Calling All Runners

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Hello There

It has been a while since my last blog. I am on the hunt for information. I hope that someone out there can help.

Let me explain.I started running again (after about 27 years) about a year and a half ago.I am 47 years old.

I have run over 1500km in that time.I have run 4 half marathons and two marathons in the last year. My marathon best is 4h38m. I recently heard about a race called the Sani stagger. I have read all i can find on the race and i am captivated by it. It sounds truly amazing as well as very difficult.

I have two questions. i have read that one should add 2 hours to ones marathon time for the Sani. What kind of marathon time should i run in order to be able to finish the Sani under the cut off time? Aslo, i assume that one should run the Sani in trail shoes. Is this the case? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.







Chillie Growing Advice

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I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season and behaving responsibly..hehe

I am a lover of hot food and of course chillies. I have just germinated some Bird’s eye chillies from seeds that i was fortunate enough to get from Mozambique. The seedlings are only about a 5 cm high so they have a little while to stay in their current container. I would like to grow a few birds eye plants and also try a few other varieties. I live in Midrand and would like to hear from anyone who has successfully grown chillies in Gauteng. Can chillies be successfully grown in the garden or should they be grown in pots? I have read quite a few websites but have not really found any definitve answers. I am also keen on trying various herbs. I live in a townhouse with a small garden so i think pots would probably be my best bet here. Any information and advice would be much appreciated.

Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!!!!!





Sports Glorious Sports

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Hello again.

What a weekend last weekend was for sports…

Unfortunately it was marred by the untimely death of Marco Simoncelli at the Malaysian GP.

I am a big fan of both F1 and MotoGP. I have been a fan for many years and have witnessed the deaths of far too many drivers and riders. The sport is unfortunately dangerous and the competitors are aware of this.

It is always terribly sad when this happens. I am a purist so i enjoy the sports not the crashes or injuries like some Ghouls.

The rugby world cup final was a good match but the absence of the Bokke was a bitter pill to swallow.

Well done to the Kiwi’s, they are the best side in the world at the moment.

My rugby team, Western Province, disappointed me…a real downer..but good luck to the Lions. I suspect that they will battle with the Sharks though.

Liverpool…not the worst but i was hoping for a win..we seem to be headed in the right direction though.

But the event that made my weekend was the Manchester derby. I expected City to win but at Old Trafford anything is possible.. I only tuned in to the game with 5 minutes left(was out visiting) and the 4-1 scoreline brought a huge smile to my face. Watching City put another 2 past United (at home) was really enjoyable. I saw something that in all the years watching football i have never seen before. Old Trafford with empty patches in the stand before the final whistle…

i know that it is only one game but i wonder, as the commentators mentioned, if the balance of power in the premier league is shifting. I have wondered about this before but it has not proven to be the case…i will not make any rash predictions, but will watch with interest.

Chelsea missed a trick by not capitalizing on United’s loss. City open 5 5 point gap…

Sporty Weekend

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I know it’s already Tuesday but i thought i would take a few moments to reflect on one of my favourite weekend pastimes, sport.

Starting with the Champions league final…i thoroughly enjoyed watching Man U being outplayed. Barcelona where as good as United where bad. The score could well have been a few more in favour of Barcelona. This lead me to thinking that United are not as good as their fans and the idiot English commentators make them out to be. I believe that the last English premiership season was one of the weakest in a few years and United where the best of a bad bunch. They did win and where obviously the most consistent but still nothing to write home about. Being a Liverpool fan, i hope that Kenny Dalglish buys some quality players during the off season so we can make a serious challenge for the league next season.

Monte Carlo, the Monaco GP. It certainly was action packed..i haven’t enjoyed a Monaco gp as much as this one  for a long time.

There where plenty of spectacular crashes(i don’t like crashes – they hurt people) but the racing and pit stop strategies where fascinating. I would love to have seen what the outcome would have been had the last safety car not occurred..anyway i’ll settle for a Ferrari second place for the time being. Stll waiting for their first win of the season..

The blitsbokke..what can i say?? Two weekends, two tournament wins. The springbok 7’s guys are getting better all the time.

I started watching the final on Sunday evening until it looked as though it was all over..then switched to Carte Blanche at 7.

My mistake!!!!!  When i checked the result yesterday morning i was stunned and suitably impressed. Keep up the fighting spirit have done your country proud.

Well that’s about it for now…go Stormers…so far so good!!!

South African Drivers

September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been a while since my last post. I have been very busy working and doing some serious driving also.

In the last month or two, i have been to Hotazel, Bloemfontein and Colesburg.

Spending many hours alone on the road led me to ponder a few things. I noticed that driving a long distance in the country, is far less stressful than driving from Midrand to Edenvale, approximately 17km(work).

Why is this? The reasons in my opinion are quite simple.

Gauteng drivers, have to be amongst the most selfish, reckless and stupid on the planet.

My biggest gripe is with those selfish f*%@ers that push in to traffic wherever and whenever they can.

This slows everybody down and causes more traffic jams. If i can get into the correct lane in time and can then wait patiently to

get through the traffic, why can’t they? The people that let them push in, also perplex and annoy the living sh#t out of me.

People who drive up my bum in the slow or middle lane and then expect me to get out of their way also get my goat.

What is it with South Africans and speed? Considering the amount of road works around i would have thought more people

would hve used common sense and drive at the speed limit…silly me..

As for road signs and traffic signals..purely ornamental. Is it just me or do others out there also get p!ssed off at a whole lot of

road users? Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to deal with these cretins? I’ve thought about machine guns and armoured vehicles but my conscience would probably bug me after a while..

Well as for my favourite teams..we won’t mention Liverpool except to say..keep trying lads..and Roy..keep buying!!!

Western Province…go you good things..a home semi final is a distinct possibilty. My wife is a Bulls supporter so Saturday should be interesting..

Ferrari…seem to have gotten into the swing of things..but late in the season, but better late than never. There are enough races left in the season to keep things interesting, especially if Lewis Hamilton keeps his current form going..

Well two out of three ain’t bad..c’mon the mighty reds!!

Be Well


My first blog!!

August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is my first blog, so i’m not sure how to approach this..but here goes.

I am white male, 42 years old. I am married without kids.

I am a passionate sports fan and will devote a fair amount of my time on here writing about sports.

Football, Rugby and Formula one are my favoutite sports. I am a  Liverpool, western Province(stormers) and Ferrari fan.

i am very keen on current affairs and politics and like to keep up to date with the news(real news, not which celeb is serving a few days for some insignificant misdemeanour).

I am passionate about South Africa and her people so i am am vocal in criticising government where required.

I travel quite a bit in my job and see many interesting things on the roads. As photography is a hobby, i will post pictures of interest on here also.

Bad driving and drivers are a favourite bugbear of keep an eye out for comments in this regard also.

I enjoy expressing myself, but have never done so in the written form. This should be quite an interesting experience.

Well, this is the beginning, lets see where it goes..