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    Everyone needs some time out to clean out the clutter in ones head and mind. Information overload eventually leads to fatigue that a good nights sleep cannot get rid of. Take the time to be a couch potato and allow yourself to vegitate. This is the only way for you to be fully equipped to tackle decisions lie ahead AND do not let anyone make…[Read more]

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    Everyone needs time our and time to replenish reserves. Don’t ever let anyone ever make you feel guilty because you taking time out and doing “nothing”. Without this “nothing” how do you expect to recharge, have time to clear the clutter and “defrag” your brain.

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    My regular night time visitor.  So sweet this little frog is.  He/she chirps/calls and my cockatiel answers and they have this huge conversation every evening.  So special to share an “animal moment”


  • Strangely the comment was such an inconsequential tweet, have no idea why they had to use a four letter word. What was scary was the response I got. But yes boring lives out on the public domain is incredibly sad.

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    Being in the most awesome position of living next to Umngeni Valley Nature Reserve and being a neighbour of the FreeMe organisation allows me and my children the opportunities that many dream of.  […]

  • Most mornings I try to check through Twitter to catch up on the news and the general feelings, happenings and attitudes of the world out there.  This morning I was very disappointed to find so many tweets with […]

  • Love this wet rainy weather. Very family orientated. Get time to interact the kids and friends. Get time to chill. AND I can’t mow the lawn cause it’s wet. BONUS

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  • ThumbnailHow can you not enjoy South Africa.
    This photo was taken at Umngeni Valley Nature Reserve which is my neighbout.  How blessed are we?

  • Supper was great, but far too much. We definitely can feed the nation from our “waste”

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  • On a road trip with my daughter. Started off by getting lost on the way to Mulberry Hill which is about 20 minutes from my home in Howick KwaZulu Natal. Awesome start :). Finally got to my destination and we had a fabulous lunch. Then we set off for Ladysmith at a snail pace. Sang along with the songs on the radio and had the most chilled…[Read more]

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    Not a very regular blogger I am afraid. Hope to improve. Used to blog a lot but somehow life happens. I live in Howick next to Umngeni Valley Nature Reserve and I work in Pietermaritzburg.
    Where in China […]