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The beau spots and damsel, a forbidden move by history actions but heart being naive fell. Beau looking for lifetime partner in a strangest place where he found the damsel who is just looking at beau for gay and ecstasy. Truth is hard to face, so he chose to ignore but you can’t ignore the unwritten rules and laws of this world.

All in all in short and modern English, and in 2Pac’s words nice and simply “You can’t turn a hoe into a house wife”


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I write when I’m  down, not to say I am now. It’s just that I was hit by realization that these past days I’ve been happy, everything is been smooth sailing and my blog was left with no updates

Dear Blogs.24.okitfine

I’m writing here just to update you

Your sincerely
Happy man


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Gone those days.

We cried, smiled and laughed. Looking back with a smile and disbelief. I was young and wild, and looking back now, I still have a smile and no regrets. I’m not ashamed to be what I am today.

Gone those days, time was running slow and now it’s flying by. I treat each day like a clean sheet of paper. I want to write my history so that when I look back, I smile. I’m not afraid to say I’m not ashemed to what I am today.

In everything I’ve been through, the dark days I had to face, the hardship I had to endure, embarrassments, bowing down and asking for help.

I’m not afraid to be who I am today. I’m a man and I know life.

I grew up as young and wild character and now I’m growing old and learning to became a wise old man. I lived and still learning to live it to the fullest

I’m my mind

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Pride made man

Welcome back, I was a nobody, just an existing soul without you

Pride makes a man

Confidence why did you leave me? I was lost and miserable kid without you

Mind why?

Mind why did you get so weak? You are me.

I’m my mind

From now on, starting from today I walk tall and take strong and long steps

I want the person walking next to me to hear when my sole touches the ground. Bold! My shoulder will be straight,

stomach in, chest out – Cele…lol


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Hello Spring

You promised a smiling weather and I was inspired to write a perverted poem that goes like this:

Roses are red: violets are blue
The shorter the skirt the, the better the view…lol

I was thinking Spring/summer is all about the bright colours, colour blocking Jhb fashioners and skothanes going in, in Khothing hard…lol And now what’s all this? Gloomy sky? Well I’m writing all this no sense bullshit cause I got so much time in my hands…lol This weather makes feel so weird like I can be attached in between a wet and warm place..as always hehe

I wish things were not the way they are
I wish you knew what I see
I wish you knew how I feel *not the thing you think you know*
I wear love, I wrap it around my body and soul.
I cloth myself with beauty of love and dream away all the pains and suffering of this world
Me and you
What a magical feeling but only if we shared it mutually

I smile every time I look at your picture, all the conversations, your laughter that always leave a smile in my soul
I still smell your sweet skin in your neck everytime I think of you…I cherish every moment

Bottom of the BArrel

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it’s all fiction, non of it is real, all in the mind. What’s real?
fulLstops aNd question marks


Real? Says? and Why?

Praise? Truth?
Life. Death

My life’s purpose? Unlocking the full mind potential, pushing daily. Demise

Celebrate..when? why? time?

Loved and loving. Happiness?

Love…. being security and a head of my family. Loved?

Asking questions that a kid can answer…lol fucking life…hahaha

When you know everything you need to do BUT

I drink,
Drink to numb it all
All of it
I drink the spirits, and turn on the music to help me drift away,
Away from you, away from me.
The spirits are kindred,
they take me in, cradle me
rock me, speak to me in tongues,
I drink now, its a new form to harness some kind of pleasant sanity.

Fear I need you

October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

“In everything that I’ve lost in my life what I miss the most is my mind”, this sound like a really catchy title name for a book but in reality, it’s my sad reality

What happened to the smart shy boy? The more I grow is the more I get dumber and fearless and this tend to leave me in bad shit situations. I’ve became the man that all mothers warned their kids about. I joke around sometimes and say I’m not totally  useless but I’m the good example of kids not to become. All this started on that day…THAT DAY WHEN I SAID FUCK IT ALL, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

I’ve became everything I hated as a kid….”I don’t care what other people think of me *really thought?*”

I’ve became a villain and a hooligan, fighting has became my second nature and “reasoning is for sissies *really thought?*

Fear I need you, I want to care about things and be normal again not this decadent being

To do it or not to do it…that’s the question

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I see a circle of life and I hate round shape, it’s boring. What goes around comes around that’s what they say. You smile now and cry later or the other way around but anyways it’s the same stupid circle. Lost interest in life. Do I flirt with death when I wonder around in dangerous streets at night or I’m just contemplating for a good day to exit, that’s my question?

But I rather kill myself than committing suicide  – J Malema…lol

Poor thing still have humor.

How do other people cope with life? The only time I enjoy life is when I’m between the wet warm place or when I’m drowning on booze. I take my 1st shot and throw it at the back of my skull, close my eyes slow and look in slow motion like in the matrix movie…spread my hands like they are lied on the cross, lift off my legs like I just got a moer se knock in the chin. When my body hits the floor I’ll be already charged and connected on…that’s my form of harness some kind of pleasant sanity…weird shit

where am I at now with this writing shit…I kind of lost my emotion and the mood…so I will just stop here…to be continued…

GODAMNIT!!! Don’t mind all that bullshit I write

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I feel like something I’m not today…I know we wake up different everyday. Who the fuck am I today? Living in my mind is a hard place to be, these little space for peace

There’s something different everyday but not in my head…did I ever had a chance to grow inside? Not easy living in my mind, is it all the history inside?

I like the stories they say about me but are they really me…I enjoy being the stupid bastard I am but I want to be the man she pride herself with. Content my foot, this bastard contentment is really getting weathered

Am I the only one with questions inside or is just me being human

Another day in my head/heart

September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wonder if people wonder too..

“I know my sh!t” that’s my ego talking to me,
“I wonder what other people think of me” that’s that little bit3h in me asking, angrily says the beast in me

f@ck random thoughts or schizophrenic conversations

I wonder what it would be like to trust?
Trust that you allow someone to crawl inside your head
Trust that I dig myself a little hole inside her precious heart
Where you just whisper same language

In real life my head stops and forgets all the things I want to say *I  blame her sweet voice*

I don’t know how I feel but I’m sure I will do a right thing, if the right thing is revealed
Who am I? I lose my cool, my control in our conversations *damn this woman*

I’m in my right path of building my life but I’m missing the major puzzle
I twist and turn asking myself, is it, IT though?
Is it what I feel and deserve? But anyways what’s happening tomorrow?
No one f@cken knows and I have no f@ckin idea

But sh!t! All of these emotions are evoked, by my dreams with all the things I miss
The smell of her breath and a taste of her soft delicate skin and hearing her gasp in my ear,Tongues entwined that feeling as if I was sucking her soul and her warmth and love into my mouth. I felt it filling my empty body.

Beautiful young lady with piercing hazel eyes…beautiful gates to her soul…this sh!t is weak stop it Mnox, you turning weak…lol