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November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is often said that respect is earned and not taken. Those that take do so through violence of great proportion, instituting fear itno the hearts of their underlings. Affirmative Action is embraced by those it favours with great enthusiasm, like a lover embracing a long lost consort. Possibilities are dreamt up, futures are planned and ideas birthed on the premise of the continuing favour of such a system. However, those whom it does not favour look upon it with disdain, fear and shun it like the plague. Most times, the favoured are accused of riding the coatails of such a system, with no competence or substance. After all, who can blame them? Such a system has been abused too many times, without remorse, regret or contrition. The abusers have long held their noses up in the sky and claimed that they’re capable of taking advantage of opportunities given unto them; exploting whichever loophole would give them the greatest return in the form of money.

A new trend now emerges: Black managers incapable of being bias-free and devoid of favouritism. It is in an attempt to appear unbiased, objective and cool-headed that such traversties are committed. Young black professionals are still expected to claw their way through promotions, through responsibilities and the competence ladder. Whichever fool said that to build a bridge, you need to break the path deserves to be whipped! This is the making of a poor leader indeed: one who is incapable of giving credit where it is due, flaunts his/her bias for all to see, fails to demonstrate unbiasness! Aye, to err is human. However, how much more does one tolerate erring, especially when it seems that the current offense is greater than the last? Black bosses I fear will continue to struggle with this one. They will either regard their kind as less than and fail them completely or smother them so much and leave them utterly incapable of thinking for themselves, reducing their trust in them and looking upon them merely as check collectors.

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