously, couldn’t get my Ex to pay jack shit and I had wasted money on legal fees (money that I didn’t have!). So, family court was my remedy, no fee what soever. Besides, the last time I came to lodge an application, my Ex paid up IMMEDIATELY when he got a call from the public prosecutor  (after 6 weeks)..So, system does work, slowly but surely..

Anyway, when my turn came. I was told that I got the wrong form. Never mind that, I had to come back with bank statements to prove that the Ex did not pay. So, I said..but but but, when I came about 2 years ago to claim, I was not required to submit any bank statements. I just had an affidavit. Why make me prove? THE Ex, the idiot has to prove he has paid..!

Humbly, I left that damn place. Yeap, that place that is painted bright orange. What were they thinking? That it was the colour to brighten up unfortunate single moms when they come to seek help from government, hopefully to get some kind of support and money..

Nope, never lose hope, I told myself. Am coming back tomorrow!

Damn to the Ex!!

And God have mercy on me!


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Second trip to Family Court! Dejavu?

February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

So this morning, I made my way to Family Court again in JHB CBD. Yeap, second time. The last time was about 2 years ago. Yeap, stupid Ex never paid up again. I gave him a year but still he had not made any efforts to contribute to child maintenance and school fees.

Listen, I hate going to CBD. Parking was horrendous and parking fee was inflated. Traffic was chaotic, with blaring sirens of police cars en-route to High Court, very likely transporting criminals! I also hate being at Family Court. I felt so humiliated somehow. Like I was in this 4th world country. Everything and everyone was so ‘backward’. True, after waiting in queue, I was told that their ‘computer was offline’!! So, they couldn’t do anything. Shove me a form and a contact number. Was supposed to call in each day to ask when their ‘computers are back online’. If, back on, then only can I submit my application for them to process. Now, how 4th world is this?!!

It’s bad enough for single moms (or parents) but this system is really not helping the helpless, really. Thank god, I have a car and have a real job and maybe some sanity left. Imagine those unlucky single moms who travel by taxis from afar to be here to apply for court intervention. Nope, not helping them at all. They have to leave feeling just as helpless as before. Damn the system.

Anyway, this Ex of mine is really not scared or bothered by the justice system. He was once served by demand letters from my lawyers. Never got him to contribute anything. Then I went to Family court, he immediately paid up. Then now, he’s back to not paying monthly maintenance, claiming he is poor. For me, it’s not about the money, well it is… it’s about the principle. The fact that he never bothered to contribute some amount to his child is mind boggling. And he thinks he can get away with this. He thinks just because I work, then my child is ok. What a bastard!

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Seriously JZ? Maybe you should sell your resort home! Shame on you..

January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I just came back from Malaysia..was there slightly more than a month..Malaysia is a developing country..perhaps, similar to SA, I guess..

However, each day I read the news – the Government (ruling party Barisan Nasional with majority Bumiputras) was giving out financial aids to the lower income:

1) Rebate RM200 (R600) for youths to purchase smart phone

2) Once off RM500 (R1500) for singles, disabled, elderlys..

3) Financial aid to poor schools

etc etc etc.

But then again, the General Election is around the corner..maybe the government is trying to ‘bribe’ .??

Nonetheless, I wish ANC (JZ) could do something to help the poor here. Instead, today, I hear on radio that he moans about the average white earns 6 times more than the average black, still using the ‘race’ card or Apartheid as an excuse. Seriously?? Has he no shame? His home is like a resort (costing billions). Tax payers have to pay for JZ’s 4 wives’ living expenses. The corrupted government officials are stealing from the poor for their private homes, private jet, shopping, contracts etc etc..and now JZ is saying it’s because of the whites?

I am so embarrassed…if only he could help the poor with real solutions rather than using the race card..